Dental Hygiene Club


MCC Dental Hygiene Club
Goal and Purpose: to educate the public on methods to improve oral health. Also to prepare student members for the National Board Exam.






Dental Hygiene Club
Advisor: Dr. Wilkoff
Office: MMB2036D
(810) 762-0327

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Club Information

Meetings will resume in the Fall Semester, please email us for more information.

Club Constitution (pdf)

Club Goals:
To be more involved with the community. To be uniform as a group and work as a team. To educate our peers and the public on the importance of good oral hygiene and its effects on overall health.

Club Officers

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Student Representative: -

Club Highlights
  • January 2012 attended the National Board Review in Chicago, IL.
Student Leader of the Month Award
Andrea Reich - December 2011

We have provided dental education to many different age groups, teaching them brushing and flossing, about smoking, teeth whitening, the effects of soda, bad breath, periodontal disease and other various topics that are important for good oral hygiene and healthy teeth.