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Fine Arts & Social Sciences Division

Welcome to the MCC Fine Arts & Social Sciences Division

The Fine Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) Division includes many exciting programs and courses, meeting the diverse goals of Mott Community College students. We have a broad range of classes which meet General Education requirements in Social Sciences (SOC), Humanities (HUM) and Information Technology (INT).

The FASS Division also features programs designed to prepare you for a career in creative fields and human services. Students who want to work with people may consider earning an Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate in Corrections, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education or Social Work. People who want to work with their hands and their ideas can earn AAS degrees or certificates in Graphic Design, Media Arts & Entertainment Technology, or Photography.

Mott Community College offers Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degrees in Music or Studio Art, to prepare to transfer to a 4-year institution.

Degrees Certificates and Alternative Training Programs of Study


ANTH-200 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH-210 Forensic Anthropology
ANTH-211 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-212 Human Origins - Intro Phys. Anthropology
ANTH-213 Introduction to Archaeology
ART.-100 Early Childhood Art Education
ART.-101 Art Education
ART.-102 Secondary Methods of Art Education
ART.-105A Design Studio Ctr I
ART.-105B Design Studio Ctr I
ART.-105C Design Studio Ctr I
ART.-110 Art Appreciation
ART.-111 Art History Survey Prehistoric to 14 C
ART.-112 Art History Survey Renaissance to Modern
ART.-116 Art History Survey Non Western Art
ART.-121 Intro to Graphic Design Theory & Process
ART.-122 Graphic Design Survey
ART.-131 Drawing
ART.-132 Drawing II
ART.-133 Basic Illustration
ART.-135 Figure Drawing
ART.-141 Basic Two-Dimensional Design
ART.-142 Basic Three-Dimensional Design
ART.-145 Intro to Digital Design
ART.-146 Typography and Type Design
ART.-190 Foundation Portfolio
ART.-205A Design Studio Center II
ART.-205B Design Studio Center II
ART.-205C Design Studio Center II
ART.-214 Art History - 19 C. Art
ART.-215 Art History - 20th C. Art
ART.-221 Screen Printing I
ART.-222 Screen Printing II
ART.-231 Advanced Drawing
ART.-233 Advanced Illustration
ART.-234 Sequential Art: Comics & Graphic Story
ART.-235 Printmaking I
ART.-236 Printmaking II
ART.-237 Printmaking III
ART.-238 Printmaking IV
ART.-242 Corporate ID & Promo Design
ART.-243 Communication Design Across Cultures
ART.-244 Publication Design for Print
ART.-245 Publication Design for Web I
ART.-246 Self-Promotion & Portfolio Design
ART.-248 Graphic Design Internship
ART.-248A Graphic Design Internship
ART.-248B Graphic Design Internship
ART.-248C Graphic Design Internship
ART.-249 Publication Design for Print Production
ART.-255 Digital Art Studio
ART.-256 Publication Design for Web II
ART.-257 Intro to 3D Digital Art
ART.-259 Conceptual Book Design
ART.-261 Painting I
ART.-262 Painting II
ART.-263 Painting III
ART.-264 Painting IV
ART.-271 Sculpture I
ART.-272 Sculpture II
ART.-273 Sculpture III
ART.-274 Sculpture IV
ART.-275 Intro to Creative Digital Video
ART.-276 Motion Graphics for TV and Video
ART.-277 Clay Figure Sculpture II
ART.-278 Metal Sculpture II
ART.-281 Ceramics I
ART.-282 Ceramics II
ART.-283 Ceramics III
ART.-284 Ceramics IV
ART.-295 Supervised Art Projects
CORR-101 Introduction to Corrections
CORR-102 Client Relations to Corrections
CORR-103 Legal Issues in Corrections
CORR-104 Client Growth and Development
CORR-105 Correctional Institutions/Facilities
CRJU-151 Introduction to Security Administration
CRJU-152 Principles of Loss Prevention
CRJU-161 Introduction to Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice
CRJU-162 Administrative Concepts
CRJU-163 Patrol Administration Procedures
CRJU-165 Hwy Traffic Administration
CRJU-230 Ethics & Leadership in Criminal Justice
CRJU-263 Techniques of Criminal Investigation
CRJU-264 Court Testimony and Documentation
CRJU-265 Criminal Law and Procedure
CRJU-266 Computer Crime and Cyber Law
CRJU-269 Introduction to the Juvenile Justice System
CRJU-271 Practicum in Criminal Justice
DHYG-233 Community Dental Health II
ECED-100 Intro to Early Childhood Education
ECED-103 Professional Ethics Early Childhood Educ
ECED-104 CDA Completion
ECED-105 School Age Development and Education
ECED-110 Applied Child Development & Family Engagement
ECED-111 CDA Fieldwork Experiences I
ECED-112 CDA Fieldwork Experiences II
ECED-190 Literacy and Numeracy
ECED-199 Guidance and Discipline
ECED-200 Early Childhood Learning Environments
ECED-201 Curriculum Planning in Early Childhood
ECED-202 Admin of Programs for Young Children
ECED-203 Learning Env: Infants and Toddlers
ECED-204 Infant and Toddler Curriculum Planning
ECED-205 Field Work
ECED-206 Infant & Toddler Fieldwork Practicum
ECED-210 Child Observation & Assessment
ECES-203 Young Children With Special Needs
ECES-204 Adapt Early Child Curricula-Special Need The Special Needs Child
ECES-206 Principles & Techniques of Behavior Management
ECES-207 Legal/Social Issues of the Special Needs Child
ECES-208 Learning Environment for the Special Needs Child
ECES-209 Field Experience in the Area of Special Needs
ECON-101 Financial Literacy
ECON-125 Personal Money Management
ECON-221 Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)
ECON-222 Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)
FRSC-100 Survey of Forensic Science
FRSC-160 Introduction to Forensic Pathology and Morgue
FRSC-161 Occupational Safety
FRSC-162 Autopsy Assistant Practicum I
FRSC-163 Autopsy Assistant Practicum II
GEOG-100 Map Reading/GPS for Motor Carriers
GEOG-141 Physical Geography
GEOG-142 World Regional Geography
GEOG-143 Intro to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG-145 Economic Geography
GEOG-147 Geography of Latin America
GEOG-243 Geography of Africa
GEOG-245 Advanced Geographic Info Systems
GEOG-248 Geographic Info Systems Field Work
GEOG-251 Crime Mapping
HIST-151 World History: Prehistory to 1500 C.E.
HIST-152 World History: 1500 C.E. To the Present
HIST-154 United States History to 1877
HIST-155 History of United States: 1877 - Present
HIST-212 History of E Asia to 1600
HIST-213 History of E Asia 1600 to Present
HIST-220 Oral History
HIST-254 African American History to 1877
HIST-255 African American History Since 1865
HIST-257 History of the Holocaust
HIST-259 History of Mexico
HIST-260 History of Michigan
HIST-261 United States Labor History
HIST-262 American Military History
HIST-263 History of Women in the United States
HIST-264 Medieval Europe
HIST-265 American Indian History
HIST-266 History of the Modern Middle East
HONS-250 Social Diversity & Civic Engagement
HONS-251 Social Diversity & Civic Engagement Lab
LDDV-101 Leadership Development
LDDV-190 Prin of Leadership: Soc Science Approach
LDDV-195 Service Learning
MAET-100 Intro to Media Production
MAET-110 Media History and Theory
MAET-120 Media Aesthetics
MAET-130 Live Event Production
MAET-150 Radio-Television News Production
MAET-160 Media entrepreneurship
MAET-180 Intro to Screenwriting
MAET-190 Media Production Internship I
MAET-200 Television & Commerical Production
MAET-210 Cinema Production
MAET-250 Documentary Production
MAET-270 Music Recording
MAET-271 Music Post Production
MAET-290 Media Production Internship II
MUS.-102 Fundamentals of Music Theory
MUS.-105 Introduction to Music Technology
MUS.-106 Advanced Music Technology
MUS.-108 Music Notation
MUS.-111 Applied Music I
MUS.-112 Applied Music II
MUS.-121 Band I
MUS.-122 Band II
MUS.-131 Choir I
MUS.-132 Choir II
MUS.-135 Voice Class I
MUS.-136 Voice Class II
MUS.-140 Survey of Music Business
MUS.-150 Basic Guitar
MUS.-152 Intermediate Guitar
MUS.-153 Advanced Guitar
MUS.-158 Piano I
MUS.-159 Piano II
MUS.-165 Piano Proficiency I
MUS.-166 Piano Proficiency II
MUS.-180 Music Appreciation
MUS.-182 Jazz Appreciation
MUS.-183 World Music and Culture
MUS.-186 Introduction to Film Music
MUS.-187 History of Rock & Roll
MUS.-191 Music Theory I
MUS.-192 Music Theory II
MUS.-195 Aural Skills I
MUS.-196 Aural Skills II
MUS.-206 Scoring for Media
MUS.-207 Electronic Music Composition
MUS.-211 Applied Music III
MUS.-212 Applied Music IV
MUS.-221 Band III
MUS.-222 Band IV
MUS.-231 Choir III
MUS.-232 Choir IV
MUS.-235 Voice Class III
MUS.-236 Voice Class IV
MUS.-258 Piano III
MUS.-259 Piano IV
MUS.-260 Conducting
MUS.-265 Piano Proficiency III
MUS.-266 Piano Proficiency IV
MUS.-271 Music History I
MUS.-272 Music History II
MUS.-291 Music Theory III
MUS.-292 Music Theory IV
MUS.-295 Aural Skills III
MUS.-296 Aural Skills IV
MUS.-1410 Brass Chamber Ensemble I
MUS.-1411 Chamber Singers I
MUS.-1412 Guitar Ensemble I
MUS.-1413 Jazz Combo I
MUS.-1414 Jazz Ensemble I
MUS.-1415 Percussion Ensemble I
MUS.-1416 Piano Chamber Ensemble I
MUS.-1417 String Ensemble I
MUS.-1418 Woodwind Ensemble I
MUS.-1419 Steel Drum Ensemble I
MUS.-1420 Brass Chamber Ensemble II
MUS.-1421 Chamber Singers II
MUS.-1422 Guitar Ensemble II
MUS.-1423 Jazz Combo II
MUS.-1424 Jazz Ensemble II
MUS.-1425 Percussion Ensemble II
MUS.-1426 Piano Chamber Ensemble II
MUS.-1427 String Ensemble II
MUS.-1428 Woodwind Ensemble II
MUS.-1429 Steel Drum Ensemble II
MUS.-2410 Brass Chamber Ensemble III
MUS.-2411 Chamber Singers III
MUS.-2412 Guitar Ensemble III
MUS.-2413 Jazz Combo III
MUS.-2414 Jazz Ensemble III
MUS.-2415 Percussion Ensemble III
MUS.-2416 Piano Chamber Ensemble III
MUS.-2417 String Ensemble III
MUS.-2418 Woodwind Ensemble III
MUS.-2419 Steel Drum Ensemble III
MUS.-2420 Brass Chamber Ensemble IV
MUS.-2421 Chamber Singers IV
MUS.-2422 Guitar Ensemble IV
MUS.-2423 Jazz Combo IV
MUS.-2424 Jazz Ensemble IV
MUS.-2425 Percussion Ensemble IV
MUS.-2426 Piano Chamber Ensemble IV
MUS.-2427 String Ensemble IV
MUS.-2428 Woodwind Ensemble IV
MUS.-2429 Steel Drum Ensemble IV
PHOT-101 Digital Photography for Non-Majors
PHOT-180 Basic Photography
PHOT-182 Introduction to Light and Color
PHOT-183 Intro to Commercial Studio Photography
PHOT-186 Careers in Photography
PHOT-187 Photojournalism
PHOT-188 History of Photography
PHOT-190 Introduction to Digital Imaging
PHOT-192 Advanced Digital Imaging
PHOT-205 Photography Internship
PHOT-208 Introduction to Fine Art Photography
PHOT-210 Advanced Studio Lighting Techniques
PHOT-211 Commercial Portraiture
PHOT-215 Alternative Processes in Photography
PHOT-282 Photographic Principles
PHOT-291 Photography Portfolio
PHOT-295 Supervised Photography Project
PSCN-170 Introduction to American Government
PSCN-173 State and Local Government
PSCN-175 Civil Liberties
PSCN-177 Introduction to Public Administration
PSCN-275 Comparative Government
PSYC-181 Applied Psychology
PSYC-184 Exceptional People
PSYC-280 General Psychology Laboratory
PSYC-281 General Psychology
PSYC-282 Social Psychology
PSYC-283 Theories of Personality
PSYC-285 Child Psychology
PSYC-286 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC-287 Educational Psychology
PSYC-289 Psychology of Late Adulthood
PSYC-290 Psychology of Adolescence
PSYC-291 Psychology of Human Development
SOCW-131 Introduction to Social Work
SOCW-132 Programs of Community Welfare
SOCW-133 Child Welfare
SOCW-134 Social Work Practicum
SOCW-135 Agency Experience-Social Work
SOCW-136 An Introduction to the Study of Substance Abuse
SOCW-137 Substance Abuse Services and Policy
SOCW-138 Social Work With the Aged
SOCW-139 Overview of Substance Abuse
SOCW-230 Social Work Practice With Groups
SOCW-235 Co-Occuring disorders in Substance Abuse
SOCW-236 Introduction to Social Welfare
SOCW-238 Introduction to Community Development
SOCW-240 Field Work in Social Work I
SOCW-250 Field Work in Social Work II
SOCY-191 Introductory Sociology
SOCY-193 Marriage and the Family
SOCY-194 Fundamentals of Human Sexuality
SOCY-292 Social Problems
SOCY-294 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCY-296 Urban Sociology
SOCY-297 Introduction to Criminology Correction
THTR-110 Introduction to Theatre
THTR-120 Acting I - Fundamentals of Acting
THTR-151 Theatre Practice
THTR-152 Theatre Practice
THTR-220 Acting II
THTR-251 Theatre Practice
THTR-252 Theatre Practice

Additional Information


Degree Pathways — Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Are you planning on a 4-year degree at a university, art school or conservatory? Take your foundation classes and general education classes at MCC.

Choose a concentration of Studio Arts or Music.

Graphic Design

Are you interested in pursuing graphic design in print, web, multimedia, video and motion graphics, illustration, comics or animation? You will find one of the three main tracks in the Graphic Design degree program a fulfilling and challenging objective.

Get general information regarding the Graphic Design Program at MCC

Media Arts and Entertainment

Begin your career in the movie industry, at radio and television stations, with advertising agencies, music recording studios, and concert venues. Work in media productions and post-production facilities.

Get general information regarding the MAET Program at MCC

Music Technology

Looking for a career in music production, recording, and audio engineering?

Learn the technical, logistical, and creative skills to be competitive in today's music technology or sound engineering job market.
For general information regarding the Music Programs at MCC visit music.mcc.edu


The AAS in Photography will provide training to land that entry-level position as a commercial and portrait studio assistant, technical sales representative, freelance photographer, or a digital processing technician. Other career options include: communications, public relations, graphic design, fine arts or journalism.


Degree Pathways — Social Sciences


The Anthropology Program at Mott is designed to offer students their first encounter with three of the major subfields while pairing courses outside of the discipline that will help them explore the various connections between anthropology and other fields.


A career in corrections begins with a fast-start at MCC. Begin your corrections career while earning credits towards an Associates in Correction.
See MCC Corrections Officer Training Program information.

Criminal Justice

This program is designed for students seeking careers in various areas of criminal justice, including law enforcement, loss prevention, and corrections.

Early Childhood

This competency based program focuses on NAEYC Standards. With an AAS in Early Childhood the student is eligible for positions as classroom assistants, childcare center staff, as well as before and after school programs.


Choose from either a AS or AA Degree pathway that will lead you to either an BA or a BSAS.


Geography is a field that focuses on the earth’s surface and all of the features on it and their relationship to each other.


Historians use written evidence, statistical information and other materials to reconstruct the story of humanity and gain insight into the present.

Political Science

The Political Science program at Mott is designed to introduce students to the major questions that define the field and the methodologies used to analyze these questions.

Elementary Education

The Elementary Education pathway at Mott Community College prepares students to transfer to a four year college or university to complete his or her training to be a certified elementary school teacher.


It is the mission of the psychology discipline at MCC to provide an effective learning environment where students develop critical thinking skills which lay the groundwork for future educational experiences.

Social Work Technician

The program prepares graduates to qualify for Registration as a Social Service Technician under the Michigan Bureau of Health Professions. Employment opportunities exist in social work, agency work and/or substance abuse treatment.


Sociology is not a program but a Liberal Arts discipline in the Social Sciences. Sociology is the systematic study of human behavior, groups and society.



Gallery Exhibits

Check out both student work and visiting artist.


Concerts / Performances

Take in a Jazz Concert, Choir and Chamber Singers, Steel Drums A Quintet, Concert Band, and guest performers.



Looking for a club? Find clubs with similar career interest.

Early Childhood Learning Center

The Early Childhood Learning Center accepts young children that are 2 1/2 - 4 years of age. The MCC ECLC provides Before and After Care as well as daycare. Assistance in paying for childcare may be provided by DHS or Pell.



Have you thought about becoming a police officer? Do you desire to make a difference by protecting others and our homeland? Not sure if you have what it takes or how to enter the process? Begin your career now.

Corrections Training Program

Begin your career as you work towards a degree in Corrections. MCC Corrections Training Program preps graduates for high demand jobs.


Annual Student Art Show

The exhibition of over 300 student works was juried by the MCC Art Faculty and included drawing, painting, printmaking, 2-D design, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, and photography.


haiti music
Helping Haiti

Mott Community College Band/Choir/Chamber Singers help Haitian music students by hosting fund raising concerts. Donations of musical instruments are also accepted.

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