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Course # Description Fulfills  
ANTH-100  Survey of Forensic Science  SOC 
ANTH-200  Peoples and Cultures of Africa  SOC  TOP
ANTH-210  Forensic Anthropology  SOC 
ANTH-211  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  SOC 
ANTH-212  Human Origins - Intro Phys. Anthropology  SOC 
ANTH-213  Introduction to Archaeology  SOC 
ANTH-214  Sustainability and Culture Change  SOC 
ARBC-111  Beginning Standard Arabic  HUM 
ARBC-112  Beginning Standard Arabic II  HUM 
ART.-110  Art Appreciation  HUM 
ART.-111  Art History Survey Prehistoric to 14 C  HUM 
ART.-112  Art History Survey Renaissance to Modern  HUM 
ART.-116  Art History Survey Non Western Art  HUM  TOP
ART.-214  Art History - 19 C. Art  HUM 
ART.-215  Art History - 20th C. Art  HUM 
ASL.-101  American Sign Language I  HUM 
ASL.-102  American Sign Language II  HUM 
ASTR-117  The Solar System  NSL 
ASTR-118  Stellar Astronomy  NSL 
BIOL-107  General Biology  NSL 
BIOL-110  Evolution and Humans  NSL 
BIOL-111  Fundamentals of Biology  NSL 
BIOL-115  Applied Botany  NSL 
BIOL-120  Introduction to Environmental Science  NSL  TOP
BIOL-121  Environmental Science Laboratory  NSL 
BIOL-125  Zoology  NSL 
BIOL-126  Botany  NSL 
BIOL-150  The Human Body  NSL 
BIOL-151  Human Anatomy and Physiology I  NSL 
BIOL-152  Human Anatomy and Physiology II  NSL 
BIOL-156  Microbiology  NSL 
BIOL-205  Michigan Wildflowers  NSL 
BIOL-206  Local Trees and Shrubs  NSL 
BIOL-207  Aquatic Ecosystems  NSL 
BIOL-211  Molecular Biotechnology  NSL  TOP
BIOL-220  Ecology  NSL 
BIOL-222  Field Biology  NSL 
BIOL-226  Systematic Botany (or Plant Taxonomy)  NSL 
CHEM-111  Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry  NSL 
CHEM-112  Fundamentals of Organic & Biochemistry  NSL 
CHEM-120  Introduction to Forensic Science  NSL 
CHEM-123  Fundamentals of Chemistry  NSL 
CHEM-131  General Chemistry I  NSL 
CHEM-132  General Chemistry II  NSL 
CHEM-237  Organic Chemistry I  NSL 
CHEM-238  Organic Chemistry II  NSL  TOP
CHI.-111  Chinese  HUM 
CHI.-112  Chinese 112  HUM 
COMM-131  Fundamentals of Public Speaking  CMP, HUM 
COMM-132  Persuasion  HUM 
COMM-200  Survey of Human Communication Studies  CMP, HUM 
COMM-231  Discussion Principles  HUM 
COMM-233  Oral Interpretation  HUM 
ECON-125  Personal Money Management  SOC 
ECON-221  Principles of Economics(Macroeconomics)  SOC 
ECON-222  Principles of Economics(Microeconomics)  SOC 
ENGL-101  English Composition I  CMP, HUM  TOP
ENGL-102  English Composition II  CMP, HUM 
ENGL-103  Composition for Technical Fields I  CMP, HUM 
ENGL-104  Composition for Technical Fields II  CMP, HUM 
ENGL-210  Children's Literature  HUM 
ENGL-212  Adolescent Literature  HUM 
ENGL-220  World Literature  HUM 
ENGL-221  Introduction to Literature  HUM 
ENGL-222  Science Fiction  HUM 
ENGL-223  American Black Literature  HUM 
ENGL-225  Poetry  HUM 
ENGL-227  Fiction  HUM  TOP
ENGL-231  American Literature  HUM 
ENGL-232  Modern American Literature  HUM 
ENGL-235  American Indian Literature  HUM 
ENGL-240  Shakespeare  HUM 
ENGL-242  English Literature II  HUM 
ENGL-243  Fang Lit: Vampire in Literary History  HUM 
ENGL-253  The Bible As Literature  HUM 
ENGL-261  Readings in Popular Culture  HUM 
ENGL-271  Film As Literature  HUM 
FILM-181  Introduction to Film  HUM 
FREN-151  Elementary French  HUM  TOP
FREN-152  Elementary French II  HUM 
FREN-251  Intermediate French  HUM 
FREN-252  Intermediate French II  HUM 
GEOG-141  Physical Geography  SOC 
GEOG-142  World Regional Geography  SOC 
GEOG-143  Intro to Geographic Information Systems  SOC 
GEOG-145  Economic Geography  SOC 
GEOG-147  Geography of Latin America  SOC 
GEOG-243  Geography of Africa  SOC 
GEOG-251  Crime Mapping  SOC 
GEOL-111  Geology of Dinosaurs  NSL  TOP
GEOL-151  Physical Geology  NSL 
GEOL-152  Historical Geology  NSL 
GERM-111  Elementary German  HUM 
GERM-112  Beginning German  HUM 
GERM-211  Intermediate German I  HUM 
GERM-212  Intermediate German II  HUM 
HIST-112  History of E Asia to 1600  SOC 
HIST-113  History of E Asia 1600 to Present  SOC 
HIST-151  World History: Prehistory to 1500 C.E.  SOC 
HIST-152  World History: 1500 C.E. To the Present  SOC 
HIST-154  United States History to 1877  SOC  TOP
HIST-155  History of United States: 1877 - Present  SOC 
HIST-220  Oral History  SOC 
HIST-254  African American History to 1877  SOC 
HIST-255  African American History Since 1865  SOC 
HIST-257  History of the Holocaust  SOC 
HIST-259  History of Mexico  SOC 
HIST-260  History of Michigan  SOC 
HIST-261  United States Labor History  SOC 
HIST-262  American Military History  SOC 
HIST-263  History of Women in the United States  SOC 
HIST-264  Medieval Europe  SOC  TOP
JAPA-111  Beginning Japanese  HUM 
JAPA-112  Beginning Japanese II  HUM 
JAPA-211  Intermediate Japanese  HUM 
JAPA-212  Intermediate Japanese II  HUM 
LDDV-101  Leadership Development  SOC 
LDDV-190  Prin of Leadership: Soc Science Approach  SOC 
MATH-100  Math Approaches for Paraprofessionals  MTH 
MATH-115  Foundations of Mathematics II  MTH 
MATH-120  Intermediate Algebra  MTH 
MATH-123  Beginning and Intermediate Algebra  MTH 
MATH-130  College Algebra  MTH  TOP
MATH-140  Trigonometry  MTH 
MATH-145  Pre-Calculus  MTH 
MATH-150  Probability and Statistics  MTH 
MATH-165  Applied Calculus  MTH 
MATH-170  Analytic Geometry & Calculus I  MTH 
MATH-180  Analytic Geometry & Calculus II  MTH 
MATH-210  Math for Elementary Teachers I  MTH 
MATH-220  Math for Elementary Teachers II  MTH 
MATH-250  Multivariable Calculus  MTH 
MATH-270  Linear Algebra  MTH 
MATH-280  Differential Equations  MTH  TOP
MUS.-180  Music Appreciation  HUM 
MUS.-182  Jazz Appreciation  HUM 
MUS.-183  World Music Appreciation  HUM 
MUS.-186  Introduction to Film Music  HUM 
MUS.-187  History of Rock & Roll  HUM 
MUS.-271  Music History I  HUM 
MUS.-272  Music History II  HUM 
PHIL-101  Introduction to Philosophy  HUM 
PHIL-103  Critical Thinking  HUM 
PHIL-165  Philosophy of Religion  HUM 
PHIL-190  Introduction to Logic  HUM  TOP
PHIL-251  Religious Worldviews  HUM 
PHIL-295  Ethics  HUM 
PHIL-297  Political Philosophy  HUM 
PHSC-191  Physical Science  NSL 
PHSC-192  Earth Systems  NSL 
PHYS-281  General College Physics I  NSL 
PHYS-282  General College Physics II  NSL 
PHYS-287  General Physics I  NSL 
PHYS-288  General Physics II  NSL 
PSCN-150  Introduction to Political Science  SOC 
PSCN-170  Introduction to American Government  SOC  TOP
PSCN-173  State and Local Government  SOC 
PSCN-175  Civil Liberties  SOC 
PSCN-177  Introduction to Public Administration  SOC 
PSCN-275  Comparative Government  SOC 
PSYC-181  Applied Psychology  SOC 
PSYC-184  Exceptional People  SOC 
PSYC-280  General Psychology Laboratory  SOC 
PSYC-281  General Psychology  SOC 
PSYC-282  Social Psychology  SOC 
PSYC-283  Theories of Personality  SOC 
PSYC-285  Child Psychology  SOC  TOP
PSYC-286  Abnormal Psychology  SOC 
PSYC-287  Educational Psychology  SOC 
PSYC-289  Psychology of Late Adulthood  SOC 
PSYC-290  Psychology of Adolescence  SOC 
PSYC-291  Psychology of Human Development  SOC 
RUSN-111  Beginning Russian  HUM 
RUSN-112  Beginning Russian II  HUM 
SCI.-101  Scientific Inquiry  NSL 
SOCY-191  Introductory Sociology  SOC 
SOCY-193  Marriage and the Family  SOC 
SOCY-194  Fundamentals of Human Sexuality  SOC  TOP
SOCY-292  Social Problems  SOC 
SOCY-294  Race and Ethnic Relations  SOC 
SOCY-296  Urban Sociology  SOC 
SOCY-297  Introduction to Criminology  SOC 
SPAN-181  Elementary Spanish  HUM 
SPAN-182  Elementary Spanish II  HUM 
SPAN-281  Intermediate Spanish  HUM 
SPAN-282  Intermediate Spanish II  HUM 
THTR-110  Theatre Appreciation  HUM 
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