FMCC Board


The Foundation for Mott Community College is managed by a board of community volunteers, who generously give of their time and talents to ensure good stewardship of funds the Foundation manages.

Joseph H. Black, Chair
Claude High, Chair Elect
Jimmy King, Immediate Former Chair
John Matonich,Vice Chair
Teresa McClelland-Sargent, CFP, CDFA, Treasurer

Douglas Bacon
Kimberly Blair
R. Jean Butler
Mary Coleman
Valaria Conerly Moon
Lenore Croudy
Raymond Curtin, Esq.
Raghad D. Farah
Armando Hernadez
Nancy Jenkins
Todd Johnson
Al Kloss
John Krupp, CPA
Karen McDonald-Lopez, Esq.
John Matonich
Edward Mitchell
Sixto Olivo
Diane Parker
Elisabeth Saab
Gloria Scruggs
M. Richard Shaink, PhD
Richard A. Shick, DDS, MS
Rajagopal Shantaram, PhD
John Snell, Jr., DVM
Helene Streich
James Truesdell III
Beverly Walker-Griffea, Ph.D.

Fleming A. Barbour, M.D., Posthumous
Frank DeLorenzo, Posthumous
Ellen Howe, Ph.D., Posthumous
Fay Joseph, Posthumous
Ruth Rawlings Mott, Posthumous

Lennetta Coney, President

FMCC Board 2012
Foundation for Mott Community College Board of Directors Top, left to right: Gloria Scruggs, Diane Parker, Nancy Jenkins, Norwood Jewell, Claude High Jr., Elisabeth Saab Middle, left to right: Joe Black, Matthew Norwood, Esq., James Truesdell III, John Krupp, CPA, Karen McDonald- Lopez, Esq., Raymond Curtin, Esq., Teresa McClelland-Sargent, CFP, CDFA, Sixto Olivo, M. Richard Shaink, PhD Bottom, left to right: Pamela Faris, Lennetta Coney, Ruby Jean Butler, Lenore Croudy, Richard Shick, DDS, MS