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Computer Lab


Mott Library's computer lab also functions as a classroom, so the lab is frequently reserved. To check availability call (810) 762-0403 or check online at the Mott Library's facebook page.

Lab Hours:
The Library's computer lab closes 15 minutes before the building closes.  An announcement is made at 20 minutes before closing over the public announcement system.  Lab users should exit the lab at this time.

Scanning & Printing:

Rules & Policies:

Use of the Mott Library's Open Computer Lab is a privilege, not a right. Patrons must be willing to comply with Mott Library's Computer Lab Rules and the Library's Code of Conduct or they will lose their computer lab privileges. Using the college computers signifies agreement to all MCC Acceptable Use Policies.

Student Lab Locations and Hours:

Chester D. Smith

Curtice-Mott Complex

Room 1135

(810) 762-5675

Classroom Technology

Mott Memorial Building

Room 2113

(810) 762-5692

Regional Technology Center

RTC Building

Room 2604

(810) 762-4507

The Writing Center

Curtice-Mott Complex

Room 2031

(810) 762-0229

Southern Lakes Branch Center


Room 1306

(810) 750-8585

Lapeer Extension Center



(810) 667-4166

Northern Tier Center


Room 103

(810) 232-8044

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