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Mott's Community College's Media Arts & Entertainment Technology (MAET) program focuses on preparing students for a wide range of professional employment, both in Michigan and nationally, including positions in the movie industry, at radio and television stations, advertising agencies, music recording studios and concert venues, media production and post-production facilities, school systems, non-profits and corporations. Others will transfer to a four year college to further their studies.

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MAET Studio

The MAET program is housed in a state of the art facility located in the terrace level of the Mott Memorial Building (MMB). The studio includes a 1230 sq. ft., multi-purpose sound stage complete with dynamic lighting grid, 176 sq. ft. chroma key wall, studio cameras and teleprompter. Our audio mixing room houses a 90 track recording system and solo isolation booth, while our adjacent computer lab has 24 offline editing systems. The program also owns over 50 professional grade cameras, audio records, lighting kits and support equipment that students can checkout to complete their course work.



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David Rembiesa
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