Frequently Asked Questions

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 Why should I apply to the Honors College?
 Is the Honors College open only to certain majors or programs?
 Does a letter stating I am on the Dean's List mean I am eligible for the Honors College?
 What are an Honors College student’s responsibilities?
 How do I know if I'm eligible for the Honors College?
 Do I need to apply to the Honors College every semester?
 How many honors classes do I have to take to receive my Honors College Diploma?
 What other requirements are there to graduate with an Honors Diploma?
 What if I participated in the Honors College, but did not complete all requirements for the Honors College Diploma?
 When do I receive my Honors Diploma and Medallion or Certificate of Achievement?
 After I join the Honors College, do I have to keep a certain GPA? Will I lose my scholarship if my GPA drops?
 Do I have to be a full-time student to participate in the Honors College?

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