TRiO Student Support Services


TRiO-SSS is a federally funded program designed to support and encourage those eligible students heading toward transfer to a four year institution. MCC's TRiO-SSS program serves the interests of 200 students each year.

Qualifying students are academically disadvantaged and:

  • Demonstrate a commitment/ability to transfer and obtain a bachelors degree (within a 6 year maximum time frame) and
  • Meet income guidelines and/or
  • First Generation (i.e., neither of your parents graduated from a college or university with a bachelor degree or higher) and/or
  • Have a documented disability

    The final determination of membership is made by the Director of the Learning Center.

    First Time Freshman status is preferred.
    First year participants are accepted on a probationary * status.
    * We reserve the right to dismiss a student from the program due to poor grades or any other violations of the TRiO-SSS participation agreement.

The following FREE services are available to qualified students:

Some additional qualifications do apply.

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The Learning Center
Prahl College Center

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Phone: (810) 762-5117 v/tty
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TRiO Student Support Services