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This year I celebrate 25 years of working at Mott Community College. The greater part of my tenure has been raising money to help sustain the mission of this outstanding educational institution. The passing of this milestone has caused me to reflect. Why have I remained committed to Mott College?

The truth is MCC represents far more to me than a successful career. It is far greater to me than an affordable educational opportunity. The faces I see as I walk across campus to attend a meeting, the people I see as they come to my office – they are my friends and family, they are the children of friends and family. Mott College represents a huge portion of my life.

Today I am especially mindful of "Janette," an 18-year-old graduate of an inner city school, who enrolled at Mott with limited academic and social skills. She had little exposure to life beyond the drugs and violence in her neighborhood. She had little contact with her mother nor her 10 brothers and sisters, scattered in different homes across the city. Janette lived with her grandmother and had a very limited income – and limited knowledge about how to break the cycle of poverty in her own life. Before her arrival on campus, she did not have a single goal or clue as to how to cope with life. But even though raw and unexposed, Janette wanted a better life – she believed an education would provide it. Mott accepted her application for a new beginning. I have been truly blessed to see Janette rise above her circumstances to become active in the student body, make healthy friendships, study and do well in the classroom. Today, at 20, she exudes an air of self-confidence.

When I consider that truth and place it at the center of my purpose here at Mott, I do not have any trouble at all asking people to help us with a financial gift. I have seen thousands of lives that have gone from despair to hope with the gracious dollars our donors give on an annual basis.

My 25 years here would be a waste if it were merely about raising money for the bricks and mortar of an academic institution without thinking of the individuals who benefit from the financial support every single day. What makes it meaningful is that my purpose in life is far larger. I am here in this community for a bigger purpose.

Please give and SEE THE IMPACT in helping your friends, family and neighbors receive the educational opportunity they may not be able to accomplish on their own. Far too many people in our region simply cannot attend college on their own, without your support.

Thank you!


Lennetta B. Coney, President
The Foundation for Mott Community College
The Foundation for Mott Community College

Leaving a Legacy of Education

The Foundation for Mott Community College cannot do it alone. It needs your help and financial support to continue touching as many lives as possible. Please consider making a donation today.

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Other Giving Opportunities

The Mott Community College Foundation offers gifting options to promote higher education at Mott Community College. Donations may be pledged and given over time. To make an outright gift, please click on “I Want To Help!” or contact us to discuss establishing a fund or making a deferred/planned gift.

All donors will receive public recognition for their generosity. For more information about these giving opportunities, please contact:

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The Foundation for Mott Community College
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