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Subject: Literature & Fiction
Call Number: PS 3552 .U4237 I85 2013
Author: Bullard, Douglas
Title: Islay : a novel
Islay is an imaginary island state coveted by Lyson Sulla, a Deaf man who is tired of feeling that "hearing think deaf means dumb, pat head." Uniquely blends classic English forms of satrie with the direct, down-to-earth expression of ASL. The Deaf author has created an amusing story that features Deaf people seeking their American dream in a manner both serious and joyous.
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Subject: Communication
Call Number: HV2380 .B47 2014
Author: Berkowitz, Marla C
Title: Deaf and hearing siblings in conversation
A major feature of the book is its analysis of how isolation impacts deaf-hearing sibling relationships. The book documents the 150 year history of societal attitudes embedded in sibling bonds and identifies how the siblings' lives were affected by the communication choices their parents made. The authors weave information throughout the text to reveal attitudes toward American Sign Language and the various roles deaf and hearing siblings take on as monitors, facilitators, signing-siblings and sibling-interpreters, all of which impact lifelong bonds.
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Subject: History & Culture
Call Number: HV2380 .D425 2014
Title: Deaf gain : raising the stakes for human diversity
Deaf people are usually regarded by the hearing world as having a lack, as missing a sense. Yet a definition of deaf people based on hearing loss obscures a wealth of ways in which societies have benefited from the significant contributions of deaf people. In this bold intervention into ongoing debates about disability and what it means to be human, experts from a variety of disciplines--neuroscience, linguistics, bioethics, history, cultural studies, education, public policy, art, and architecture--advance the concept of Deaf Gain and challenge assumptions about what is normal.

ASL & Interpreting

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Call Number: HV 2474 .B292 1991
Author: Baker-Shenk, Charlotte
Title: American Sign Language: A Teacher's Resource Text on Grammar and Culture
This book explains in depth the structure of American Sign Language, while also presenting a description of the Deaf community in the United States. Written for teachers who have had minimal training in linguistics.
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Call Number: TK 6505 .B78 2001
Author: Brunson, Jeremy L.
Title: Video Relay Service Interpreters : Intricacies of Sign Language Access
Brunson delineates exactly how complicated the video relay service (VRS) can be by describing how sign language interpreters function in Deaf communities and how regulatory processes imposed by VRS providers can constrain communication access based on each individual's needs. This thoughtful, sociological study outlines texts that originate between users and interpreters and how they can be used to develop VRS access.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .C37 2009
Author: Cartwright, Brenda E.
Title: Encounters With Reality: 1,001 Interpreter Scenarios
This ground-breaking text contains 1,001 real-life scenarios — sad, funny, perplexing, and sometimes scary. Includes responses and perspectives from Deaf consumers and experienced hearing interpreters. Also has a chapter dedicated to the challenges in interpreting addressed by the Demand-Control Schema Analysis.
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Call Number: HV 2475 .F36 2008
Author: Fant, Louie J.
Title: American Sign Language Phrase Book
Clearly illustrated with hundreds of line drawings, this book focuses on areas such as health, family, school, sports, travel, religion, time, money, food and drink, and small talk. This edition's new chapter on technology boasts 50 signs to help you communicate about the Internet, computing, video relay, and more. There is even a chapter that gives you signs for communicating about signing: asking people to sign slower, indicating your fingerspelling ability, and requesting help with your fledgling skills.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .D58 2011
Author: Heidinger, Virginia
Title: Discourse in Signed Languages
The authors demonstrate how meaning is composed and interpreted. Although all the contributors are linguists, this volume represents a new collaboration, the converging perspectives of cognitive linguists, sociolinguists, and discourse analysts. The major thread that ties us together is our focus on language as it is actually expressed and understood by people in a social interaction to accomplish a goal.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .H69 2007
Author: Hoza, Jack
Title: It's Not What You Sign, It's How You Sign It: Politeness in American Sign Language
Politeness theory is an apt model to determine various interpretations of what speakers or signers mean in respect to the form of that which they say or sign. The variations reveal how linguistic and cultural differences intersect in ways that are often misinterpreted or overlooked in cross-cultural communication.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .H69 2003
Author: Hoza, Jack
Title: The Interpreter's Guide to Life: 365 Tips for Interpreters ('Don't Wear Black to a Wedding' and Other Words of Advice)
This is a collection of pointers that is the result of Hoza's many years of experience in the field of American Sign Language/English interpretation. The book is both enjoyable and thought provoking for interpreting students, seasoned interpreters, and those who work with interpreters.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .H86 2007
Author: Humphrey, Janice H.
Title: So You Want to be an Interpreter: An Introduction to Sign Language Interpreting
4th edition, includes CD study guide. Evolved from more than 20 years of field-based research and classroom instruction. It contains vital information beneficial to people who are Deaf, parents of Deaf individuals, teachers of the Deaf, students of American Sign Language and Deaf culture, as well as Sign Language Interpreters.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .H87 2004
Author: Humphreys, Linda
Title: The Professional Sign Language Interpreter's Handbook
This is the "missing link" between interpreter training programs and the real world of sign language interpreting. Humphreys bridges the gap between academic theories and the day-to-day reality of working as a professional interpreter.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .K35 2004
Author: Kelly, Jean E.
Title: ASL-To-English Interpretation: Say It Like They Mean It
This book is a not about how interpreters think the English interpretation of ASL should be presented, but rather, how would an English speaking consumer with no understanding of Deaf culture best understand the voiced message.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .K455 2012
Author: Kelly, Jean E.
Title: Interactive Interpreting: Let's Talk
Interactive interpreting is present in the business world, in the medical field, in educational settings, and in personal settings during social events. The idea of examining what happens within the interactive interpreting process is relatively new. The rapid growth of video relay services has created a great need for highly skilled interpreters who understand how to effectively interpret interactive discourse.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .K45 2001
Author: Kelly, Jean E.
Title: Transliterating: Show Me the English
In 1989 RID divided the task of interpreting and transliterating into two separate performance tests. In the first 4 years the performance tests were offered, the failure rate for the Certificate of Transliterating was almost 54%. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the task of transliterating.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .L83 2001
Author: Lucas, Ceil
Title: Sociolinguistic Variation in American Sign Language
The authors demonstrate that ASL variation correlates with many of the same driving social factors of spoken languages, including age, socioeconomic class, gender, ethnic background, region, and sexual orientation. Internal constraints that mandate variant choices for spoken languages have been compared to ASL as well, with intriguing results.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .L835 2003
Author: Lucas, Ceil
Title: What's Your Sign for Pizza? An Introduction to Variation in American Sign Language
Derived from an extensive seven-year research project, this book and accompanying CD begins with an explanation of the basic concepts of language and the structure of sign language, and illustrates variations from seven regions and differences across age, gender and ethnic groups.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .M32 1982
Author: Madsen, Willard J.
Title: Intermediate Conversational Sign Language
This is an illustrated text primarily designed to assist students in developing some proficiency in the use of conversational ASL. It allows students to systematically analyze the mysteries of Sign production and grammar and learn signs in manageable chunks.
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Call Number: HV 2545 .H53 2011
Author: McCaskill, Carolyn, et al.
Title: The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL: Its History and Structure
People who first encounter sign language often ask if deaf people around the world sign the same language. They are surprised to learn that as well as different languages, there are different variations of the languages. Black ASL is one variety of American Sign Language, and this book presents the first empirical study of its unique linguistic structure.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .M37 1999
Author: Metzger, Melanie
Title: Sign Language Interpreting: Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality
Sign language interpreters strive to achieve the proper protocol of complete objectivity and accuracy in their translation without influencing the interaction in any way. Metzger's demonstrates that the ideal of an interpreter as a neutral language conduit does not exist.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .M56 2006
Author: Mindess, Anna
Title: Reading Between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters
Used in interpreter training programs worldwide, this new edition continues to explore practical applications to interpreting situations. This edition includes two new sections: 1) recent changes in technology and how these have profoundly affected Deaf culture and interpreting, and 2) new and expanded sections on the values and needs of the multicultural communities. 1999 edition available as an ebook.
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Call Number: HV 2477 .p387 2011
Author: Patrie, Carol J.
Title: Fingerspelled Word Recognition Through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation
For anyone who struggles with fingerspelling, rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) is for you. The culmination of over 20 years of research and experience, RSVP is a training method that helps you master the skills needed for fingerspelled word recognition. Includes CD and DVD.
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Call Number: HV 2475 .N73 1995
Author: Proctor, Claude O.
Title: NTC's Multilingual Dictionary of American Sign Language
Contains 2500 entries in 14 languages, each illustrated with an appropriate representation of the word in ASL. Entries are numbered and cross-referenced for easy access.
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Call Number: HV 2476.4 .S34 2009
Author: Scheetz, Nanci A.
Title: Building ASL Interpreting and Transliteration Skills: Narrative's for Practice
Designed for students and practitioners engaged in the field of interpreting who want to develop or enhance their skills. It contains a wealth of source materials that vary in topic and in level of difficulty and complexity. The narratives are designed for translation, interpreting, and transliterating, and will strengthen the practitioners English and ASL grammar skills.
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Call Number: HV2402 .S43 2004
Author: Seal, Brenda Chafin.
Title: Best Practices in Educational Interpreting
Offers state-of-the-art-and-science information for interpreters in primary through higher education settings.This text is a comprehensive, developmentally organized overview of the process of interpreting in educational settings. Readers learn about the changing needs of the hearing impaired as they move from primary school through college.Designed for all who work with the heterogeneous population of students with hearing loss
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Call Number: HV 2402 .S53 2013
Author: Shaw, Sherry
Title: Service Learning in Interpreter Education : Strategies for Extending Student Involvement in the Deaf Community
Outlines how to extend student involvement beyond the field experience of an internship or practicum and suggests how to overcome student resistance to a course that seems atypical. Shaw introduces the educational strategy behind service-learning, explaining it as a tool for re-centering the Deaf community in interpreter education. She then provides the framework for a service-learning course syllabus, including establishing Deaf community partnerships and how to conduct student assessments.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .S64 2000
Author: Solow, Sharon Neumann
Title: Sign Language Interpreting: A Basic Resource Book
This is an invaluable text for students and teachers of interpreting, professionals and administrators of support services, and for anyone interested in integrating deaf and hearing individuals in any given situation.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .S68 2004
Author: Stewart, David A.
Title: Sign Language Interpreting: Exploring Its Art and Science
The reader is taken on a journey from the early days of interpreting, to an examination of past and present models of interpreting. Two models are introduced that take into account the influence of all participants and environmental factors in a variety of interpreting situations. The book introduces first-time users to sign language and how it affects interpreting, and for experienced interpreters, it gathers together previously scattered materials.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .E38 2012
Author: Swabey, Laurie
Title: In Our Hands: Educating Healthcare Interpreters
Deaf Americans have identified health care as the most difficult setting in which to obtain a qualified interpreter. Relatively little attention has been given to developing evidence-based resources and a standardized body of knowledge to educate healthcare interpreters. This book takes significant strides in presenting educational opportunities that can enhance the critical services provided by healthcare interpreters to deaf clients.
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Call Number: HV2474 .V35 2011
Author: Valli, Clayton.
Title: Linguistics of American Sign Language : an introduction
Completely reorganized to reflect the growing intricacy of the study of ASL linguistics, the 5th edition presents 26 units in seven parts. Teaches the basic concepts of linguistics as they pertain to ASL structure and reflects the current state of research. Also strives to teach students to think critically about the structure of ASL. Includes an interactive DVD.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .W67 1975
Author: World Federation Of The Deaf
Title: Gestuno: International Sign Language of the Deaf
Provides illustrations of over 1400 internationally recognized signs to facilitate communication between deaf people from differing nationalities. The signs are grouped by concepts, such as "Time and Seasons," "Eating and Drinking" "Politics, Government," "Sport," and "Religion." Includes an index of individual signs.
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Call Number: HV 2474 .A12 2004
Title: 1,000 Signs of Life: Basic ASL for Everyday Conversation
This handy book offers common signs for animals, food, clothes, time, colors, travel, and many more practical topics. Readers can also learn signs for holidays and religion, and for thoughts and emotions, signs that will offer them the opportunity to experience the full potential of ASL.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .D43 2008
Title: Deaf Professionals and Designated Interpreters: A New Paradigm
The essays within this collection define a new model for interpreting that depends upon strong partnerships between deaf professionals and their interpreters. The first part describes how interpreters team with deaf professionals to advance a shared point of view. The second part offers relevant examples of interpreting for deaf professionals various fields.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .J68 2000
Title: Journal of Interpretation [2000]
Two keynote speeches from the 1999 RID Convention and 5 manuscripts addressing such topics as transliteration, ethics, diversity and the future.
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Call Number: HV 2402 .O97 1999
Title: Our Stories: The Soul of Sign Language Interpreting
This is the first book of its kind to look at the people behind the profession. From the light-hearted and humorous, to an assignment that literally involved a life and death situation, various authors share their personal stories of what makes interpreting both challenging and rewarding.


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Call Number: HV 1597 .A94 2005
Author: Axelrod, Cyril
Title: And the Journey Begins
Born deaf to an Orthodox Jewish family in South Africa, Axelrod's parents chose a radical course--they placed him in a Catholic residential school for the deaf. Drawn to Catholicism, Axelrod later became one of the first deaf persons to train for the priesthood.
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Call Number: HV 2508 .B35 1993
Author: Baldwin, Stephen C.
Title: Pictures in the Air : The Story of the National Theatre of the Deaf
In the late 1950s, a small group of theater professionals met in New York City to establish a troupe that would showcase the unique talents of deaf actors. Author Stephen Baldwin traces the vital work of Edna Levine, the early involvement of Anne Bancroft, and the stagecraft of Gene Lasko and Arthur Penn. Artistic Director David Hays indelibly imprinted the character of the NTD with his concepts, all captured in fine detail in this engrossing book. The great deaf actors also are featured, including Bernard Bragg, Phyllis Frelich, Linda Bove, and Ed Waterstreet. Replete with photographs, this book shows how a startling new venture grew into an artistic repertory company treasured worldwide.
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Call Number: HV 2545 .B68 1999
Author: Bowers, Tressa
Title: Alandra's Lilacs
In 1968, nineteen year old Tressa Bowers took her baby daughter, Alandra, to an expert on deaf children. Informed that Alandra would probably never talk or communicate, Tressa refused to accept the assessment, and began the process of starting her daughter's education.
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Call Number: PN 2287 .B6827 A3 1989
Author: Bragg, Bernard
Title: Lessons in Laughter: The Autobiography of a Deaf Actor
Born into a deaf family, Bragg grew up in a world filled with sign and gesture, and was surprised to learn at age five that the rest of the world did not communicate as he did. Bragg's teacher helped him realize that his native language was also a beautiful and powerful language in which to illuminate poetry and perform theatre. Also available as an ebook.
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Call Number: HV 2380 .B75 2000
Author: Buck, Dennis S.
Title: Deaf Peddler: Confessions of an Inside Man
Buck unveils all of the ins and outs of exploiting his "disabilities" to earn easy money. He provides an historical perspective on deaf peddling as a way for undereducated deaf people to make a living when jobs were hard to find.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .B82 I3 2001
Author: Buckley, Kathy
Title: If You Could Hear What I See: Lessons About Life, Luck, and the Choices We Make
Kathy's schoolteachers assumed she was mentally retarded when, in fact, she had undetected hearing loss. She was molested, run over by a jeep, and stricken with cancer all before the age of thirty. Rather than be consumed by grief, Kathy sought the light of laughter.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .W54 B87 2007
Author: Burch, Susan
Title: Unspeakable: The Story of Junius Wilson
At age seven Junius was sent to the residential State School for the Colored Blind and Deaf, and after a minor infraction at age sixteen he was dismissed from school and sent home. Falsely accused of attempted rape in 1925, he was judged insane by the court and committed to the State Hospital for the Colored Insane, where he was castrated and spent seventy-six years of his life.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .C37 O7 2001
Author: Carroll, Cathryn
Title: Orchid of the Bayou: A Deaf Woman Faces Blindness
In graduating from Gallaudet University and starting a family with her college sweetheart, Fischer abandoned the Louisiana Cajun culture that had exposed her to little more than prejudice and misery as a child. Then, she discovers that she suffers from Usher Syndrome, and will eventually become blind.
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Call Number: HV 2373 .C37 1997
Author: Carroll, Cathryn
Title: Movers and Shakers: Deaf People Who Changed the World
Highlights 26 individuals who have made an impact on their own society and the world we live in today. Includes stories of a Sioux warrior, a British princess, a Russian scientist, and a Japanese scholar.
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Call Number: HV 1624 .C63 2001
Author: Cochin, Ira
Title: Silent Music
Cochin worked as an engineer for 15 years, then as a professor for 36 years. During his professorship, Cochin became blind, and then deaf. After training at the Helen Keller Center for the Deaf-Blind, Chochin returned to his professorship as the world's first deaf-blind professor to teach engineering.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .A3 C63 2002
Author: Coffey, Wayne R.
Title: Winning Sounds Like This: A Season With the Women's Basketball Team At Gallaudet, the World's Only University for the Deaf
Coffey offers an intimate and unsparing look at the players' lives on and off the court, their struggles to overcome the mistreatment and misconceptions of the hearing world, and their deeply rooted connection to one another.
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Call Number: HV 2373 .D43 2005
Author: Cyrus, Bainy
Title: Deaf Women's Lives: Three Self Portraits
Three deaf women with widely varying stories share their experiences, revealing the vast differences in the circumstances of their lives, but also the striking similarities. The combined effect of these three Deaf women's stories illustrates the common thread that weaves through the lives of all deaf individuals.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .D76 A3 2005
Author: Drolsbaugh, Mark
Title: Deaf Again
Drolsbaugh has had a fascinating journey from hearing toddler to hard of hearing child to deaf adolescent, and ultimately, to culturally Deaf adult. Although both parents are deaf, he struggles to find his place in the deaf community. Even though the deaf community has always been there for him, Drolsbaugh takes the unbeaten path and goes on a lifelong search to become Deaf Again.
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Call Number: HV 2392.2 .F67 1985
Author: Forecki, Marcia Calhoun
Title: Speak to Me
Details the story of a mother's journey upon discovering her eighteen month old son is deaf. Forecki shares her frustrations, and her desperate desire to communicate with her child and to teach him to communicate with the world.
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Call Number: HV 1624 .B7 F74 2001
Author: Freeberg, Ernest
Title: The Education of Laura Bridgman: First Deaf and Blind Person to Learn Language
Against the backdrop of an antebellum Boston seething with debates about human nature, programs of moral and educational reform, and battles between conservative and liberal Christians, Freeberg weaves an extraordinary tale of mentor and student, scientist and subject.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .G3 G35 2009
Author: Galloway, Terry
Title: Mean Little Deaf Queer: A Memoir
Because of an experimental antibiotic given to to her mother while pregnant, Galloway began to loose her hearing at age nine. She began to act out her fury with the boxy hearing aids and thick glasses, and learned to use theater to defy and transcend her reality.
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Call Number: HV 2392.2 .G55 1982
Author: Glick, Ferne Pellman
Title: Breaking Silence: A Family Grows With Deafness
The Glick twins were born deaf, but their parents were not sure of this until the boys were over two years old. Caught between disagreements among educators, they soon realized that not all experts could be trusted.
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Call Number: HV 2848.5 .G65 A3 1995
Author: Golan, Lew
Title: Reading Between the Lips: A Totally Deaf Man Makes it in the Mainstream
In a candid and witty celebration of the advantages of communicating orally by speaking and lipreading, Golan shows that total deafness is not an impenetrable barrier to making it in the mainstream. He paints an upbeat picture of what it's like to be separated from others by a sound barrier--and how he usually manages to get around it in one way or another.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .H43 A3 1992
Author: Heppner, Cheryl M.
Title: Seeds of Disquiet: One Deaf Woman's Experience
Heppner lost her hearing twice. She became severely hard of hearing from spinal meningitis at six years of age, and then, at 25, successive strokes wiped away the little residual hearing she had left. She discovered that 19 years of work trying to fit in as a hearing person had been erased.
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Call Number: HV 1624 .K4 H47 1998
Author: Herrmann, Dorothy
Title: Helen Keller: A Life
Discover the real Helen Keller — a complex and enigmatic person, a woman who might have lived the life of a spoiled, willful and highly sexed Southern Belle had her disabilities not forced her into a radically different existence.
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Call Number: HV 2354 .H65 1989
Author: Holcomb, Marjoriebell
Title: Deaf Women: A Parade Through the Decades
A compilation of information, history, anecdotes, and research that showcases many deaf women from all walks of American life.
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Call Number: HV 1624 .K4 K448 2003
Author: Keller, Helen
Title: The Story of My Life
Reveals Helen's life to the age of twenty-two, and explains the "miracle" of Helen's education and the degree to which she had become a full human being. Presents three interlocking versions of the story: Helen's own, Anne Sullivan's, and their assistant, John Macy's.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .K57 A3 1990
Author: Kisor, Henry
Title: What's That Pig Outdoors?: A Memoir of Deafness
Veteran journalist Henry Kisor lost his hearing after a bout with meningitis at age three and has since relied on spoken language and lip reading. With the help of a supportive family and an unconventional teacher, he was always encouraged to participate in the hearing world.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .L22 A313 1999
Author: Laborit, Emmanuelle
Title: The Cry of the Gull
After a lengthy period of trouble in class and at home, Laborit determined to finish school and fight for the rights of other deaf French people. She also took up acting, leading to her ultimate triumph as Sarah in Children of a Lesser God.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .B73 L36 2004
Author: Lane, Harlan
Title: A Deaf Artist in Early America: The Worlds of John Brewster, Jr.
Traveling the New England coast to paint the portraits of the merchant class that arose after the Revolution, John Brewster lived precisely when a Deaf-World — with its own language, social institutions, and culture — was forming.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .B64 L35 2004
Author: Lang, Harry G.
Title: Edmund Booth: Deaf Pioneer
As a teacher, a western pioneer, and an editor, Booth is a larger-than-life man in larger-than-life times. Perhaps this biography's greatest contribution derives from its narrative about pioneer days as seen through Deaf eyes.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .D37 L36 2007
Author: Lang, Harry G.
Title: Moments of Truth : Robert R. Davila, the Story of a Deaf Leader
Withstanding childhood poverty in a migrant farming family and an illness at age 11 that left him profoundly deaf, Davila persevered to become one of the first deaf persons in history to earn a doctorate. Summarizes a series of defining experiences that enabled Davila to rise to the pinnacle of his profession as an educator.
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Call Number: PN2287 .M54285 A3 2009
Author: Matlin, Marlee
Title: I'll Scream Later
Matlin takes readers on a frank journey of her life, from the sudden loss of her hearing as a toddler to the ups and downs of Hollywood, her struggles with addiction, and the challenge of being the spokesperson for the Deaf community.
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Call Number: HV 2380 .M42 2005
Author: Medugno, Richard
Title: Deaf Daughter, Hearing Father
When Richard and his wife learned in 1993 that their 17-month-old daughter was deaf, they grieved, as many hearing parents do. But Richard seized hold of the need to take positive action for their daughter. His book recounts the remarkable story of their journey together during the first fourteen years of her life.
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Call Number: HV 4999 .D43 M55 1998
Author: Miller, Betty G.
Title: Deaf & Sober: Journeys Through Recovery
Deaf people recovering from alcohol and drug abuse face unique challenges. This in-depth look at an often neglected and misunderstood population is enhanced by the use of anonymous personal narratives which bring these recovery issues to life.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .A3 M66 1996
Author: Moore, Matthew S.
Title: Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition
Moore provides brief biographical profiles of 77 eminent deaf people, past and present, representing the diversity of deaf identities in America — from culturally deaf to oral, from born deaf to late-deafened.
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Call Number: HV 2785.5 .N54 1990
Author: Nieminen, Raija
Title: Voyage to the Island
On St. Lucia, Nieminen began teaching deaf children the basics that they sorely lacked. She measured her progress gradually, first teaching the children sign language, then reading, writing, and math. But the focal point of her involvement came through Alfonso, the deaf orphan devoid of any language or society, whom she rescued from a life in the streets.
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Call Number: HV 2509 .O43 1992
Author: Ogden, Paul W.
Title: Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog
From amusing stories of misunderstandings to the beauty of sign language and how it works, Ogden educates as he entertains. Chelsea reveals deeper truths about the way we communicate, or fail to communicate, while conveying the spirit of triumph that once again proves that dogs are a person's best friend.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .O55 A3 2004
Author: Oliva, Gina A.
Title: Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School
When Gina first went to school in 1955, she didn't know that she was "different." When the kindergarten teacher played the piano to signal the next activity, Gina didn't react. She couldn't hear the music. So began her journey as a "solitary," her term for being the only hard of hearing child in the entire school.
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Call Number: HV 2717 .O55 A3 2004
Author: Ollerenshaw, Kathleen
Title: To Talk of Many Things: An Autobiography
Deaf since the age of eight, Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw has been internationally recognized in mathematics and education policy. She played a central role in the development of the Royal Northern College of Music and was the first chairman for what is now known as the Manchester Metropolitan University. Her passion for mathematics and patterns has been a source of strength and inspiration.
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Call Number: ML 2054 .R54 2003
Author: Rigney, Mark
Title: Deaf Side Story: Deaf Sharks, Hearing Jets, and a Classic American Musical
The author portrays the progress of the production, the campus and community politics, and the clashes between the deaf high school cast members and their hearing college counterparts. The ultimate success of the production is a keen depiction of how several distinct individuals from different cultures can cooperate together to perform a classic American art form.
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Call Number: HV 2391 .R67 2011
Author: Rosner, Jennifer
Title: If a Tree Falls: A Family's Quest to Hear and Be Heard
When her daughters are born deaf, Rosner discovers a hidden history of deafness in her family. She shares her journey into the modern world of deafness, and the controversial decisions she and her husband have made about hearing aids, cochlear implants and sign language. Rosner's story of her daughters' deafness is at heart a story of whether she — a mother with perfect hearing — will hear her children.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .I43 S33 1991
Author: Schaller, Susan
Title: A Man Without Words
For more than 25 years, Ildefonso lived in total darkness, but he was simply born deaf and had never been taught even the most basic language. Schaller, a 24 year old grad student, found him in a class for the deaf This is a story of how she broke through to teach Ildefonso that language existed, and then how to use it.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .S37 S5 1995
Author: Schrader, Steven L.
Title: Silent Alarm: On the Edge With a Deaf EMT
Besides dealing with the day-to-day stress of human catastrophes, Schrader also had do deal with the daily bias he experienced because of his severe hearing loss. His hearing loss occasionally hindered him, and sometimes saved him. Mostly, it became a part of the background to the stories he tells.
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Call Number: HQ 759.912 .S53 2006
Author: Sidransky, Ruth
Title: In Silence: Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf Worlds
Sidransky's account of growing up as the hearing daughter of deaf Jewish parents in the Bronx and Brooklyn during the 1930s and 1940s reveals the challenges deaf people faced during the Depression and afterword.
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Call Number: HV 2534 .R63 S65 1996
Author: Smith, R. C.
Title: A Case About Amy
From the time Amy entered kindergarten her parents battled with school officials to provide their deaf daughter with a sign language interpreter in the classroom. Their struggle culminated five years later in a pivotal decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which concluded that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act did not mandate equal opportunity for children with disabilities in classes with typical children.
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Call Number: HV 2380 .S67 1987
Author: Spradley, Thomas S.
Title: Deaf Like Me
A moving story of how a small deaf girl breaks the chains of ignorance and prejudice that have held her mute for five years. She discovers the world she cannot hear, and teaches her family what love and being normal really mean.
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Call Number: HV 1597 .D45 2012
Author: Stoffel, Scott M.
Title: Deaf-Blind Reality: Living the Life
How does a deaf-blind person interact with hearing-sighted people at a family reunion? How does she shop for groceries? 12 people explore what life is really like for persons with a combination of vision and hearing loss. Editor Stoffel asked contributors to respond to 13 broad topics, detailing their actual experiences. Topics include education, transition to adulthood, careers, and communication. Includes a glossary, and short biographies of the contributors.
book image

Call Number: HQ 759.912 .T67 2009
Author: Torres, Andrés
Title: Signing in Puerto Rican : A Hearing Son and His Deaf Family
Torres opens a window into the little known culture of Deaf Latinos chasing the immigrant American dream. His story is unique in that his family communicated in three languages. The gatherings of his family reverberated with "deaf talk" in sign, Spanish, and English. What might have struck outsiders as a strange chaos of gestures and mixed spoken languages was just normal for his family.
book image

Call Number: KF 373 .T83 A3 1995
Author: Tucker, Bonnie Poitras
Title: The Feel of Silence
"I learned at an early age that to live freely and easily in this hearing world, to be treated as an equal, I had to fake hearing. . . I am very profoundly deaf, and no medical procedure, no hearing aid, has yet been invented that can cure my profound deafness. But there is nothing wrong with my brain. I'm as smart as most of the people I know, and smarter than some. . . Now, instead of demanding equality by faking an ability to hear, I simply demand equality, period."
book image

Call Number: HV 2865 .D45 V38 2006
Author: Vasishta, Madan
Title: Deaf in Delhi: A Memoir
In 1952, after two weeks of typhoid fever and the mumps, 11-year-old Vasishta awoke one night to discover that he could no longer hear. His story reflects the India of his youth, an emerging nation where most people struggled with numbing poverty, and depended on family ties and faith to see them through.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .W34 S32 1998
Author: Walker, Kenny
Title: Roar of Silence
His world is one without sound, but Kenny Walker made his own noise through his actions growing up in Texas and Colorado. Deaf since suffering meningitis at age 2, Kenny went on to become an All-American at the University of Nebraska before playing five years of professional football, including two with the Denver Broncos in the NFL.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .W45 1998
Author: Whitestone-McCallum, Heather
Title: Listening With My Heart
Though profoundly deaf since she was eighteen months old, Whitestone refused to listen to voices of discouragement. She followed the encouraging spirit of her family and the guidance of her own heart's dreams. She took joy in every success — no matter how small — and ultimately became Miss America.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .W75 W75 2005
Author: Wright, Mary Herring
Title: Far From Home: Memories of World War II and Afterward
Sequel to "Sounds Like Home." Recently graduated from the North Carolina School for Black Deaf and Blind Students, Mary is invited to the nation's capital where she passes the civil service examination with high marks. She soon became a valued employee for the Navy, maintaining rosters for the many servicemen in war theaters worldwide.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .W75 A3 1999
Author: Wright, Mary Herring
Title: Sounds Like Home: Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South
Wright began losing her hearing at eight years old, and was completely deaf by 10. Her account provides valuable descriptive information about the faculty and staff of the residential school for Black deaf and blind students she attended in the '30s and 40's, both as a student and as a student teacher.
book image

Call Number: HV 2509 .Y37 1992
Author: Yates, Elisabeth.
Title: Sound Friendships: The Story of Willa and Her Hearing Ear Dog
Willa Macy lost her hearing when she was fourteen years old. Honey, a golden retriever, helped her to discover a new world of independence and security. Learn about Hearing Dogs — their background, training, and special abilities — and the unique relationship they develop with their owners.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .Z39 A3 1993
Author: Zazove, Philip
Title: When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes: Memoirs of a Deaf Doctor
At age four, Zazove was diagnosed as essentially deaf. Pursuing his goal to become a physician, Zazove endured one medical school rejection after another, until Rutgers University Medical School accepted him, where he became one of the leaders in his class.


book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .B39 1990
Author: Benderly, Beryl Lieff
Title: Dancing Without Music: Deafness in America
Through the years, two burning issues have engaged the Deaf community: the importance of promoting sign language over oralism, and the critical need to secure the right of Deaf people to direct their own lives. Benderly investigates the relationship between the process of thought and the formation of language.
book image

Call Number: HV2380 .B47 2014
Author: Berkowitz, Marla C
Title: Deaf and Hearing Siblings in Conversation
A major feature of the book is its analysis of how isolation impacts deaf-hearing sibling relationships. The book documents the 150 year history of societal attitudes embedded in sibling bonds and identifies how the siblings' lives were affected by the communication choices their parents made. The authors weave information throughout the text to reveal attitudes toward American Sign Language and the various roles deaf and hearing siblings take on as monitors, facilitators, signing-siblings and sibling-interpreters, all of which impact lifelong bonds.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .B395 1997
Author: Bertling, Tom
Title: No Dignity for Joshua: More Vital Insight Into Deaf Children, Deaf Education, and Deaf Culture
Many perceive the deaf community as a utopia, a safe haven for deaf children and adults, but the deaf community is not isolated from society's ills. Physical and sexual abuse, suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse are all common. Today, deaf people find themselves at a crossroad. Technology opens a promising new avenue, and medical advance provides another.
book image

Call Number: RF 291.5 .C45 C65 2011
Author: Cole, Elizabeth B.
Title: Children with Hearing Loss: Developing Listening and Talking, Birth to Six
Covers current information about hearing, listening, auditory technology, spoken language development, and intervention for young children with hearing loss whose parents have chosen to have them learn to listen and talk. Includes updated information about hearing instruments and cochlear implants and ways that professionals can support parents in promoting their children's language and listening development.
book image

Call Number: RF 305 .B75 2002
Author: Farley, Cynthia
Title: Bridge to Sound with a "Bionic" Ear
This is an all-in-one resource for everything you want to know about cochlear implants. You will hear the voices of implant users and their families, all of whom tell their own highly individual, emotional story about how their lives were affected after getting a cochlear implant.
book image

Call Number: P 117 .F69 2007
Author: Fox, Margalit
Title: Talking Hands: What Sign Language Reveals About the Mind
An isolated Bedouin community in Israel with a high rate of deafness has an indigenous sign language that is unknown to outsiders. The author follows an international team of scientists that is decoding this mysterious language and explains how signed languages provide critical clues to understanding how language works in the mind.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .H39 1998
Author: Harvey, Michael A.
Title: Odyssey of Hearing Loss: Tales of Triumph
Harvey gives us a glimpse into the lives of ten people — such as a hard-of-hearing teen struggling to find her place between two worlds, or grown children trying to persuade their mother to accept hearing aids. He provides a compassionate look at the unique and the universal issues faced by anyone who has struggled with hearing loss.
book image

Call Number: HV 2537 .L36 1992
Author: Lane, Harlan L.
Title: The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community
A celebration of the unique manual language and culture of the modern deaf community, a scathing indictment of the heedlessness and hypocrisies of its hearing "benefactors," and an exposé of the ways in which the "experts" — in the scientific, medical, and educational establishments who purport to serve the deaf — actually do them grievous harm.
book image

Call Number: HV 2391 .M257 2012
Author: Marschark, Marc
Title: How Deaf Children Learn: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know
Highlights important advances in scientific and educational research that can help parents and teachers of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Offers innovative strategies that parents and teachers can use to promote a child's learning
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .N44 1983
Author: Neisser, Arden
Title: The Other Side of Silence: Sign Language and the Deaf Community in America
Makes clear the nature of ASL — how it differs from the "signed English" used on TV and in hearing classrooms, how it functions not as a primitive version of English, but as a sophisticated, complex, complete language with its own syntax.
book image

Call Number: HV 2380 .R38 1999
Author: Rée, Jonathan
Title: I See a Voice: Deafness, Language, and the Senses — A Philosophical History
Tells the story of the plight of the deaf from 16th century to the present, and explores the great debates about deafness and its cure. Rée traces the botched attempts to make language visible, and charts the tortuous progress and final recognition of sign systems as natural languages in their own right.
book image

Call Number: KF 480.5 .D4 S54 2008
Author: Siegel, Lawrence M.
Title: The Human Right to Language
In 1982, the United States Supreme Court ruled that six-year-old Amy Rowley was not entitled to have a sign language interpreter in her public school classroom. Siegel contends that the U. S. Constitution should protect every deaf and hard of hearing child's right to communication and language as part of an individual's right to liberty.
book image

Call Number: HV 2430 .S68 2010
Author: Spencer, Patricia Elizabeth
Title: Evidence-based Practice in Educating Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students
This book clarifies and summarizes findings from multiple disciplines of emerging research and reports to enhance the success of educational practice with deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Encourages readers to explore what is known about deaf and hard-of-hearing children, their patterns of development, and their lifelong development.
book image

Call Number: HV 2502.5 .S78 2006
Author: Strauss, Karen Peltz
Title: A New Civil Right: Telecommunications Equality for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans
When three deaf men in the 1960s invented and sold TTYs they started a telecommunications revolution. Strauss reveals how the paternalism of the hearing-oriented telecommunications industries slowed support for technology for deaf users. She emphasizes the grassroots efforts behind all the eventual successes. This is a tribute to all of the tireless advocates who helped to achieve the revolution
book image

Call Number: HV 2471 .W56 1987
Author: Winefield, Richard
Title: Never the Twain Shall Meet: The Communications Debate
Alexander Graham Bell was the outspoken leader of the oralists. Gallaudet believed that only through the use of sign language could deaf children realize their full potential. Winefield explores how their views of society affected their philosophies of education, and how their work influences the education of the deaf today.
book image

Call Number: HV 2474 .A84 1992
Title: ASL Pah!: Deaf Students' Perspectives on Their Language
Deaf students have not been given adequate opportunities to participate in the debate about the educational value and importance of ASL. The booklet and video combine in a unique opportunity to examine deaf student' perceptions of the role of ASL in their lives.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .S54 2008
Title: Signs & Voices: Deaf Culture, Identity, Language, and Arts
The rapid pace of cultural and technological change has necessitated a continual rethinking of what it means to be deaf, hard of hearing or culturally Deaf. Cochlear implants and text messaging have altered how people who are d/Deaf communicate with one another. This book addresses these and other cultural issues that are changing the landscape of d/Deafness.

History & Culture

book image

Call Number: HV 1624 .B35 A3 1998
Author: Ballin, Albert
Title: The Deaf Mute Howls
Charts the ambiguous attitudes of deaf people toward themselves in the early 20th century, and challenges the prevailing practice of teaching deaf children to speak and read lips while prohibiting the use of sign language
book image

Call Number: HV 2471 .B39 1996
Author: Baynton, Douglas C.
Title: Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the Campaign Against Sign Language
Baynton explores why sign language enjoyed great popularity and esteem among hearing Americans through most of the 19th century, and then fell into such disrepute that hearing educators and reformers waged a campaign to eradicate its use in schools for the deaf.
book image

Call Number: HV 2530 .B39 2007
Author: Baynton, Douglas C.
Title: Through Deaf Eyes: A Photographic History of an American Community
In 2001, the Smithsonian Institution presented a landmark photographic exhibition, representing nearly 200 years of U.S. Deaf history and culture. The popularity of the exhibit prompted the production of the documentary film Through Deaf Eyes by PBS. This book combines the exhibit, and stories and quotes from the documentary.
book image

Call Number: HV 2380 .B685 2002
Author: Branson, Jan
Title: Damned for Their Difference: The Cultural Construction of Deaf People as Disabled: A Sociological History & culture
Despite the recent recognition of Deaf culture and the legitimacy of signed languages, societies continue to classify deaf people as "disabled." The authors offer a well-founded explanation of the cultural, social, and historical contexts of these attitudes and behavior toward deaf people, especially in Great Britain.
book image

Call Number: HV 2561 .N72 N35 1995
Author: Cohen, Leah Hager.
Title: Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World
In ASL, "train go sorry" means "missing the boat." Cohen uses the phrase as shorthand for the myriad connections between the deaf and the hearing. She compels us to see the deaf as they see themselves: not as victims of a pathology, but as members of a vital and nurturing culture.
book image

Call Number: HV 2530 .G36 2011
Author: Gannon, Jack R.
Title: Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America
The first attempt to bring together a narrative of "the deaf experience" in the United States over the past century. This valuable chronicle should prove helpful as a text in courses on deaf culture, and as a reference source.
book image

Call Number: HV 2561 .W18 G36 1989
Author: Gannon, Jack R.
Title: The Week the World Heard Gallaudet
In the 124 years of the institution, six presidents had guided the university in its mission of the higher education of deaf people. In protest of the appointment of the seventh hearing president, students shut down Gallaudet for a week, until the 7th president resigned, and Dr. Irving King Jordan was appointed as the first deaf president in the history of the college.
book image

Call Number: HV 2561 .M49 G76 1985
Author: Groce, Nora Ellen
Title: Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language: Hereditary Deafness on Martha's Vineyard
From the 17th century to the early years of the 20th century, the population of Martha's Vineyard manifested an extremely high rate of profound hereditary deafness. Because of the unusual constellation of social factors on the Vineyard, deafness was accepted as a normal variation of the human condition.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .H38 2001
Author: Harvey, Michael A.
Title: Listen With the Heart: Relationships and Hearing Loss
Ten true stories of how parents, children, and spouses are transformed by helping each other heal and grow. Harvey's experience counseling those with hearing loss has given him unique insights into the consequences of this challenge for individuals and their loved ones.
book image

Call Number: HV 2380 .H643 1994
Author: Holcomb, Roy K.
Title: Deaf Culture Our Way: Anecdotes from the Deaf Community
This anthology makes possible a new insight into the deaf community and their culture. It also shows how the hearing majority reacts whenever their paths cross those of deaf persons, and how their preconceived beliefs and prejudice influence their reactions to deafness.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .H65 2013
Author: Holcomb, Thomas K.
Title: Introduction to American Deaf Culture
A broad, yet in-depth exploration of how Deaf people are best understood from a cultural perspective, including Deaf cultural norms, the tension between the Deaf and disabled communities, Deaf art and literature, and an analysis of the universality of the Deaf experience.
book image

Call Number: HV 2561 .S74 J68 2004
Author: Joyner, Hannah
Title: From Pity to Pride: Growing Up Deaf in the Old South
Examines the experiences of a group of wealthy young men who eventually would have ruled over the regimented world of the old South if they had not been deaf. Joyner delineates the ways in which the cultural rhetoric of paternalism and dependency codified a stringent system of oppression and hierarchy that left little room for self-determination for Deaf southerners.
book image

Call Number: HV 2380 .L26 2003
Author: Ladd, Paddy
Title: Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood
Assesses the concepts of culture, on its own terms and in its many guises, and applies these to Deaf communities. Ladd illustrates the pitfalls which have been created for those communities by an unthinking adherence to the medical concept of "deafness" and contrasts this with his new concept of "Deafhood."
book image

Call Number: HV 2380 .L27 1996
Author: Lane, Harlan L.
Title: A Journey Into the Deaf-World
A new language minority has come to the fore in America and around the world. It is the tight knit society that calls itself the DEAF-WORLD. It has a history, a flourishing culture, and a political agenda. This is a compelling story of this misunderstood minority as it struggles for self-determination.
book image

Call Number: HV 2530 .L36 1984
Author: Lane, Harlan L.
Title: When the Mind Hears: A History of the Deaf
Laurent Clerc, a deaf Frenchman, was an intellectual leader of the deaf community in France, and then in America. This history tells how the deaf first gathered in Paris in the 18th century and how their language of signs spread through Europe to America, and the ultimate tragedy as educators sought to abolish sign language in deaf education.
book image

Call Number: HV 2395 .L26 2000
Author: Lang, Harry G.
Title: A Phone of Our Own: The Deaf Insurrection Against Ma Bell
In 1964, less than one percent of 85 million telephones were regularly used by deaf people. In that same year, three enterprising deaf men, Weitbrecht, Marsters, and Saks, started the process that led to deaf people around the world possessing an affordable phone system that they could use.
book image

Call Number: HV 2562 .T4 M54 2003
Author: Miller, Katrina R.
Title: Deaf Culture Behind Bars: Signs and Stories of a Texas Population
From communicating with police officers to survival in prison, deaf inmates share their trials and triumphs. American Sign Language used for daily living in the prison environment is explained, as well as the history of how communication services for deaf offenders began in Texas.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .M66 2006
Author: Moore, Matthew
Title: For Hearing People Only: Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About the Deaf Community, Its Culture, and the "Deaf Reality"
In a handy question-and-answer format, this book provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about deaf people, their community, and their language. Written for people who are curious about the Deaf community, and would like to separate truth from stereotype, and fact from fiction.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .P33 1988
Author: Padden, Carol
Title: Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture
Written by authors who are themselves Deaf, this book illuminates the life and culture of Deaf people from the inside, through their everyday talk, their shared myths, art and performances, and the lessons they teach one another.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .P35 2005
Author: Padden, Carol
Title: Inside Deaf Culture
The authors reveal historical events and forces that have shaped the ways that deaf people have defined themselves today. It is the story of the survival of the rich and complex American Sign Language, long misunderstood, but finally recognized by a hearing world that could not conceive of language in a form other than speech.
book image

Call Number: HV 2370 .S23 2000
Author: Sacks, Oliver W.
Title: Seeing Voices: A Journey Into the World of the Deaf
Sacks gives us a deeply felt portrait of a minority struggling for recognition and respect — a minority with its own rich, sometimes astonishing, culture. He explores the unique visual language that tells us much about the basis of language in hearing people as well.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .S29 1989
Author: Schein, Jerome D.
Title: At Home Among Strangers
Captures the shared experience of the Deaf community in all its dimensions, and creates a fully realized image of the ramifications of being deaf in this country and the growth of the Deaf community in response.
book image

Call Number: N 6505 .S614 2002
Author: Sonnestrahl, Deborah M.
Title: Deaf Artists in America: Colonial to Contemporary
There is no literature on the unique aesthetic of deaf artists. Seminal questions remain unanswered: how do deaf artists see and interpret their world, and how do they define and represent their world? This book is a gathering place where the seed of the answers to these important questions may find purchase in the minds of researchers.
book image

Call Number: HV 2530 .V36 1989
Author: Van Cleve, John V.
Title: A Place of Their Own: Creating the Deaf Community in America
Focusing on the development of the American deaf community during the 19th century, Van Cleve brings history to bear on the reality of deafness as the distinguishing characteristic of its culture, and provides fresh and important insight into the lives of deaf Americans.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .D43 2001
Title: Deaf World: A Historical Reader and Primary Sourcebook
Lois Bragg has assembled primary sources that illustrate what Deaf people themselves think and do. While not attempting to speak for Deaf people en masse, this anthology places the Deaf at center stage, and offers them an opportunity to represent the world — theirs as well as the hearing world — from a Deaf perspective.
book image

Call Number: REFERENCE HV2365.G35 1987
Title: Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness,
This is a comprehensive resource for information on every aspect of the issues and culture of the deaf and hearing-impaired community. This resource meets the needs of both professionals and laypersons. Articles are signed and most have bibliographies; includes an extensive index.
book image

Call Number: HV2380 .D425 2014
Title: Deaf Gain : Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity
Deaf people are usually regarded by the hearing world as having a lack, as missing a sense. Yet a definition of deaf people based on hearing loss obscures a wealth of ways in which societies have benefited from the significant contributions of deaf people. In this bold intervention into ongoing debates about disability and what it means to be human, experts from a variety of disciplines--neuroscience, linguistics, bioethics, history, cultural studies, education, public policy, art, and architecture--advance the concept of Deaf Gain and challenge assumptions about what is normal.
book image

Call Number: HV 2380 .O88 2003
Title: Oxford Handbook of Deaf Studies, Language, and Education
In this landmark volume, a wide range of international experts presents a comprehensive and accessible overview of the diverse field of deaf studies, language, and education. From work on the linguistics of sign language and parent-child interactions to analyses of school placement and the mapping of brain function of deaf individuals, research across a wide range of disciplines has greatly expanded our knowledge of deafness and the origins of language.
book image

Call Number: HV 2395 .M36 2003
Title: Many Ways to be Deaf: International Variation in Deaf Communities
The recent explosion of sociocultural, linguistic, and historical research on signed languages throughout the world has culminated in this unmatched collection of in-depth articles about linguistic diversity in Deaf communities on five continents.
book image

Call Number: HV 2380 .D43 2002
Title: Open Your Eyes: Deaf Studies Talking
This collection introduces readers to the key concepts in deaf studies. Leading and emerging scholars explore the role of sensory perception in constructing community, redefine literacy in light of signed languages, and delve into the profound medical, social and political dimensions of the disability label often assigned to deafness.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .A3 S73 2002
Title: Step Into the Circle: The Heartbeat of American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations Deaf Communities
Collected oral stories from those who are Native and part of the Deaf Community. Readers may "learn from others who are like them, be inspired by them, and know that they are not alone in their quest to find their heritage."
book image

Call Number: HV 2359 .I487 2006
Title: The Deaf Way II Reader: Perspectives from the Second International Conference on Deaf Culture
This volume addresses every facet of the human condition from a Deaf World perspective. Each treatise examines one aspect of the Deaf experience within a particular community or country. Together, they reveal how deaf people throughout the world live, study, work and play, as well as how they relate to the dominant hearing societies in which they reside.

Literature & Fiction

book image

Call Number: PZ 7 .B452295 Dar 2010
Author: Berk, Josh
Title: The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin
When Will Halpin transfers from his all-deaf school into a mainstream Pennsylvania high school, he faces discrimination and bullying, but still manages to solve a mystery surrounding the death of a popular football player in his class.
book image

Call Number: PS 3503 .R897 I82 2006
Author: Brunner, C. F.
Title: Isles of View: A Novel
The unique union of a deaf man and a hearing woman presents more than the expected challenge of communication. The marriage offers an uncommon perspective on everyday events. Add durable love and humor, and the result is an extraordinary couple whose mutual determination defies the odds of an unconventional marriage.
book image

Call Number: PS 3552 .U4237 I85 2013
Author: Bullard, Douglas
Title: Islay : A Novel
Islay is an imaginary island state coveted by Lyson Sulla, a Deaf man who is tired of feeling that "hearing think deaf means dumb, pat head." Uniquely blends classic English forms of satrie with the direct, down-to-earth expression of ASL. The Deaf author has created an amusing story that features Deaf people seeking their American dream in a manner both serious and joyous.
book image

Call Number: HV 2545 .D76 2004
Author: Drolsbaugh, Mark
Title: Anything But Silent
This is a compilation of the most thought-provoking articles by renowned deaf writer Mark Drolsbaugh. With a perfect blend of humor and insight, Drolsbaugh tackles some of the most profound topics of deafness: deaf/hearing relationships, the hidden world of the hard of hearing, embarrassing moments, and more.
book image

Call Number: PZ 7 .F4174 OF 2001
Author: Ferris, Jean
Title: Of Sound Mind
Tired of interpreting for his deaf family and resentful of their reliance on him, high school senior Theo finds support and understanding from Ivy, a new student who also has a deaf parent.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .S42 S8 2003
Author: Glyndon, Howard
Title: Sweet Bells Jangled: Laura Redden Searing: A Deaf Poet Restored
Laura Redden Searing defied critics of the 19th century by establishing herself as a successful deaf poet. Under the pseudonym Howard Glyndon, she soon found herself catapulted into national prominence by her patriotic Civil War poems. This volume features more than 70 of her finest poems, a biographical sketch, and an introductory essay.
book image

Call Number: PS 3557.R378 I5 1970
Author: Greenberg, Joanne
Title: In This Sign
Abel and Janice begin their married life together with all the hopes and dreams of a young couple deeply in love. But before long, they realize that their deafness stands as an immense barrier between them and society.
book image

Call Number: HV 2392 .H44 2002
Author: Heelan, Jamee Riggio
Title: Can You Hear a Rainbow? : The Story of a Deaf Boy Named Chris
Chris tells young readers about what it is like to be deaf and describes typical events in his life and the ways he has adjusted to his hearing loss. With the assistance of hearing aids, Chris is able to hear vibrations, loud noises, and some other sounds. With sign language, speech therapy, and an interpreter, his days are much like those of hearing children, filled with classes, soccer games, and children's theater.
book image

Call Number: PR 9199.3 .I83 D43 2003
Author: Itani, Frances
Title: Deafening: A Novel
This is about a woman who lost her hearing at five years of age and found love with a hearing man. He must leave shortly after their wedding to serve his country in WWI. Only their letters can attempt to sustain their young love in a world as brutal as it is beautiful.
book image

Call Number: PB Joh
Author: John, Antony
Title: Five Flavors of Dumb
Piper learns that her parents have raided her college fund to provide cochlear implants for her infant sister. To earn money for her college fund Piper offers to manage Dumb, her high schools most popular rock band. But she is not a typical mand manager or a typical teen: she is a quiet member of the chess team and profoundly hearing impaired.
book image

Call Number: PZ 7 .J7684 RAG 1999 (YA)
Author: Jordan, Sherryl
Title: The Raging Quiet
Suspicious of sixteen-year-old Marnie, a newcomer to their village, the residents accuse her of witchcraft when she discovers that the village madman is not crazy but deaf, and she begins to communicate with him through hand gestures.
book image

Call Number: PS 3612 .A354 S55 2003
Author: Lacrosse, Blair
Title: Silent Ears, Silent Heart: A Deaf Man's Journey Through Two Worlds
Although a work of fiction, this book gives the reader a glimpse into the language, culture, and life of a Deaf person. Imagine having to watch the television without volume all day. Imagine being forced to wear something that you know does not benefit you. Imagine being deaf.
book image

Call Number: PZ 7 .L1586 DAD 1994
Author: Lakin, Patricia
Title: Dad and Me in the Morning
Early one morning a young boy wakes to his special alarm clock. He puts on his hearing aids and clothes, then goes to wake his father. Together they brave the cold as they walk down the dirt road that leads to the beach.
book image

Call Number: PZ7 .L51252 Si 1991
Author: Lee, Jeanne M.
Title: Silent Lotus
Although she cannot speak or hear, Lotus trains as a Khmer courtdancer and becomes eloquent in dancing out the legends of the gods.
book image

Call Number: PZ 7 .M4312 DE 2002
Author: Matlin, Marlee
Title: Deaf Child Crossing
Despite the fact that Megan is deaf and Cindy can hear, the two girls become friends when Cindy moves into Megan's neighborhood, but when they go away to camp, their friendship is put to the test.
book image

Call Number: PZ 7.M63443 MIS 2007
Author: Miller, Sarah Elizabeth
Title: Miss Spitfire : Reaching Helen Keller
Annie Sullivan was little more than a half-blind orphan with a fiery tongue when she arrived at Ivy Green, desperate for work. She had taken on a seemingly impossible job -- teaching a child who was deaf, blind, and as ferocious as any wild animal. And if anyone was a match for Helen, it was the girl they used to call Miss Spitfire. Told from Annie Sullivan's point of view, this novel brings an amazing figure to sharp new life. Annie's past, her brazen determination, and her connection to the girl who would call her Teacher have never been clearer.
book image

Call Number: PS 3568 .I3155 S6 (1977)
Author: Richards, Judith
Title: The Sounds of Silence
A novel about an heiress who discovers her child, whom she believed had died at birth, has been locked away in the cellar of her family's mansion. Only the intervention of the deaf handyman brings hope that the child, now thirty years old, may have a chance of overcoming his fears of the world.
book image

Call Number: PZ 7 .S4654 Won 2011
Author: Selznick, Brian
Title: Wonderstruck: A Novel in Words and Pictures
Having lost his mother and his hearing in a short time, twelve-year-old Ben leaves his Minnesota home in 1977 to seek the father he never knew in New York City, and meets there Rose, who is also longing for something missing from her life. Ben's story is told in words; Rose's in pictures.
book image

Call Number: PZ 7 .W868 Fe 2007
Author: Woodson, Jacqueline
Title: Feathers
When a new, white student nicknamed "The Jesus Boy" joins her sixth grade class in the winter of 1971, Frannie's growing friendship with him makes her start to see some things in a new light.
book image

Call Number: PS 508 .D43 M54 2000
Title: A Mighty Change: An Anthology of Deaf American Writing, 1816 – 1864
Taken together, the individual texts in this remarkable collection provide a valuable historical record and a glimpse of the experiences, attitudes, and rhetoric of deaf Americans during a time of change.
book image

Call Number: HV 2353 .S53 2006
Title: Signing the Body Poetic: Essays on American Sign Language Literature
This unique collection of essays, accompanied by a pioneering DVD, brings a dazzling view of the literary, social, and performance aspects of ASL to a wide audience. The book presents the work of a renowned and diverse group of scholars who examine original ASL poetry, narrative and drama, while the DVD provides visual access to the original works.
book image

Call Number: PS 508 .D43 N6 1992
Title: No Walls of Stone: An Anthology of Literature By Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers
The variety of short literature and fiction, essays, verse, and drama explores and reveals the Deaf experience, enabling readers to understand deafness and all its inherent feelings.

Mother-Father Deaf

book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .A42 1996
Author: Abrams, Charlotte
Title: The Silents
Not only are her parents deaf, Abrams mother is becoming blind. All the old communications and day to day living routines need to be made anew. Through it all, the family, their friends and neighbors, hearing and deaf, worked to ensure that Abrams' parents remained the close, vital members of the community that they had always been.
book image

Call Number: HV2471 .H42 2008
Author: Bishop, Michele.
Title: Hearing, Mother Father Deaf : Hearing People in Deaf Families
Collects essays that describe the societal influences at work in the lives of deaf people and their hearing children. The topics range from bimodal bilingualism in adults to cultural and linguistic behaviors of hearing children from deaf families; sign and spoken language contact phenomena; and to issues of self-expression, identity, and experience.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .A3 D38 2000
Author: Davis, Lennard J.
Title: My Sense of Silence: Memoirs of a Childhood With Deafness
Davis grew up as the hearing child of deaf parents. In this candid, often funny, memoir he recalls the joys and confusions of this special world as a liaison between sound and silence. Gracefully slipping through memory, longing, and redemption, this is an eloquent remembrance of human ties and human failings.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .M54 D4 2004
Author: Miller, R. H.
Title: Deaf Hearing Boy: A Memoir
Born in 1938, Miller's memoir depicts a changing time for hearing and deaf Americans, when family farms disappear and the isolation of Deaf people also began to fade. In witnessing this transformation of society through his family's life, Miller adds an important chapter to the collective narrative of Deaf people.
book image

Call Number: HV 2380 .P73 1994
Author: Preston, Paul
Title: Mother Father Deaf: Living Between Sound and Silence
Based on 150 interviews with adult hearing children of deaf parents, Preston examines the process of assimilation and cultural affiliation among a population whose lives incorporate the paradox of being culturally "deaf," yet functionally hearing.
book image

Call Number: HV 2534 .U45 2009
Author: Uhlberg, Myron
Title: Hands of My Father : A Hearing Boy, His Deaf Parents, and the Language of Love
Uhlberg's first language was American Sign Language. But his second language was spoken English, and he was called upon to act as his father's ears and mouth in the stores and streets of the neighborhood beyond their silent apartment in Brooklyn. This is a memoir of a book-loving, mischief-making, tree-climbing kid during the remarkably eventful period that spanned the Depression, the War, and the early fifties.
book image

Call Number: HV 2395 .W34 1987
Author: Walker, Lou Ann
Title: A Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family
The oldest of three children, Walker must act as an interpreter for her deaf parents. Although a child, she needed to act as an adult, and to be a buffer to the outside hearing world for her parents. Walker is candid in detailing her own frustrations and the burdens of life with the deaf.

Films on Demand

The following list identifies specific digital media that focus on Deaf culture and history, as well as introductory sign language. To access media, visit Mott Library's Online Resources and select Films On Demand

book image

Title: A&E Classroom: Helen Keller--The World I See (45:00)
Deaf, blind, and mute, Helen Keller fought an incredibly courageous battle to communicate with the external world. This inspiring video tells her life story. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (53 minutes) Item Number: 42358 - 1996

book image

Title: Human Brain Development: Nature and Nurture, with Helen Neville, Ph.D. (27:00)
The fascinating interplay of genetic predispositions and experience in the development of the brain after birth is demonstrated in this program filmed at the Brain Development Laboratory at the University of Oregon. Three profiles of plasticity are depicted with compelling footage of behavioral, MRI, and EEG research into the development of visual perception and language acquisition from infancy through old age. A congenitally Deaf young woman, university students with unimpaired hearing, and lively preschool children participate in controlled studies that illustrate both how neuroscience research is conducted and how all brains change over time and circumstance. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. A part of the series Neuroscience. (27 minutes) Item Number: 44909 - 2007

book image

Title: Culture of Deafness: Ethical Issues (04:14) From Title: Secrets of the Sequence: Human Health 2 (66:00)
Because deaf people tend to marry each other, the number of connexion-26 deafness cases is increasing--having doubled in the last 100 years. Is this cause for concern? Many deaf people want to have deaf children. Is this a problem for society? 66 minutes. Item Number: 38979 - 2007

book image

Title: Deafblind: A World Without Sight and Sound (60:00)
We think in words without access to them, how does one construct thoughts? Adam and Mark are 12-year-old boys born deaf and blind. With no exposure to language, how do they communicate with their parents? This fascinating program provides a window into the world of those who are deafblind. Gaela and Graham, two remarkable deafblind adults who lost their hearing after childhood, describe their lives and experiences, including how Graham jet skis. Using special effects that simulate sensory deprivation and compensation, the video illustrates how people such as Gaela and Graham are able to lead fulfilled, even adventurous lives. (60 minutes) Item Number: 32606 - 2000

book image

Title: American Sign Language: Greetings, The Alphabet, and More--American Sign Language, Level 1 (55:00)
This program shows viewers how to sign each letter of the alphabet, then demonstrates the signs for introductions and greetings, family members, rooms in the house, animals, and question forms. Segments of the video are displayed first without and then with text so that viewers can test their understanding, and a story section allows for assessment of comprehension of longer conversations. Part of the series American Sign Language. (54 minutes). Item Number: 47964 - 2011

book image

Title: An Introductory Course in American Sign Language (38:00)
This program provides an understanding of the nature of American Sign Language and sufficient vocabulary to permit reasonable communication with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. The program covers finger spelling, numbers, common phrases, and specialized signs. (38 minutes) Item Number: 2256 - 0001

book image

Title: Lending a Hand: Sign Languages and the Deaf (47:00)
Complex and highly sophisticated, sign languages have proved excellent tools for analyzing the foundation of human language capability. In this program, Dr. Jonathan Miller weaves together the history of sign languages for the Deaf with insights into the natural synergy between language, vision, and dexterity to support his conviction that there is a common mental structure underlying all languages, regardless of their outward expression. Along the way, Dr. Miller skewers a number of enduring misconceptions;for example, that sign languages are purely iconic and therefore incapable of conveying abstract ideas. (47 minutes) Item Number: 11356 - 1990

book image

Title: American Sign Language: Numbers, Money, and More--American Sign Language, Level 1 (60:00)
In this program viewers learn the signs for numbers, money, time, months, weather, transportation, directions, hobbies, and food. There are demonstrations throughout the video of how to formulate the signs, along with vocabulary sections, receptive skills practice, and question and answer sections that allow viewers to recap and assess their newly acquired knowledge. Part of the series American Sign Language. (61 minutes). Item Number: 47965 - 2011

book image

Title: Technology and Deaf Culture (13:00)
Cochlear implants could soon make a lifetime of profound deafness a thing of the past and in the process bring an end to America's vibrant Deaf culture. In this program, NewsHour correspondent Betty Ann Bowser takes a balanced look at the implications of cochlear implant technology on the Deaf community. Dr. John Niparko, director of The Listening Center at Johns Hopkins; King Jordan, president of Gallaudet University; and others share their markedly different perceptions of cochlear implants, with some portraying them as miraculous assistive devices and others as a baneful attempt by the well-meaning hearing majority to "fix" the Deaf. (13 minutes) Item Number: 11783 - 2001

book image

Title: TEDTalks: Evelyn Glennie: How to Listen to Music with Your Whole Body (32:00)
Evelyn Glennie's music challenges the listener to ask where music comes from: is it more than simply a translation from score to instrument to audience? In this soaring TEDTalk demonstration, the Grammy Award-winning percussionist and composer almost completely deaf since the age of 12 illustrates how listening to music involves much more than simply letting sound waves hit your eardrums. "Evelyn Glennie is simply a phenomenon of a performer," says The New York Times. (32 minutes) Item Number: 48085 - 2007

book image

Title: Touch: The Forgotten Sense (53:00)
This program examines the significance and the beauty of tactile sensation. The sensory impact of touch and feel on quality of life is studied through mother/baby bonding; touch therapy for preemies and victims of physical abuse; Tadoma, a touch-based form of communication for people who are Deaf and blind; and an experimental touch-based interface designed to help people without sight to visualize, while a case study of Guillain-Barre Syndrome explores the ramifications of losing the ability to sense via the skin. Featured experts include Tiffany Field, of the Touch Research Institute; Jules Older, author of Touch Is Healing; Carol Crook, of the Perkins School for the Blind; and neuroscientist Paul Bach-y-Rita. (53 minutes) Item Number: 29355 - 2001

book image

Title: The WPA Film Library: Cued Speech, ca. 1972 (03:00)
Teacher with 3 deaf students in classroom. She teaches them "cued speech" and explains it in brief interview. (3 minutes) Item Number: 46775 - 1972

Online Magazines

Free, web-based resources available to inform people interested in deafness and the Deaf community.

book image

Hearing Review 6/yr.
Description: Drawing on the content and resources of the two leading magazines in the hearing industry, The Hearing Review and Hearing Review Products is the single-stop web site for the hearing industry. It brings users the latest news, product developments, and legal and regulatory updates. Subjects include coverage of industry trends, developments in instruments, patient counseling, industry events and education.

book image

IFHOH Journal: International Federation of the Hard of Hearing 2/yr.
Description: The IFHOH Journal includes information about the activities of IFHOH, news related to hearing loss, articles from IFHOH members and much more. It's issued twice a year and posted on the website

book image

Inside NIDCD Newsletter: National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Description: Inside is produced by the Office of Health Communication and Public Liaison, NIDCD. Established in 1988, NIDCD is mandated to conduct and support biomedical and behavioral research and research training in the normal and disordered processes of hearing, balance, taste, smell, voice, speech, and language.

book image

Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 4/yr.
Description: The JDSDE is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal integrating and coordinating basic and applied research relating to individuals who are deaf, including cultural, developmental, linguistic, and educational topics. The publication addresses issues of current and future concern to allied fields, encouraging interdisciplinary discussion. The journal promises a forum that is timely, of high quality, and accessible to researchers, educators, and lay audiences. Instructions for contributors appear at the back of each issue.

book image

NTID Deaf Index
Description: This index was created to help locate articles, papers, publications, and information on Interpreting, Interpreting Issues, Sign Language, Deaf Studies, Deaf History, and other related materials. It contains over 18,000 entries.

book image

Odyssey: New Directions in Deaf Education 3/yr.
Description: Odyssey features articles about issues important to the families of deaf and hard of hearing children and the professionals who work with them. Each issue centers around a specific theme. Subscription is free.

Online Resources

The following list identifies specific full-text journals and magazines that focus on d/Deaf culture, education and interpretation. To access these specific publications, visit the Mott Library’s Online Resources and select the appropriate database.
You will be prompted to enter the 14 digit barcode from your Mott ID if you are off campus. Do a general keyword or subject search, or browse through an individual publication by issue. If you have any questions, contact the reference librarian at 810-762-0411.

book image

American Annals of the Deaf
Access: CINAHL Plus with Full Text 1996 to present
Resource Type: Journal ISSN: 0002-726X Online ISSN: 1543-0375
Publisher: Gallaudet University Press

book image

Deafness & Education International (Wiley)
Access: CINAHL Plus with Full Text 2004 to present (Embargo: 1 year)
Resource Type: Journal ISSN: 1464-3154 Online ISSN: 1557-069X
Publisher: Maney Publishing

book image

Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness
Access: Gale Virtual Reference Library
Resource Type: Book ISBN: 978-0-07-147674-4
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

book image

Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education
Access: EBSCO Open Access Education Collection 1996 to present (Embargo: 1 year); Free Access Journals (HighWire) 1996 to present (Embargo: 1 year); Free Medical Journals 1996 to present (Embargo: 1 year)
Resource Type: Journal ISSN: 1081-4159 Online ISSN: 1465-7325
Publisher: Oxford University Press

book image

Journal of the American Deafness & Rehabilitation Association (JADARA)
Access: Academic Search Complete 2007 to present
Resource Type: Journal ISSN: 0899-9228
Publisher: American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (ADARA)

book image

Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools
Access: Academic OneFile 2006 to present; Academic Search Complete 1993 to present; CINAHL Plus with Full Text 1995 to present; Health Reference Center Academic 2006 to present
Resource Type: Journal ISSN: 0161-1461 Online ISSN: 1558-9129
Publisher: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

book image

Volta Review
Access: Academic Search Complete 1996 to present; CINAHL Plus with Full Text 1996 to present
Resource Type: Journal ISSN: 0042-8639
Publisher: Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf

book image

The eBook Community College Collection: Be sure to check out this database for a wealth of information available from your computer. Several of the titles are available at Mott Library in print form. Browse through titles about Deaf culture and community, sign language practice and interpretation. Copy the following search (without quotations) and paste it into the eBook search box: "SU sign language* or deaf*" See image:



The following list of Deaf and ASL related magazines and journals are located in the periodical section of the Mott Library. Materials must be used in the library.

book image

Title: American Annals of the Deaf
Date: January 1900, vol. 45, no. 1 - current
Description: Trade, academic scholarly. For teachers administrators, and researchers in the field of deaf education. Available full-text from 1996 –present using CINAHL Plus Fulltext.

book image

Title: Deaf Life
Date: 1989 - current
Description: Bulletin. Editorials about issues facing the community, announcements, reviews.

book image

Title: JADARA: Journal of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association
Date: 1988 - current
Description: Newsletter, academic scholarly. Deals with research findings (pragmatic application) program descriptions and articles on deafness and the disciplines of rehabilitation, social services, mental health, and other related areas. Available full-text from 1997 – present using Academic Search Complete. Continues Journal of Rehabilitation of the Deaf : Journal of Professional Rehabilitation Workers with the Adult Deaf (1967 –1988).

book image

Title: Sign Language Studies
Date: 1980 - current
Description: Journal, academic/scholarly. Publishes a wide range of original scholarly articles and essays on signed languages and other related disciplines, including linguistics, anthropology, semiotics, and deaf studies, history, and literature. Tables of contents are available at

book image

Title: The Volta Review
Date: 1960-current
Description: Journal, Academic/scholarly. Publishes articles on issues related to hearing-impairment, speech therapy, and education of people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Available full-text from 1996 to the present using Academic Search Complete and CINAHL Plus Fulltext

book image

Title: Volta Voices
Date: 1994 - current
Description: Magazine, Consumer, Academic/scholarly. Contains articles on the latest technological advances in the field of hearing loss. Includes informational articles, inspirational stories, children's educational issues, government action, and news of the association.