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Why wait for checks in the mail?

eRefund is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to get your refunds.

Welcome to MCC Bear Direct eRefund, automatic direct deposit options provided in partnership with PNC Bank to enable easier, faster access to account refunds.

You can enroll online to have refunds deposited directly into a checking or savings account or a prepaid debit card.

That means your funds are available right away. No more waiting for a paper check to arrive in the mail.

You’ll receive an email notification when your actual eRefund has been processed and is ready to be transferred to your bank account or loaded onto your debit card.

Students are not required to use Bear Direct eRefund to receive their refunds, nor are students who choose to use Bear Direct eRefund required to open a PNC checking account to participate. If you choose not to sign up for Bear Direct, you will still receive your refund by paper check in the mail.

Why Enroll in Bear Direct?

FREE – There is no charge for the service.

OPTIONS – Choose to have refunds deposited directly into a checking or savings account or have the funds loaded onto a debit card.

CONVENIENCE – You will have access to funds sooner. No more waiting for the mail or making an extra trip to the bank to deposit your check.

SECURITY – Direct deposit eliminates the possibility that your check will be lost in the mail or stolen. And you won’t have your check returned to us as “undeliverable” if there’s a problem with your address.

Direct Deposit Options & Fees

  Direct Deposit Into Your Own Account Direct Deposit Into PNC Account Pre-Paid Debit Card
How fast? Up to 48 hours 24-48 hours Up to 48 hours*
Is there a fee to use? No No No
How will I know if I am receiving a Payment? Email Notification Email Notification Email Notification

*PNC will not mail the debit card until there is a refund to load to it. Allow 7 - 10 days for the initial processing and mailing of the card. Once card is received, all future refunds will load to the card within 48 hours.

There is a PNC ATM available for use on main campus. It is located next to the Bear Bistro Café in the Curtice-Mott Building. There is no fee for individuals who have a PNC card, whether it is for a PNC account or PNC reloadable card. For individuals who use a non PNC bank card, the fee is $2.50.

eRefund Option PNC Fee Description
Direct Deposit to Own Account None  
Direct Deposit to PNC Account None  
PNC Debit Card:
  Replacement $10.00  
  Inactivity Fee $  3.00 Per month after the 5th month of inactivity.
  Paper Statement $  5.00 Per paper statement, if requested by student.
  Out of Network ATM Fee $  2.00 Per withdrawal at domestic ATMs
  International ATM Fee $  5.00 Per withdrawal at international ATMs

FAQs & Important Information

  • If your bank information changes, it is critical to update your banking information for proper crediting of your refund. Go to your Bear Direct Account to make the changes.
  • When you click on the Bear Direct eRefund logo or link, you are leaving the MCC website and entering a PNC Bank service.
  • Changes made to demographic information (address, email, etc…) in the Bear Direct eRefund portal will not be reflected in Mott’s records. You must update both.
June 10, 2016
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