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Food Service Management

Associate in Applied Science

This program is designed to offer students mid-level food service management experience. It combines food industry training and experience with specific interdisciplinary study. The program offers students an opportunity to practice basic and advanced technical skills in food preparation service, product identification and nutrition. Students will acquire supervisory skills to better utilize human and physical resources in food service operations. The student will gain experience in the proper use and maintenance of professional food service equipment, while becoming familiar with industry layout and design.

Career Possibilities

Careers in Food Service Management include restaurants, but also resorts, cruise ships, health care facilities, and as a Franchise Food Manager.

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Program Information

Careers in Culinary Arts & Relates Services

Mott Community College is an A.C.F. Certified Testing Site.

Required course for this program:
need to be completed before any lab classes are taken
CULA-100 - Orientation to Food Services (take within first 15 credits)
CULA-101 - Knife Skills
FMG-102 - Food Safety and Sanitation
CULA-105 - Introduction to Professional Cookery

Degree Information

  • Credit Hours: 86
  • Contact Hours: 86

Recommended Math Pathway: MATH-115

Writing Requirements: ENGL-101

Degree Pathway

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours Contact Hours
Year One
CULA-103Introduction to a la Carte Dining 33
CULA-101Knife Skills 22
FMG-102Food Safety & Sanitation 22
FMG-104Food Service Math 33
ENGL-101English Comp 33
CULA-100Orientation to Food Service 11
Total 1414
CULA-107 *A La Carte Dining 66
CULA-201Automated Purchasing & Cost Control 44
MATH-115Fundamentals of Mathemantics 44
FMG-202Food Service Organization Management 33
Total 1717
Spring / Summer
CULA-105Introduction to Professional Cookery 33
FMG-113Hospitality Law 33
PSYC-281General Psychology 33
Total 99
Year Two
CULA-106 * ^Professional Cookery 66
CULA-205 * ^International Cuisine 66
COMM-131Fundamentals of Public Speaking 33
Choose one of the following:
PHIL-295Ethics 33
PSCN-170Introduction to American Government 33
SOCY-191Introduction to Sociology 33
Total 1818
CULA-208 *Management of Services 66
CULA-115Nutrition and Menu Planning 33
FMG-110Layout and Design 22
Art Appreciation


Total 1414
Spring / Summer
FMG-210Beverage Management 33
CULA-209 ¹Cooperative Education/Internship 44
Total 77
Year Three
BUSN-104Introduction to Business 33
MGMT-183Small Business Management 33
Total 66
* Approved Uniform Required
^ Knife Kit
¹ Successful completion of a minimum 12 credits of specific requirements for the Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate Program, the Foodservice Management Program and/or the Culinary Arts Program
April 28, 2017
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