Frequently Asked Questions


What are Mott Library’s hours?
Fall / Winter Spring / Summer
Monday - Thursday
Saturday and Sunday
8 am – 9 pm
8 am – 5 pm
Noon - 5 pm
Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday - Friday
8 am – 9 pm
8 am – 5 pm
Noon – 5 pm

Exceptions to regular Library Hours

What is the Mott Library’s phone number?
(810) 762-0400 Specific library numbers can be found at Contact a Librarian.

What is needed to check out books and other Library Materials?
A Mott ID and a picture ID Circulation Policy

How do I get a Mott ID card? Mott ID Cards
Cashiers Office mails Mott ID cards to new students, faculty and staff. If you have not received your ID within 3 weeks of the start of the semester, contact their office PCC1130. You will need to come to the main campus and present a photo ID. Note: Replacement cards are $5.00.

Is there a late fee for overdue books and other Library material?
25¢ /day per item for most items. For more information see Circulation Policy.

How can I renew my books?
To renew your items before they are due, call (810) 762-0403 OR visit the Library Catalog and Log into “My Account

How many books can I check out?
10 items maximum, some restrictions apply see Circulation Policy

My instructor said there are sample tests/material I can check out at the Library. Where do I go?
Instructor’s materials are on Reserve at the Circulation Desk. Instructor’s name, course number, and the name of material on reserve is necessary in order to locate the item(s) you wish to use. A Mott and photo ID are required to check out reserve material. Most reserve material is used in the library and cannot be removed from the library.

Does the Mott Library have all the course textbooks being used by instructors?
No, the Mott Library does not purchase textbooks.

Are there study rooms available?
Yes, group study rooms are located on the second floor of the library. The rooms are available for groups from 2-6 students. Stop by the circulation desk to check our a key. 

Does Mott Library have photocopiers?
Yes, there are two copiers available to all patrons. Copies are 15¢ using cash and 10¢ each using a copy card.

Does Mott Library have a color photocopier? `

Does Mott Library have a Fax Machine I can use?
Yes, A fax machine is available for Mott students for outgoing faxes. It is located in the Copy Center on the 1st floor of the Library.

How do I connect to the Mott Library’s web page? is an easy way to remember how to access the Library's home page. Access and exploration for information and research is available 24-7. Use the link for the "Library Catalog" to search for books. Use the "Online Resources" link to search our databases for magazine and scholarly articles, e-books, and documentary films. You will be prompted to enter the 14 digit barcode from your student ID card to authenticate to a database

Is there a computer lab in the Mott Library?
Yes, the lab is open our regulary library hours, but closes 15 minutes before the rest of the library.  Sometimes the lab is reserved by an instructor for a class.  Check the weekly schedule posted at the front of the lab, or check our Facebook page for updates.

Printing in black & white is 4 ¢ per page. Color printing is 25 ¢per page.
Students need a Mott ID card and a photo ID in order to use the first floor computer lab during open lab times.

How does a Mott student get a MCC email account?

Visit Student Account Lookup if you do not know your username and password.  You must enter your 7 digit student ID number.  Your username is all lowercase, and the first letter of your given name followed by your full last name with no spaces (Barney Rubble = brubble).  If you have a common last name your username may be followed by a number or two. 

Your default password is 8 numbers: the last 4 digits of your student ID  and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Your username and password will give you access to:

  • WebAdvisor
  • Blackboard
  • Webmail
  • Wireless @ MCC
  • Computer Labs login
  • winSCP @ MCC
  • MCC 4 Me