Course Selection


Fall 2015

Course Number
Course Name
Credit Hrs


Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Candice Munoz

M   W

3 CR

10:00-11:25 AM


World History – 1500 to Present

Aaron Gulyas

M   W

4 CR

1:00pm - 2:25pm

HONS-250-HON Colloquium*

Social Diversity and Civic Engagement*

Brian Ivory

T   R

3 CR

10:00am -11:25am

HONS-251-HON  Colloquium**

Social Diversity and Civic Engagement Lab**

Brian Ivory T   R   1 CR 8:30am - 9:30am


Intro to Environmental Science (Lecture)

Chuck Wade T   R   2 CR 12:00-12:55 PM


Intro to Environmental Science (Lab)

Chuck Wade T   R   2 CR 1:00-1:55 PM

Yippie at Special Olympics as part of HONS 251 Service Learning
Yippie at Special Olympics as part of HONS-251 Service Learning

*HONS-250 is the Honors Colloquium includes 30-45 hours of community service.
** HONS 251 is an optional co-requisite for HONS 250. Enrollment limited with approval of the course instructor required.All students who enroll in this 1 credit lab will complete their service hours during fall semester on the following dates: October 23-25 (in Detroit), October 30 (in Flint), November 20-22 (in Lansing),and December 5 (in Flint).

Pre-requisite for all honors courses: ENGL-101 (with 2.0 or better) or transfer equivalent (or ACT English 25+)

Registering for HON Courses:
Registration for Honors College courses must be done through the HC Coordinator. To schedule Honors College classes, call Dr. Brian Ivory at (810) 762-0360 for an advising appointment.

Classes designated as honors sections will be given first priority to Honors College students.  However, any MCC student with a cumulative 3.25 GPA may also enroll for honors courses, with the permission of the Honors College Coordinator.

Partial-tuition Scholarship Eligibility: 
Only current Honors College students are eligible for the Honors College partial-tuition scholarship. The scholarship covers $250 for each honors course taken up to a maximum of $1000 per academic year. Students must apply for the scholarship each semester. Note: the scholarship is issued on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available.

Honors College Diploma Requirements Reminder:
To graduate with an MCC Honors College Diploma, students must complete 4 honors courses: the Honors Colloquium (3 credits) PLUS a minimum of 3 other Honors College courses (9+ credits) of their choice (12+ honors credits total).