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Health Sciences Division


Welcome to the MCC Health Sciences Division

The Health Sciences Division offers courses and programs in health care, wellness, and physical education.

Our programs help students prepare for employment in health care professions. Courses may be used toward completion of a certificate or an associate’s degree, and courses may transfer to other colleges and universities.

Degrees, Certificates, and Alternative Training Programs of Study

Occupational Degrees

Associate in Applied Science

Transferable Degrees

Associate in Arts

Certificates of Achievement

Dental Assisting Certificate
Medical Assistant Certificate

Nurse Aide Preparation

Find out more about becoming a Nurse Aide and preparing for your CNA certification.


AHLT-101 Exploring Health Professions
AHLT-102 Medical Terminology
AHLT-109 Basic Medical Billing
AHLT-112 Nutrition for Health
AHLT-113 Multicultural Health Care
AHLT-114 Radiography
AHLT-114L Radiography Lab
AHLT-120 Phlebotomy Foundations
AHLT-135 Dosage & Solution Calculations
AHLT-150 Allied Health Anatomy
AHLT-150L Allied Health Anatomy Lab
AHLT-235 Advanced Drug Dosage Calculations
AHLT-258 Clinical Histologic Techniques
DAST-110 Orientation to Dentistry
DAST-111 Infection Control for Dental Assistants
DAST-112 Dental and Oral Anatomy
DAST-112L Dental & Oral Anatomy Lab
DAST-113 Dental Office Emergencies
DAST-115 Nutrition & Preventive Dentistry
DAST-116 Dental Materials
DAST-116L Dental Materials Lab
DAST-117 Operative Techniques I
DAST-117C Operative Techniques I Clinic
DAST-117L Operative Techniques I Lab
DAST-120 Oral Pathology for Dental Assistants
DAST-121 Dental Jurisprudence
DAST-122 Pharmacology for Dental Assistants
DAST-123 Advanced Clinical Procedures
DAST-124 Expanded Functions for Dental Assistants
DAST-124L Expanded Functions for Dental Assistants Lab
DAST-125 Operative Techniques II Clinic
DAST-126 Dental Specialities
DAST-127 Dental Business Practices
DAST-130 Operative Techniques Externship
DAST-130C Operative Techniques III Clinical
DHDA-114 Dental Radiography
DHDA-114L Dental Radiography Lab
DHYG-102 Aspects of Infection & Hazard Control in Dentistry
DHYG-103 Oral Radiographic Interpretation
DHYG-113 Oral Radiology
DHYG-114 Oral Radiography Lab
DHYG-115 Head Neck and Oral Anatomy Lecture
DHYG-117 Dental Anatomy and Histology
DHYG-120 Oral Disease Prevention
DHYG-121 Dental Hygiene I
DHYG-121L Dental Hygiene I Lab
DHYG-122 Dental Hygiene II
DHYG-122C Dental Hygiene II Clinic
DHYG-124 Nutrition
DHYG-125 Dental Pharmacology
DHYG-140 Periodontics
DHYG-180 Pain Management
DHYG-180L Pain Management Lab
DHYG-210 Dental Hygiene Practical
DHYG-212 General and Oral Pathology
DHYG-221 Dental Hygiene III
DHYG-221C Dental Hygiene III Clinic
DHYG-224 Dental Hygiene IV
DHYG-224C Dental Hygiene IV Clinical
DHYG-227 Ethics and Current Topics
DHYG-232 Community Dental Health I
DHYG-234 Dental Materials for Dental Hygiene
DHYG-234L Dental Materials for Dental Hygiene Lab
HEAL-122 Emergency Care for Infants and Children
HEAL-125 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
HEAL-129 Safety and Emergency Response
HUC.-100 Health Unit Coordinator Foundations
HUC.-101 Health Unit Coordinator-Practicum
MEDA-101 Principles of Medical Assisting I
MEDA-102 Principles of Medical Assisting II
MEDA-103 Principles of Medical Assisting III
MEDA-104 Medical Assistant Clinical Externship
NAPP-123 Nurse Aide Principles and Procedures
NAPP-123C Nurse Aide Principles and Procedures Clinical
NRSG-100 Pharmacology and Therapeutics
NRSG-101 Foundations of Nursing
NRSG-101C Foundations of Nursing - Clinical
NRSG-101L Foundations of Nursing - Lab
NRSG-101M Foundations of Nursing Medication Administration Lab
NRSG-105 Basic Health Assessment and Physical Examination
NRSG-105L Basic Health Assessment and Physical Examination Lab
NRSG-110 Foundations of Patient Care
NRSG-110C Foundations of Patient Care - Clinical
NRSG-110L Foundations of Patient Care - Lab
NRSG-110M Foundations of Patient Care Med Lab
NRSG-120 Basic Care of the Adult Patient (A)
NRSG-120C Basic Care of Adult Patient (A) Clinic
NRSG-120L Basic Care of Adult Patient (A) - Lab
NRSG-121 Basic Care of the Adult Patient (B)
NRSG-121C Basic Care of Adult Patient (B) Clinic
NRSG-121L Basic Care of the Adult Patient (B) Lab
NRSG-125 Nursing Transition
NRSG-125C Nursing Transition Clinical
NRSG-130 Care of the Childbearing Family
NRSG-130C Care of the Childbearing Family Clinical
NRSG-203 Advanced Adult Nursing
NRSG-203C Advanced Adult Nursing Clinical
NRSG-204 Advanced Family and Child Nursing
NRSG-204C Adv Family/Child Nursing Clinical
NRSG-205 Nursing Leadership/Management
NRSG-205C Advanced Patient Care Mgmt. & Leadership
NRSG-210 Care of the Pediatric Patient
NRSG-210C Care of the Pediatric Patient Clinical
NRSG-220 Care of Mental/Behavioral Health Patient
NRSG-220C Mental/Behavior Health Patient Clinical
NRSG-230 Intermediate Care of the Adult Patient
NRSG-230C Inter. Care of the Adult Patient Clinica
NRSG-240 Advanced Care of the Adult Patient
NRSG-240C Adv. Care Adult Patient Clinical
NRSG-240L Adv. Care of the Adult Patient Lab
NRSG-250 Advanced Patient Care Mgmt. & Leadership
NRSG-250C Advanced Patient Care Clinical
NURF-210 NCLEX-RN Review Course
NURS-150 Nursing Transition
NURS-151 Nursing Transition Clinical
OTA.-100 Introduction to Occupational Therapy Assistant
OTA.-102 Pathophysiology for OTA
OTA.-126 Activity Analysis
OTA.-128 Therapeutic Skills and Practice I
OTA.-129 Clinical Practice I
OTA.-133 Pediatric OTA Interventions
OTA.-133L Pediatric OTA Interventions Lab
OTA.-135 OTA Assessments
OTA.-135L OTA Assessments Lab
OTA.-220 Group Skills in Occupational Therapy
OTA.-222 Conditions of Psychosocial Dysfunction
OTA.-224 Occupational Therapy Exercise/Modalities
OTA.-225 Assistive Technology & Techniques in OT
OTA.-225L Assistive Technology & Techniques in OT
OTA.-227 OTA Interventions for Adults
OTA.-227L OTA Interventions for Adults
OTA.-229 Clinical Practice II
OTA.-230 Geriatric OTA Interventions
OTA.-232 Transitions in Occupational Therapy
OTA.-240 OTA Internship I
OTA.-250 OTA Internship II
OTPT-100 Physical Medicine Terminology
OTPT-113 Applied Anatomy
OTPT-113L Applied Anatomy Lab
OTPT-129 OTA Applications for Physical Dysfunction
PEAC-101 Circuit Training
PEAC-102 Circuit Training for Wellness
PEAC-106 Physical Conditioning
PEAC-123 Basketball
PEAC-132 Advanced Circuit Training
PEAC-139 Indoor Climbing
PEAC-140 Advanced Indoor Climbing
PEAC-141 Ice Climbing
PEAC-142 Running
PEAC-143 Figure Control
PEAC-144 Weight Training: Theory and Practice
PEAC-145 Social Dance
PEAC-147 Pilates: Beginning
PEAC-148 Pilates: Intermediate
PEAC-175 Scuba Diving
PEAC-175L Scuba Diving Lab
PEAC-180 Volleyball
PEAC-183 Golf
PEAC-193 Self-Defense
PEAC-199 Advanced Self-Defense
PTA.-102 Physical Therapy I
PTA.-102L Physical Therapy I Lab
PTA.-104 Physical Therapy II
PTA.-104C Physical Therapy II Clinic
PTA.-104L Physical Therapy II Lab
PTA.-114 PTA Data Collection
PTA.-202 Musculoskeletal Interventions I
PTA.-202L Musculoskeletal Interventions I Lab
PTA.-204 Musculoskeletal Conditions II
PTA.-204L Musculoskeletal Conditions II Lab
PTA.-205 Life Span
PTA.-205L Life Span Lab
PTA.-208 Physical Agents
PTA.-208L Physical Agents Lab
PTA.-210 Rehabilitation Procedures I
PTA.-210L Rehabilitation Procedures I Lab
PTA.-212 Rehabilitation Procedures II
PTA.-212L Rehabilitation Procedures II
PTA.-255 PTA Internship
PTA.-270 Clinical Practice I
PTA.-271 Health Care Management
PTA.-280 Clinical Practice II
PTA.-290 Clinical Practice III
PTA.-290L Clinical Practice
RTAD-120 Respiratory Assessment
RTAD-121 Respiratory Principles
RTAD-122 Respiratory Physiology
RTAD-124 Respiratory Pharmacology
RTAD-125 Respiratory Lab I
RTAD-130 Respiratory Techniques
RTAD-132 Respiratory Pathophysiology
RTAD-134 Respiratory Clinical Practice I
RTAD-135 Respiratory Lab II
RTAD-150 Respiratory Procedures
RTAD-154 Respiratory Clinical Practice II
RTAD-155 Respiratory Lab III
RTAD-221 Critical Respiratory Care
RTAD-222 Respiratory Neonatal/Pediatric Care
RTAD-223 Respiratory Clinical Practice III
RTAD-224 Respiratory Clinical/Critical Care
RTAD-225 Respiratory Diagnostics Post Acute Care
RTAD-231 Respiratory Seminar
RTAD-232 Respiratory Exam Preparation
RTAD-233 Respiratory Clinical Practice IV

Additional Information

Divisional Forms

Degree Pathways


This program completes the requirements to qualify to take required exams to become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)


The program prepares the student to provide preventive dental hygiene care in dental offices, clinics, and educational or health care institutions.


Graduates receive the Associate in Applied Sciences degree in Nursing (ADN) and are eligible to take the licensure exam for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN).


The program prepares students as entry level Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) practitioners.


The Physical Therapist Assistant Program prepares students for entry level practice as Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA).


The overall goal of the program is to prepare graduates with demonstrated competency in the knowledge, skills and professional behavior of respiratory care practice as performed by registered respiratory therapists (RRTs).


The Radiologic Technology Program represents a partnership between Mott Community College and Hurley Medical Center. Students begin their coursework at MCC, completing all general education requirements plus other specific support courses as specified by each hospital.


This is an intensive 7 month clinical course . Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students will be prepared for the professional registry examination for histologic technicians.


This program is for those who have completed a paramedic program at a hospital.


Upon completion of an Associate in Arts with a major in Physical Education students can transfer to a 4 year university and take specific education methodology courses to persue a career in Physical Education.



Patient Simulator Manikins

Fitness Center

Take a fitness class to be eligible for membership to the fitness center

Dental Hygiene Clinic

Low cost, quality dental hygiene services are available to the public at Mott’s Dental Hygiene Clinic located on the 2nd floor of the Mott Memorial Building. Dental hygiene students provide these services under close faculty supervision by licensed Dentists and Dental Hygienists.

Health Sciences Laboratory Complex

The complex includes medical / surgical labs complex with computer controlled simulation mannequins. It also includes study areas, and multimedia classrooms.


Join a club associated with your degree

Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, SOTA (Student Occupational Therapy Assistant), SPTA (Student Physical Therapist Assistant, or the Respiratory Care Student Society.

Job Opportunities

AfterCollete IconFree online job board provided by AfterCollege.


Scholarships and awards are available through the Health Science Division. To apply for a scholarship go to Student Financial Services. To view a list of scholarships available visit the Foundation for MCC.

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