C-Print/Sign Language Interpreting


Mott employs contingent staff to provide C-Print services to eligible students with a hearing loss. These are students who do not benefit from the use of a sign language interpreter but still need some assistance accessing classroom content. C-Print was first developed by the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester, New York. From their website:

How does C-Print work?
"A trained operator, called a C-Print captionist, produces text of the spoken information using a software application called C-Print Pro. The captionist is skilled in text- condensing strategies and in typing using an abbreviation system, which reduces keystrokes. The text can be displayed simultaneously to one or more students in different ways, including additional computers (laptops) or display monitors. The captionist includes as much information as possible, generally providing a meaning-for-meaning (not verbatim) translation of the spoken English content."


Sign Language Interpreting
Mott has two staff interpreters and several contingent sign language interpreters that provide services to students who use American Sign Language. The Learning Center provides interpreters for students in the classroom and for course related activities such as internships and meetings with instructors. Interpreters are also provided to students who want to access student services such as orientation, placement testing, financial aid and counseling/advising.

Contact the Learning Center to request an interpreter. Please request an interpreter at least one week prior to the event – requests received after this date will be honored whenever possible.

For more information on C-Print,
please see the website at: