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Imagine all the circumstances that we encounter through our lives. Who doesn't know someone who has been in a horrible car accident, who has had a baby, or who has even had a loved one in a nursing home? It is the people in the medical profession that tend to their needs. It is the nurses who have the most contact with the patients. This is currently one of the fields projected to grow in the years to come.

The life of a nurse is sometimes very stressful, with so much to do and usually not enough time to do it in. Registered Nurse Amy Mandersheid says, "Some days the stress level is way past the chart and I feel like screaming in a closet." Although this is a stressful job there is a reason nurses keep coming back to work. They get to make a difference in the world by saving lives and helping during what can be a difficult time for most people. Being a nurse may come with a few sacrifices, but they make the sacrifices so that they have the chance to better someone else's life.

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The Student Nursing Association is a club that is open to Mott Community College Students who are preparing for a Practical Nurse Certificate or an Associates Degree in Applied Science-Nursing. Pre-Nursing students may also be members, but they will not be able to hold an office.

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$25.32 Investor-owned Hospital Full-time Nurse
$27.01 Not-for-profit Hospital Full-time Nurse
$27.02 Investor-owned Hospital Part-time Nurse
$27.06 Tax-exempt Hospital Part-time Nurse
$28.21 Home Care Full-time Nurse
$24.91 Nursing Home Full-time Nurse