Student Veteran Alliance

Creating Togetherness and Success for Military Students in an environment comfortable to them.

Student Veteran Alliance - Propter Bonum Aliorum

Mission Statement: To provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation. To show pride and fellowship to any veteran in need.


Student Veteran Alliance

Robert Howald
Office: SLBC1001J
(586) 202-7304
Troy Boquette
(810) 762-0243
Carlos Cisneros

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Club Information

Meetings will resume in the Fall Semester, please email us for more information.

Club Constitution pdf

Club Goals:

  • Do Community Service
  • Provide a support network for student veterans, and in doing so, increase club membership.
  • Run one fundraiser.
Club Officers
President: -
Vice President: -
Treasurer: -
Secretary: -
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Club Highlights
Student Leader of the Month Award
Jorge Marure - April 2013
Student Leader of the Month Award
Thomas Yonan - February 2013