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The Foundation for MCC

We Need You!

Dear Employee:

This year, I am celebrating 25 years of working at Mott Community College, the greater part of that tenure raising money to help sustain the mission of this truly outstanding educational institution.

The passing of this milestone has caused me to reflect. Why am I doing this? Why have I remained committed to Mott College when I could have gone to any number of different places to further my career?

The truth is MCC represents far more to me than a successful career. It is far greater to me than an affordable educational opportunity. And while I could probably fill pages with words describing my reasons, those words would fail to convey my true heart. The faces I see as I walk across campus to attend a meeting, the people I see as they come to my office – they are my friends and family, they are the children of friends and family. Mott College represents a huge portion of my life.

When I consider that truth and place it at the center of my purpose here at Mott, I do not have any trouble at all asking people to help with a financial gift. I have seen thousands of lives that have gone from despair to hope with the gracious dollars our donors give on an annual basis. It's about helping our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers. Far too many cannot do it on their own. My personal obligation is to help them. It just so happens it is my profession as well.

And so I ask you, Why are you here? Is your career here, your employment, simply that? Or is there more? Do you want it to be more?

How can we together have an even greater and more meaningful impact on our students and on our community? Would you be willing to join me in making an impact on our students at Mott? I invite you to give and see the impact your gifts will make.

My 25 years here would be a waste if it were merely about raising money for the bricks and mortar of an academic institution without thinking of the individuals who benefit from the financial support every single day. What makes it meaningful is that my purpose in life is far larger than that. I am here in this community for a bigger purpose. I believe we can change lives.

I hope you will join me in helping your friends, family and neighbors receive the educational opportunity they may not be able to accomplish on their own. The need in our community is great. Please consider financially supporting our mission to improve the lives of our loved ones.

Please give and join me as we see the impact in all of our lives.



Lennetta Coney
The Foundation for MCC