First Time Applicants / Returning Students


First Time Applicants

The Financial Aid process can seem complicated and overwhelming. MCC has set up a step by step guide called The Financial Aid Process . You can print these pages and use them as a check list or just refer back each time you complete a step.

Begin by getting a folder that you will use to hold all of your application materials. Decide on a safe place to keep your folder. This will make your first application easier and will be a big help the next time you apply for aid.

FAFSA — the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( ) begins this whole process. You might enjoy this video — see how other students handle the application process and learn some new financial aid terminology in the process.

You can find more assistance by signing up for a freeFinancial Aid Workshop.

Returning Students

You managed this process last year and now you are ready again. Actually, how soon are you ready again? FAFSA applications can be filed as soon as you have completed your Federal Income Tax filing for the previous year, generally about January or February.

Find your Financial Aid folder from your previous application. Remember, you use your PIN and passwords from the previous year. Follow the steps in the Financial Aid Process.

The online FAFSA application ( ) process provides answers along the way if you have trouble understanding what is being asked of you.

Remember to check your MCC email! You may be required to provide more information to the Financial Aid Office and the quicker you respond, the quicker your application is processed.