Fundraising Events

"Starry Night Art Auction"

The Friends of Mott Library hosted a Starry Night Art Auction on February 28, 2013, and a Second Look sale on March 1. Over 80 people attended the art auction and had a chance to bid on over 200 works of art. The door prizes included a framed work of art, Schofield’s “Glory of Fall,” several 31 bags, and gift certificates to local businesses and restaurants. In addition to the door prizes, two framed works were raffled: a color lithograph of Wooster Scott’s “Good Old Days” and a Mick Jagger poster.

The art auction has been a popular event with the Friends and our supporters over the years, and we were happy to bring it back after a hiatus of four years. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this year’s auction, including our sponsors, donors, and volunteers! Proceeds from this event enhance library collections and services for MCC students.

Art at the Auction
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Art Auction

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"Lucky Pops"

You may have been walking through Curtis Mott in September sometime. You may have seen some people standing behind tables covered with lollipops. Maybe you wondered what was going on before heading off to class or a meeting. On September 17 & 18, the Friends of the Mott Library hosted the Lucky Pops fundraiser. For only one dollar, participants got to choose a tasty pop and had a chance at winning either an instant prize or a chance in the grand prize drawing. Some had better luck than others, but everyone still walked away with a sweet treat and the satisfaction of helping support the Mott Library. Thanks to the generous support and enthusiastic response, the Friends raised a grand total of $630. 42 over eight hours on those two days. This money helps the library better meet the needs of the students, faculty, and staff at MCC. Our grand prize winners included Michael Simon, Michele Traver, Richard Rumbold, Jayme Murphy, Destiny R. Vest, Mike Ennis and Mark Kennedy. The Friends of the Mott Library would like to extend a big Thank You to those who bought lollipops and those who donated prizes.

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