Honors Graduation Dinner and Medallion Ceremony

Honors Program graduates, Honors students, families and friends are invited to the annual Honors Program Graduation Dinner and Medallion ceremony held the last Friday of Winter semester. Honor Program grads are admitted FREE and additional tickets for the dinner may be purchased from the Honors Program Coordinator. The following forms of recognition are awarded during the dinner:

  • Honors Diploma and Honors Medallion = complete an MCC Associate Degree, 3.5+ cumulative GPA, 3 Honors Program courses + Colloquium + 45 hours of community service
  • Honors Certificate of Achievement = complete 50+ credits, 3.4+ cumulative GPA, and only 3 Honors Program courses
  • Honors Certificate of Recognition = complete 50+ credits, 3.25+ cumulative GPA, and 2 Honors Program courses

Honors Program Designation on Transcript
Students' transcripts will have a notation next to any honors courses completed.

Honors Program Regalia at Commencement
During commencement, in addition to other regalia, students who have completed the requirements of the Honors Program Diploma will also wear the Honors Program Medallion.

Honors Graduates

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