Web Services


Web services/ WDT(Web Development Team) at MCC develops and maintains all content on the MCC Website. They are here to assist you in the development of web content for MCC's departments and divisions.
To request major changes to the website or new development: contact the Web Development Team via email at wdt@mcc.edu or call Rebecca Gale-Gonzalez to schedule a meeting (810) 762-0455.
Availiable for your use are WDT Resources which include information on: styleguides, writing styles, color palettes, approved building codes, and MCC writing styles.

WebServices works closely with departments / divisions to customize 3rd party applications here on campus to maintain a consistent look and feel. These other applications include:

  • 2-HELP
  • Blackboard
  • MCC Answer
  • MCC Directory
  • WebAdvisor
  • WebMail

The MCC WDT will assist you with the development of third party applications by providing logos, styling, and linking information and can assist their technologist. Some examples of past development include WebAdvisor and 2-HELP.