Travel Club


MCC Travel Club

The Travel Club was founded in 1999 for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of different cultures and knowledge of the world through planning and experiencing actual visits and trips to various geographic destinations.



Travel Club
Advisor: Wanda Stitt
Phone: 810 762-0429

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Club Information

Place: Curtice-Mott Complex, CM2133 (Business Division Office)
Dates: Every Wednesday
Times: 5:00pm

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Club Goals:
Each member will serve in a community service opportunity.
Foster a team among diverse individuals from different backgrounds and varying interests.
Serve the community and campus and at large with a charitable event.
Expand awareness of the Travel Club through various events, fundraisers, and activities and service opportunities.
Club Travel History
1999 Chicago
2000 London, England
2001 Las Vegas
2002 Hawaii
2003 Southern Caribbean
2004 Western Caribbean
2005 New York
2007 Western Caribbean Cruise
2008 Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Club Officers
President: Jacob Bergstrom
Vice President: A'Rana Bennett
Treasurer: Robert Stamm
Secretary: Darryl Ellison

Club Highlights
Student Leader of the Month Award
Angela Hood - February 2014
Student Leader of the Month Award
Kim Pentecost - November 2012
Student Leader of the Month Award
Helena Hunt - December 2010