Media Services


MCC Faculty can enhance the student learning experience by using the available educational media and audio/ visual services.

Studio Production and Digital Editing
MCC has the recording and editing capabilities of a television studio. The studio is located in the Terrace Level of the Mott Memorial Building.
To Schedule: contact Chris Bolla (810) 762-0096
Uses of the studio: video tape a lecture or procedure, utilize satellite teleconferencing, establish an interactive classroom, create media for in-class, BlackBoard or web use, record demonstrations with close-up magnification, split screen or other special effects, produce video tapes and DVD's for independent study or e-Learning courses.
Other Services: Instructional CD and/or DVD duplication, Assistance for outside of classroom projects, Departmental chargeback for services form.

Audio/Visual Equipment and Services
MCC has a wide variety of computer equipment and smart-class rooms for Faculty or Staff use fjor MCC sponsored courses, programs and activities. Priority is given to instructional users.  All A/V equipment MUST be ordered online, 24 hours in advance of use.
Equipment Available:

  • Smart Classrooms  - equipped room have a podium, projection screen, computer, document camera, DVD player, laptop plug-in  capability, audio system, Crestron touch screen control system.  Through this instructors can access the Internet, present computer generated lesson plans, give demonstrations of BlackBoard, email and program-specific software. Watch a quick tutorial"How to Use a Smart Classroom".
    See the Faculty Resource Guide for more instructions for using a Smart classroom/ Computer Lab/ Document camera.
  • Smart Carts — computers with Internet access for instruction or presenting computer generated lessons.  Use this for PowerPoint presentations, YouTube access or to give BlackBoard or email demonstrations.
  • TV's with DVD players
  • Laptops — available for checkout for up to one week.
  • Video Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Audience Response Systems (clickers)
  • PA Systems — large and small
  • Carts
  • Audio Recorder/Player
  • Flip chart — without paper

Computer Lab for Class use — Annette LeBlanc (810) 762-5626
Smart Classroom — Michele Traver (810) 762-5641
A/V Equipment checkout or Delivery — AV Request System
             To access the AV Request System — Login to the Secure server using your WebMail login and password. 

Equipment may be checked out for one class period at a time.
A/V Delivery will deliver and pick up equipment to classrooms.  SLBC and Lapeer Extension Center have equipment on site and deliveries are made by the local staff.
All orders must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  Orders placed during the weekend do not constitute 24 hour notice.

Questions? Please Contact Us:
Chris Bolla (810) 762-0096              Keith Frye (810) 762-0364                        Brian Williams (810) 762-0362                      Jeff McHale (810) 762-5685