Information and Services for Faculty


Lapeer Extension Center Staff

    • Site Manager:Desiree.Londrigan (from Flint Campus, dial ext. 20974)
    • Administrative Assistant: Chris Hiben (from Flint Campus, dial ext. 20973)
    • Secretary: Julie Simmonds(from Flint Campus, dial ext. 20971)
    • Student Work-study Assistants: (from Flint Campus dial ext. 20970)
    • Security: (from Flint Campus dial ext. 24639)

Services Available to Faculty

Audio-Visual Equipment

AV Equipment is available upon written request. Please submit your request to: the Front Desk. Equipment available in Lapeer: Overhead Projectors, VCR & TV, Smart Cart and Slide Projectors.

Bookstore Supplies

The Lapeer Office will sell scantrons, blue books, mini-blues,and pencils throughout the year.

Class Cancellation Procedure

Please contact the site manager and appropriate division office of your course cancellation.

Classroom Furniture

The classroom furniture may be changed, if needed, but please return them to the original configuration for the next class. At the Lapeer Extension Center, we do not have dedicated maintenance staff onsite, so your cooperation is appreciated.


Coffee is regularly available in the Lapeer Office.

Computer Labs (B215 and C313)

Computer Labs (B215 and C313) are available for you to reserve on a first come, first serve basis. Please fill out a room request form and return the completed form to the Front Desk. TThe request form will be returned to you with approval for usage, or that it is unavailable at this time. The single day user passwords are available at the front desk.

Xerox WorkCentre (copier)

Two Xerox WorkCentre machines are available at the Lapeer Extension Center (offices C302 and B218). These machines can copy, email, and fax documents. If you have questions on using these machines, please ask one of the staff members at the front desk. MCC students must use a copier located just outside the Public Safety Office. Large quantities should be ordered through your Division office to be processed through Printing amp; Duplication then interoffice mailed to Lapeer.

DisAbled Students

Students attending your classes who need special accommodations should be referred to the Disability Services Office located on our Flint campus for support. 1-1800-852-8614.

Faculty Computers

Three faculty computers are available in the faculty office area, network printers attached.

Faculty Forms

Various college forms are available at the Lapeer Extension Center. Please contact Lapeer staff.Forms are also available online.

Class Field Trips

A Request for Approval of College-Sponsored Student Travel & Field Trips form must be filled out and signed by you and the appropriate Academic Dean at least one (1) week in advance of travel. The form is available at the front desk. Please provide the Lapeer office with a copy before submitting the original form to the appropriate Academic Division Office.


Access in Lapeer is at the Marguerite De Angeli Library (east ½ mile). This Library has many accommodating resources for our MCC students for class work, as well as, career and job resources and will help students with resume writing. Please call 664-6971 (Library) to arrange for a tour or to reserve a room. We can also access our Mott College Library system from our computers here in Lapeer at

Lockers and Bins

Lockers and Bins are available for your use. If you would like to use a locker, you need to supply your own lock. Please remove the lock and the contents at the end of the semester if you are not returning for the following term. Storage bins are available for use and are located in the storage area under the faculty mailboxes. You may put your name on it with a label and please remove the contents at the end of the semester if you are not returning for the following term

Lost and Found

Located in the Lapeer Public Safety Office.


Your Lapeer Mailbox is located in lounge area. Mail is picked up and delivered to and from main campus Monday through Friday. Use an Interoffice envelope to forward mail to Flint Campus. The Outgoing mail pouch is located behind the front reception desk.

Make-up Testing

Make-up Testing for your Mott-Lapeer students can be arranged with full time staff. Testing hours begin at 8:00am and must be completed by 6:00pm Monday - Thursday and completed by 4:00pm Friday.

Office Phone

An office phone is available for MCC business use. To place an interoffice call to departments or individuals, dial the five digit extension number.

Parking Lots

Parking Lots are located on the North, South, East and West side of the Lapeer building. Parking map and Driving Directions.

Refrigerator and Microwave

A refrigerator and microwave are available in the lounge. Please mark your food with your name and date.

Scantron Machine

The scantron machine for scoring tests is located in the office area.

Vending Machines

Vending machine selling beverages and snacks is located near the office area.

Weather Emergency Procedures

Weather Emergency Procedures have been posted on bulletin boards in each classroom. You will be notified in your classroom either by a staff member of Public Safety Officer, if there are any severe weather warnings.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is available throughout the building.

Lapeer Extension Center
550 Lake Drive Suite A
Lapeer, Michigan 48446

Contact Us:
Phone: (810) 667-4166
            (810) 762-0970
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Contact the Site Director:
Desiree Londrigan
Phone: (810) 762-0974