Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing Education
What are Continuing Education or Community Education (CE) courses?
Enrichment and professional development courses designed for kids, adults, seniors, and professionals. Classes that are fun, educational, and "hands on". Programs designed to help you advance in your career - or start your own business! Courses that will help you get into shape, organized, relax, creative, more productive... and more! TOP
Who takes CE courses?
  Everyone! Any adult, and children with a parent can take a CE course. No one is too old to learn something new! TOP
How and where do I register?
  Complete the registration form in the CE schedule book or print the registration form. Then, mail, fax, or drop off your paid registration. You may register over the phone with a VISA, MC, American Express or Discover credit card. For all classes payment is due upon registration. TOP
Can I buy a class for someone else?
  Absolutely! CE courses make great birthday and holiday gifts and are easy to order. Gift Certificates are available for $25 or more. To give a gift of class, contact the CE office. TOP
As a Senior Adult, do I get a discount?
  Definitely. Students 60 years of age or older qualify for reduced rates. Senior Adult discount cards, known as Gold Cards are available at the Admissions Office on our main campus in the Prahl College Center. Contact the CE office for more information. TOP
What is Continuing Education’s email address?
  Email can be sent TOP
What is the cancellation process?
  In the event a course must be canceled, we will notify you before the first class. You will be entitled to a full refund, or you may apply the tuition fee to another course. TOP
What is the Refund Policy?
  Generally refunds will be given should a student drop a class no less than two business days prior to the start date, a full refund is given for any dropped class, seminar, or workshop. Please note that some classes do have different refund policies due to the high cost and/or expenses for the class. Please check when you register about the refund policy for your class. TOP
How do I buy books for my Continuing Education class?
  Books are provided for you at the first session of your class. You pay a book fee, if needed, with your tuition at the time of registration. TOP
How will I know if MCC is closed due to weather conditions?
  Area radio and television stations will post an announcement if a decision is made to close the campus. You may also call (810) 232-8989 and a recording will also announce any closing. TOP