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Sustainability and Culture Change

3/3 Division: Fine Arts & Social Sciences
Meets Gen Ed Category: Social Science
Course Requirements: Prerequisite: Placement into RDNG-030 (ACSR-030), or completion of RDNG-016.Prerequisite: A 2.0 in either ANTH-211 or SOCY-191.
Description: What does it mean to be "sustainable"? This course is an exploration of sustainability from an anthropological perspective. Students examine the socio-cultural dimensions of environmental issues by drawing together research and forward thinking on the environment, socio-cultural systems, and culture change. By studying other cultures and alternative movements, students examine the process by which sustainable practices are incorporated into cultures with an anthropological understanding of why some things work and others don't. Through a critical study of policies, best practices and initiatives at the global, national and local levels, students will develop a better understanding of what sustainable living will mean for humanity in all its diversity.
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