Mott Gaming Syndicate


Gamers SyndicateThe Mott Gaming Syndicate (MGS) aims to promote game related education, theory, and philosophy; while providing an inviting atmosphere for the gaming community in which to share an appreciation for games and gaming. Specifically we aim to establish a network of players with open communication, competition, challenges, and entertainment for all our members. We offer training and resources for educating fellow gamers and the public of all things game related from knowledge of specific titles and training in specific skills to the development of games. We are non judgemental and partake in all forms of gaming from recreational, classic card and board games, among other tabletop games, to Larping (live action role play), through new age e-sports based competitive video games. Our syndicate functions as a facilitator to provide access to tournaments, national conventions, and affords our members the necessary resources for developing their own games and attending these events.


Mott Gaming Syndicate

Contact Us:
Advisor: Tom Spademan
Office: CM1101D
(810) 762-5642

Club Information

Constitution and By-lawspdf

Travel Agreementpdf

Club Goals:
  1. To inform 10 or more people about Gamers Syndicate
  2. To host a gaming tournament open to the public
  3. To begin a game development project
Club Officers
President: - Craig Sensabargh
Vice President: - Russell E. Welch III
Secretary: - Dakota Howard
Treasurer: - Tyler Vert
Student Representative: -

Club Highlights
Student Leader of the Month Award
Craig Sensabaugh - March 2014