Direct Voucher Payments (DVP's)


Purchase for certain intangible items, such as payments for taxes, service contracts, rent, employee benefits, travel advances and mileage reimbursements, do not require purchase orders or the goods receiving process, and can be best accommodated with Direct Voucher Payment (DVP) method.

All checks issued by the college are properly approved and supported with documentation substantiating the expenditure.

Cash advances for travel are encumbered against the Cost Center's budget when the requisition is entered. Proper accounting controls are maintained by tracking outstanding advances in a prepaid expense account monitored by the Accounting Office. When travel is completed and travel records are turned in, the encumbrance is relieved, the advance account is cleared and actual expenditures are posted to the Cost center. All Cash Advances for travel are to be cleared within 30 days from the completion of travel.

Items that can be covered by DVP are:

  • Board approval contracts
  • Consultants
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Foundation for MCC/Bruin club and agencies
  • Insurance
  • Memberships
  • Postage/Delivery charges
  • Professional fees legal, audit, etc.
  • Student payments for scholarships
  • Student payment to loan companies
  • Subscriptions
  • Tax Bills
  • Travel
  • Mileage
  • Utilities
  • Phone
Entering the Requisition

STEP 1: Gather together the documentation paperwork to be submitted with the Requisition.

STEP 2: Make sure there is a VENDOR NUMBER set up in the system for the person or company that the check is to be made out to. You can check this by going into screen "VEIN" and typing in the vendor name. If it does not show up on the list, there is no vendor in the system, and a NEW VENDOR NUMBER will have to be set up in Datatel by purchasing. At this point, CALL or EMAIL purchasing with your request. Please include vendor name, address, phone number and fax number if available. If this vendor is being paid for a service, make sure to include a social security number or ID number.

STEP 3: Enter the screen mnemonic "REQM" in Datatel (this will take you to the req entry screen) (Example below)

 Screen mnemonic REQM

STEP 4: Enter the date of the requisition in field #1. Computer will default to current date if not changed.

STEP 5: Enter the initiator in field #2. This is the person entering the requisition.

STEP 6: Enter the "desired date" in field #3. This is the date the check needs to be done by. (Remember that accounts payable has a two day turn around rule from the day Paperwork is RECEIVED in our office)

STEP 7: Enter the VENDOR in field #5. If the vendor number is known it is to be typed in here. If vendor number is NOT known, type the name of the vendor and the system will search for the vendor number. If more than one vendor with this name if found, you will be given a listing of all the vendors with this name and you will need to select the one you want. PLEASE NOTE: Some vendors have several different addresses. You may also need to detail on line 7 on the requisition to select the proper address. If this is not done, the PO will be created with the default address and the check will be sent to the default check address. PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY TYPE IN THE VENDOR NAME. REQUISITIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT A VENDOR NUMBER.

STEP 8: Field # 11 is optional, but you can specify in your department in this field if desired.

STEP 9: Enter the terms in Field #14.  If this DVP you are requesting is being paid IN ADVANCE of the service, or IN ADVANCE of receiving goods or is a TRAVEL ADVANCE, it must say "Prepaid" in this field. Indicate this in field #14 by entering "PD".  Please remember prepaid DVP's require RECEIPTS to clear them out after the service is complete, the travel is completed or after the good are received. 

STEP 10: Go to field #17 and detail to enter the person you want to approve the requisition. Please note that some cost centers need additional approvals and may require more than one manager's approval. Please check with purchasing or accounting if you are unsure who needs to approve it.

STEP 11: Go to field 20 and enter the "AP TYPE" . This is the kind of purchase order that you are requesting. In this case of course it would be "DVP".

STEP 12: Go to field #22 and enter the line items and description of what the DVP is for. This is the field where the unit price and account number are entered.

STEP 13: Enter any special instructions for Accounts payable in Field #23 (Printed Comments). For example if you do not want the check to be mailed and wish to have it sent to your department put this information here. Also, if you would like this check to be separate from any other checks with the same vendor, please indicate this here also.

STEP 14: Enter a "Y" in field number 26 if this requisition is completed and ready to be approved.
The system will give you a "Requisition number". MAKE SURE TO WRITE THIS NUMBER ON THE DOCUMENTATION PAPERWORK THAT YOU WILL BE SUBMITTING TO ACCOUNTS PAYABLE. This number is used to create your DVP PO and check.

STEP 15: Checks from Accounts Payable are automatically mailed unless specified otherwise. If you have paperwork or other documentation you would like mailed with the check, please fold it up and paper clip this documentation to the back of the requisition paperwork. Accounts Payable will then know this is to be sent with the check.

STEP 16: Submit the paperwork and documentation to Accounts Payable. Checks will be issued within a two day period from the date paperwork is received in the Accounting Office.