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Career Resource Center

The Counseling and Student Development Division provides career planning support services through its Career Resource Center as a component of the career counseling and academic advising processes.

The primary purpose of the Career Resource Center (CRC) is to provide a variety of career related resources necessary to assist students in planning for a career after college.

MCC Counselors and CRC staff provide support services to students using the Center. In addition, Counseling and Advising Faculty refer students to the Center for assistance in guiding those students through career assessment and career exploration. Students are also encouraged to visit the Center to explore the world of careers.

The center provides assistance as students explore and select a career, as they research transfer colleges, and as they develop the skills needed in the 21st century workforce with resources and assessments. The Center is open to alumni and members of the community, as well as students. The center also serves as an instructional lab for faculty who wish to bring their class in for career-related purposes.

What SERVICES do we offer?

  • Career Exploration

    The Career Resource Center can assist students with occupational research by providing information on the requirements for different occupations, including:

    • Type of education or degrees you will need
    • Working conditions
    • Employment outlook data
    • Salaries (both state and national)
    • Advancement opportunities
  • Career Assessments

    Many career assessments are available to help students and their counselors with career planning and personal development. Students should meet with a counselor to develop career plans. Students may make an appointment, by calling (810) 762-0111, or visiting the Prahl College Center (PCC), Room 2030.

  • Career Planning
  • Occupational Information
  • Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities

What RESOURCES do we have?

  • Helpful counseling faculty and staff members who can answer students’ questions and give the personal attention students need
  • Focus 2
  • College catalogs, reference books, videos and other career resource materials
  • Internet access with quick-reference bookmarks to career and employment sources
  • Resume software
  • Resume resource materials
  • Word processing software


Visit the CRC for Michigan and out-of-state college information. CRC staff show students how to conduct searches to find schools that offer the programs and characteristics they are looking for including:

  • Tuition and Costs
  • Major
  • Type of degrees
  • Geographic location
  • Campus activities

Is there help for NEW STUDENTS?

Absolutely! We can help:
  • Explore your career options through career assessment and interpretation
  • Find out what jobs will be in high demand in the next few years to help guide choosing an appropriate major
  • Utilize resources to help students plan their future and reach their goals

Looking for valuable WORK RELATED EXPERIENCES?

The Career Resource Center helps students research professional, volunteer and community service experience by accessing a multitude of reference materials.

Do we offer WORKSHOPS tailored to your student’s needs?

Yes! We would be pleased to conduct a presentation and/or overview of the Career Resource Center. Please contact us at (810) 762-0342.

September 20, 2016
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