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Perhaps you need to research a particular career, get information on that unique or hard-to-find career, find out the occupations with the most favorable outlook today or simply get a detailed print out on an occupation to find out the work tasks, salary range, training required and more. Visit Career Pathways and the Career Resource Center for all of your career exploration needs.

Career Pathways can help you track down hot jobs and educational requirements, and let you explore career possibilities based on your personal interest.

We can provide you with both local and national information. Visit the Career Resource Center, Prahl College Center, Room 2050, call (810) 762-0250 or e-mail us for further information; get started today!

Chronicle Career Library of Occupation Briefs
Chronicle Occupational Briefs contains up-to-date career information to help people make informed career choices. It presents information on more than 2,000 occupational titles, including 650 comprehensive occupational descriptions, ranging from those that require a high school diploma or less, through professional careers; that's more than 95% of the jobs in the workforce.
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