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College Property Procedures


It is the responsibility of each employee of Mott Community College to act as guardians of the resources of the College. These procedures are provided to give each Mott employee the guidance necessary to fulfill their responsibilities related to monitoring physical assets belonging to the College.


Responsibility for the care and custody of College Property is delegated to designated Stewards. These Stewards will be required to verify the location of assigned College Property on an annual basis.

Detailed inventory records for the College are maintained by Auxiliary Services. As new College Property is purchased or received as a donation, an asset tag will be placed on the item; detailed information about the item will be recorded in the College's inventory control database by Auxiliary Services personnel. Specific exceptions to the tagging policies may be made if Auxiliary Services determines that tagging an item is not practical. In such cases photographs or etching/engraving will be used for identification purposes. All employees have the responsibility for the prudent use, care and safeguarding of College Property.


These Inventory Control Procedures are authorized under Board Policy 5800 Working Conditions and Employee Conduct (3).


  1. College Property, for the purpose of inventory control, is defined as purchased or donated furnishings, fixtures, equipment and other tangible items (including software) which have a value of $500 or more or renovations/restorations which improve upon the useful life of an existing item. Additional items which do not fall under this definition can be added to the inventory control database at the request and discretion of the Steward, with concurrence by Auxiliary Service personnel.
  2. Donated Property is property which is given free of cost to the College, which the College accepts through The Foundation for Mott Community College, as defined under Board Policy 3900 Gifts, Grants, Bequests and Donations.
  3. Expendable Property is any item which is consumed or becomes unidentifiable with use, is categorized as supplies. Property which is not expendable, but does not meet the criteria to be inventoried as specified in Section IV(A) College Property, is also categorized as supplies.
  4. Inventory, for the purposes of this procedure, is defined as a detailed, itemized list of property in the College's possession.
  5. Loaned Property is property which is not owned by the College, but for which the College has accepted temporary or permanent care, custody and control. Assets defined as loaned property are not recorded in the College's balance sheet.
  6. Steward means a person, typically a Cost Center Manager, who is responsible to manage, maintain and control designated Collegje Property. A list of identified Stewards can be found in XII Appendix A — Stewards.


  1. Vice President of Student & Administrative Services or designee is responsible for monitoring and managing the administrative coordination for Inventory Management and surplus property.
  2. Executive Director of Physical Plant or designee is responsible for overseeing and reporting changes to the useful life of all fixed building assets, from acquisition to disposition.
  3. Director of Accounting is responsible for insuring adherence to accounting standards generally accepted in the United States of America related to College Property and Equipment as reported in the College's Financial Statements. In addition, the Director will communicate and provide advice on appropriate depreciation methods and useful life estimates.
  4. Risk Management, Compliance and Procedures Coordinator is responsible for insuring College Property and submitting insurance claims as required.
  5. Chief/Executive Director of Public Safety Operations is responsible for investigating all reports of stolen College Property.
  6. Supervisor of Auxiliary Services is responsible for ensuring that all received College Property is labeled as defined in Section II Policy.
  7. Purchasing Manager is responsible to ensure that College Property is flagged in the purchase order to initiate an inventory record.
  8. Stewards are responsible for the control and security of College Property assigned to their area of responsibility and must perform the following duties:
    1. Communicate the transfer of College Property from one department/location to another
    2. Communicate the transfer of College Property between one Steward and another
    3. Communicate and assure that any College Property which was shipped directly to a departmental location is properly identified in accordance with this procedure
    4. Communicate to the Department of Public Safety any items determined to be stolen
    5. Track/record/log of College Property which is being temporarily removed from College premises
    6. Conduct a physical inventory as defined by Section VIII Inventory Verification
  9. All Employees are responsible for
    1. Adhering to the Mott Community College Inventory Policy and all related procedures
    2. Prudently using and safeguarding College Property
    3. Ensuring College Property is only used for College purposes

An employee may be required to reimburse the College for asset(s) that are lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged as a result of an employee's neglect or carelessness.


  1. Assets to be Inventoried
    All assets defined as College Property [IV(A)] will be tagged and recorded into the inventory system.
    1. Photographs may be taken of College Property that does not have identifying marks (i.e. serial numbers), should not be physically tagged to retain the item's unique value, or physically cannot be tagged.
    2. Items purchased using grant funds will be specifically identified and recorded as such.
    3. Donated assets that meet the definition of College Property using fair market value will be subject to all College Inventory Control Policies and Procedures and must be accepted by the College through The Foundation for Mott Community College, as defined under Board Policy 3900 Gifts, Grants, Bequests and Donations.
    4. Cardholders of College-issued Purchase Cards are individually responsible for reporting the purchase of any single, tangible item or items (including software purchases) which meet the definition of College Property. Qualifying purchases must be reported to the Auxiliary Services Coordinator immediately following purchase.
    5. Books and reference manuals purchased by and for Mott Library are recorded separately and not in conjunction with these inventory procedures. Books or reference manuals which meet the definition of College Property and are not housed in Mott Library shall be recorded in the inventory system.
    6. Items on loan to and in the care, custody and control of the College, but not owned by the College, will be recorded into the inventory system.


College Property should only be used for official purposes. Generally, no one may remove College Property from College premises. Movement of College Property should be managed as follows:

  1. Transfer of Property Between Stewards
    The releasing Steward will complete a Change in Accountability eForm including obtaining the necessary approvals from the receiving Steward.
  2. Relocation of Property Within the Same Stewardship
    The Steward responsible for the equipment should complete a Change in Accountability eForm indicating the new location of the property.
  3. Lost Property
    If, after preliminary inquiry, a Steward determines that College Property has been lost, but not stolen, the Steward shall complete a Change in Accountability eForm to have the item removed from the inventory control database.
  4. Theft
    If, after preliminary inquiry, a Steward determines that College Property is missing and presumed stolen, the Steward shall report the presumed theft to Public Safety for investigation. The Steward shall send a Change in Accountability eForm with a copy of the Public Safety Officers' incident report to the Auxiliary Services Coordinator. Stewards should check with the Risk Management, Compliance and Procedures Coordinator to see if there is insurance coverage for the loss.
  5. Temporary Use Off Campus
    The Steward is responsible for the tracking/recording/logging of any College Property under their stewardship that is being temporarily removed from College premises. It is suggested that Stewards use a log to record the description, condition, and asset tag number of any College Property that is approved to be temporarily removed from campus.
  6. Re-purposed Items
    Approval from the Steward is required before a department may cannibalize, or dismantle property for parts. A Change in Accountability eForm is required to remove the item from inventory.
  7. Salvage or Surplus Items
    Salvage property items are those that are irreparable or whose fair market value is less than the cost of repair. Surplus property is usable or repairable at a cost less than the fair market value of the item, but is no longer needed by the department. After determining whether the property is surplus or salvage, the Steward responsible for the property should fill out a Change in Accountability eForm. The form should indicate when the property can be picked up for re-use, sale, storage or disposal.
  8. Trade or Other Requested Changes
    The "Other" classification on the Change in Accountability eForm may be used to report property traded or other unspecified changes in accountability. An example of "other changes" would be returning tagged property to a vendor for replacement (i.e. warranty). The type of transaction should be indicated on the Change in Accountability eForm.


During the year, Stewards must notify Auxiliary Services when changes occur which affect the accuracy of the inventory records by completing a Change in Accountability eForm. College Property will be verified annually in the following manner:

  1. The most current copy of the departmental inventory list will be furnished to each Steward annually by the Auxiliary Services Coordinator according to a pre-determined schedule.
  2. The Steward will verify and sign a certification statement indicating all College Property has been physically reviewed and/or located.
  3. Any discrepancies discovered will be addressed by the Steward at the time of inventory completion using the procedures defined under Section VII Recording & Reporting of Movement of College Property.
  4. The distributed inventory list, marked up with any changes necessary to building, room location or Steward, must be returned to the Supervisor of Auxiliary Services within the pre-determined schedule.
  5. Periodic spot checks will be completed by Auxiliary Service personnel to maintain the accuracy of the inventory control system.


In the event that inventoried assets are stolen, it is the responsibility of the Steward to notify the Office of Public Safety Office, who will then initiate an incident report and conduct an investigation.

  1. Recovery of stolen assets
    If an asset that has been reported stolen is recovered, Public Safety will notify the Steward of the disposition of the recovered asset. Following the close of an investigation, Public Safety will return any asset(s) that can be returned to the responsible Steward. The Steward will complete a Change in Accountability eForm to return the asset(s) to inventory (See Section VIII [D]). If applicable, the Steward will also contact the Risk Management, Compliance and Procedures Coordinator to reverse any claim that has been submitted.


  1. To request replacement of College Property which has been stolen or damaged, contact the Risk Management, Compliance and Procedures Coordinator to open a claim. All College Property is insured for losses resulting from theft or catastrophic occurrence such as fire, wind or water. Any occurrence of loss should be reported to the Risk Management, Compliance and Procedures Coordinator for disposition. Catastrophic loss of inventoried material should be removed from the inventory control database by the Steward using a Change in Accountability eForm.


  • Per Board Policy 5800 Working Conditions and Employee Conduct (3), College employees are responsible for the proper and reasonable care of College Property and protection of College assets. An employee may be required to reimburse the College for asset(s) that are lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged as a result of an employee's neglect or carelessness.
  • The College has the authority to collect restitution if it is determined that the employee has been negligent or careless in regard to the loss or damage.


The person(s) occupying the following list of positions have been assigned as Stewards:

  1. (President)
    1. Manager — Office of the President & Board of Trustees
    2. Executive Dean — Regional Technology Initiatives
    3. Executive Director — Public Information
    4. Executive Director — Foundation for MCC & the Office of College and Community Advancement
  2. Chief Human Resources Officer
    1. Manager — Staffing
    2. Supervisor — HR Systems & Research
    3. Supervisor — Human Resources
    4. Supervisor — Human Resources
  3. Chief Financial Officer
    1. Director — Accounting & Budget
    2. Manager - Purchasing
  4. Vice President - Academic Affairs
    1. Manager - Career & Technical Education
    2. Director — Library Services
    3. Executive Dean - Planning, Research & Quality Initiatives
    4. Director — Institutional Research
    5. Executive Dean - Professional Development & Experiential Learning
    6. Director - Tech Prep & STC Programs
    7. Chief Technology Officer
      1. Manager - Educational Media Services
      2. Manager - e-Learning & Web Services
      3. Director - Enterprise Architecture
      4. Director - Network Services
      5. Manager - Computing Services
      6. Supervisor - System Initiatives
    8. Dean — Business
    9. Dean — Humanities
    10. Dean — Health Sciences
    11. Dean — Fines Arts & Social Sciences
    12. Dean — Science & Math
    13. Dean - Technology
  5. Vice President — Student & Administrative Services
    1. Executive Director — Grant Development
    2. Supervisor - Auxiliary Services
    3. Executive Dean - Continuing Education, Corporate Services & Livingston MTEC
      1. Site Manager - Lapeer Extension Center
      2. Site Manager — Livingston Regional M-TEC
      3. Site Manager — Northern Tier Center
      4. SLBC Site Director/CE — Southern Lakes Branch Campus
      5. Supervisor — Medical Simulation
    4. Executive Dean — Workforce & Career Development
    5. Executive Director — Office of Physical Plant
      1. Supervisor — Custodial & Grounds Services
      2. Supervisor - Maintenance Operations
    6. Chief/Executive Director - Public Safety
    7. Executive Dean — Student Services
      1. Director, Learning Center & Disability Services
      2. Registrar — Records & Registration
      3. Director — Student Services Communication
      4. Executive Director - Student Financial Services
      5. Dean — Enrollment Management & Retention
      6. Director — Upward Bound
    8. Athletic Director
December 23, 2014