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External Organizations

Begin your planning by contacting the Events Supervisor at (810) 762-5906 to make requests for the use of College facilities.

The Supervisor of Auxiliary Services will determine if the request falls within the eligibility requirements listed in the Board of Trustees approved policy regarding use of college facilities and services.

Upon approval of the planned event follow these steps:

  • Once approved, the event is placed on the College Calendar of Events.
  • Check the Bear Bistro Catering menu PDF document and plan your event's food service needs. At least one week prior to your event please contact the Coordinator of Auxiliary Services (810) 232-9636 to finalize your order.
  • Parking Signs and Directions
    A new service is being offered to provide temporary, portable signage to direct guest to parking and your event venue.Begin your signage order at least 6 (six) business days prior to your event. See Sign guidelines. There are some generic parking signs available at no cost. Contact the Coordinator of Auxiliary Services (810) 232-9636 to place your order.
  • Meetings will be set up with the Supervisor of Auxiliary Services, the Events Set Up Assistant, and the Coordinator of Auxiliary Services, if necessary, as follows: one (1) initial meeting, a meeting two (2) weeks before, and one (1) week before the event. Any last minute changes in set-up may incur extra charges.

Warning - Emergency  Cancellation Policy:

48-hour cancellation notice is required for all events. Less than a 48-hour notice will incur similar costs as if the event had occurred (i.e. set-up time, equipment, food).
August 12, 2015
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