Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)


Mott Community College has several agreements with Michigan colleges and universities. These agreements allow students to enter four-year or bachelor’s degree programs using MCC programs and degrees. Additional information on the agreements is available in the Counseling and Student Development office, Prahl College Center.

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) is designed to facilitate transfer from one institution to another. One of the guiding principles of the agreement is to promote transparency among institutions and ensure accurate transfer information for students.

The 30 credit hours of lower-level general education from the sending institution will be accepted as a block of 30 credit hours by the receiving institution. Students may complete the MTA as part of an associate degree or as a stand-alone package. Completion of the MTA does not necessarily mean that a student has completed the requirement for a specific MCC associate degree.

Credits from students who have attended previous institutions will be evaluated and recorded as meeting “MTA” requirements of MCC’s general education requirements, as long as their home institution considered those courses to satisfy general education requirements. Please note, a student must earn at least one credit-bearing course at MCC in order to have “MTA Satisfied” posted on a MCC transcript.

Students are highly encouraged to follow the new Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements; however the previous MACRAO Agreement will be honored by the Michigan College and Universities through the Fall of 2019.


Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) Requirements

To fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement, students must successfully complete at least 30 credits, with at least a 2.0 in each course. These credits, which will be certified by a Michigan community college, should be met according to the following distribution:

If these courses do not add up to 30 hours then the student must take an additional course from one of these groups.


MACRAO Transfer Agreement

To fulfill the MACRAO Transfer Agreement, students must successfully complete at least 30 credits. The student must have an average of 2.0 in all courses in the below distribution. A minimum of 15 of these credits must be earned at MCC.

The courses needed to satisfy the MACRAO requirements are as follows:

  • English Composition......6 credit hours
  • Science and Math............8 credit hours. Courses must be taken from a minimum of two subject areas. At least one science course must include a laboratory.
  • Social Science.................8 credit hours. Courses must be taken from a minimum of two subject areas.
  • Humanities.......................8 credit hours. Courses must be taken from a minimum of two subject areas.

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Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

The Michigan Transfer Agreement replaces the MACRAO Transfer Agreement and will take effect for students entering Fall 2014 or later.

Students who started prior to Fall 2014 will be able to complete the existing MACRAO Transfer Agreement through Summer 2019, but are encouraged to discuss the MTA requirements with their advisor or counselor.

Students transferring to MCC to begin their studies during or after the Summer 2014 semester, must follow the MTA requirements.