MCC Environmental Club


MCC Environmental Club

To gain further knowledge and increase awareness through participation, education and fellowship, of environmental issues that face our community.


MCC Environmental Club
Advisor: Rebecca Gale-Gonzalez
(810) 762-0455

Co-Advisor: Lisa Poma
(810) 762-0453

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Every Tuesday at 2:00pm in Student Life

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Club Officers

Club is forming now. Looking for leaders who care about the environment and want to make their college experience more meaningful to their life's work.

President: - Cierra Johnson
Vice President: - Stephen Ganearz
Treasurer: - Craig Sensabaugh
Secretary: - Lenzy Hause

MCC Related Courses
BIOL-107 General Biology
BIOL-111 Fundamentals of Biology
BIOL-115 Applied Botany
BIOL-120 Introduction to Environmental Science
BIOL-125 Zoology
BIOL-126 Botany
BIOL-205 Michigan Wildflowers
BIOL-206 Local Trees and Shrubs
BIOL-207 Aquatic Ecosystems
BIOL-220 Ecology
BIOL-222 Field Biology
BIOL-226 Systematic Botany (or Plant Taxonomy)
CHEM-112 Fundamentals of Organic & Biochemistry
GEOG-141 Physical Geography
GEOL-111 Geology of Dinosaurs
GEOL-151 Physical Geology
GEOL-152 Historical Geology
LDDV-101 Leadership Development
LDDV-190 Prin of Leadership: Soc Science Approach
LDDV-195 Service Learning
PHSC-191 Physical Science I
SCI.-101 Scientific Inquiry
Some courses may have prerequisites. See College Catalog for full course descriptions and WebAdvisor for course availability.

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Club Highlights

Earth Matters, Celebrate Earth Day - UM Flint, Mott Community College, Kettering University
Earth Day & Garden Celebration
Saturday, April 12, 2014
University Center on the UM Flint Campus