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Who should I contact in the Purchasing Office?
The Purchasing Department staff is individually assigned to work with specific departments, off-site campuses and key commodities (though we do overlap to cover vacations, absences and busy periods). You can find your dedicated buyer on the Purchasing Department Staff & Contact Information page.


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How Mott College Buys
Mott Community College uses the following in establishing bid thresholds:

Board Approved
Board approval is required on all major purchases (supplies, equipment, furniture, vehicles or services) exceeding $62,000 or on construction/maintenance purchases exceeding $94,000 (BP 4410 Purchasing).
Sealed Bids
A competitive, sealed bidding process is used for all purchases over $32,000. The requirements, specifications, and/or statements of work for these bids are publicly posted to www.bid4michigan.com.
Competitive Quotes
Purchases less than $32,000 but greater than $ 2,500 require a minimum of three competitive quotes. If three quotes cannot be obtained, those quotations obtained may be considered sufficient.
Simple Purchases
Purchases less than $2,500 may be directly awarded to the vendor requested by the requesting department. Employees who have been issued Purchase Cards (Pcards) via the College's Purchase Card Program are also able to execute simple purchases without direct involvement or oversight from the Purchasing Department, within the Purchasing Card Guidelines of the Pcard Program.
Sole Source Purchases
For purchases in excess of $2,500, a sole source purchase is considered to be a purchase from one vendor or person under circumstances when competitive solicitations are either not possible or practical (any attempt to obtain bids would result in only one vendor or person being available to meet the need). The requesting department must complete a Sole Source Request Form notifying the Purchasing Department of an intended sole source. The Purchasing Department will conduct a good faith review of available sources prior to final determination and authorization of a sole source purchase.
Bids for services or goods of a specialized nature may be posted to www.bid4michigan.com, requested directly from a vendor(s), or be advertised in other appropriate media.

Methods of Buying

Purchase card
Purchase cards can be issued to approved employees for small dollar value purchases to accelerate minor acquisitions and reduce transaction costs. Please access the Purchase Card Guidelines for additional information.
Purchase Order (PO)
Purchase orders are issued for the majority of purchases made in the College's name. Any good or service that is quantifiable in number and/or description should be ordered using a PO. Once all of the item(s) ordered and/ or service(s) rendered against the PO have been received or completed and paid, the PO is closed.
Blanket Purchase Order (BPO)
A blanket purchase order is issued for repetitious payments for contractual services, such as for payment of leased equipment or renovations requiring progressive payments. Multiple invoices can be paid off the same BPO. BPOs have a maximum authorized amount and are issued for a limited duration. Employees authorized to use the BPO must be listed on the BPO. BPOs are good for one fiscal year only. All BPOs not otherwise fulfilled are closed at the end of the fiscal year (June 30). They may be re-issued for the following fiscal year, per requisition by the requesting department.
Direct Voucher Payment (DVP)
A direct voucher payment is a direct check payment to a vendor for intangible items such as travel reimbursement, membership fees, taxes, postage and other items which do not require competitive solicitation, purchase orders or the receiving process. DVPs are issued by the Accounting Department; more information on DVPs and the DVP process can be found on the Accounting Department website.
Administrative Purchasing Process & Guidelines pdf


Spend Authorization Table pdf
This table documents the dollar level of spend authority that is currently granted to various Mott Community College employees, or the maximum amount that a cost center manager may approve of on a requisition. Please direct all requests for increases, decreases or other changes to an employee's authorization level to Nicole Woods, Interim Director of Accounting.

If you receive an item that needs to be returned, please contact your buyer to facilitate the return with the vendor and the Receiving Department. Please have the purchase order number to provide the buyer for ease of return.

Return policies vary by vendor, so we suggest that you examine your order as soon as you receive it to determine if there are any damages, incorrect items or unacceptable conditions. Depending on the time frame and the reason for the return, there may be a restocking fee and/or return freight charged by the vendor for acceptance of the return.

Board Policy 5808 Conflict of Interest

Board Policy 5800 Employee Conduct



Purchases made using awarded grant funds may require the adherence to a stricter set of regulations than is required of College-funded purchases. These regulations, if required, will be set forth in the grant documentation upon award of the grant. In general, the following rules may apply:

Federally Issued Grants
Unless otherwise specified, grant purchases must follow the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR). The following circulars apply to educational institutions in expending federally granted funds. Additional regulations may apply, depending on the source of funding.
- A-21 Cost Principles
- A-110 Administrative Requirements
- A-133 Audit Requirements
Access to these circulars can be obtained at http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars_default

Please see the Administrative Purchasing Policy for Purchases Including Federal Grant Funds, which documents MCCs procurement procedures using Federal grant funding.
  Information on VENDOR PROCESSES

Vendor Information Form
This form is to be used when 1) a new vendor needs to be added to Datatel or 2) to request updated information from an existing vendor. New vendors must also complete and submit a W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form.

To request a new vendor be added to Datatel, please complete the Vendor Information Form and forward it to your buyer. The buyer will search the vendor database to confirm that there is not already an entry for that vendor. If the vendor is new, the buyer will contact the vendor to obtain a copy of the vendor's taxpayer identification number (W-9). Once the W-9 has been received, the buyer will enter the new vendor into Datatel.

Confirmation of Tax Exempt Status
To obtain verification of the College's tax exempt status, please contact your buyer.

Vendor Performance
Employees experiencing problems with a vendor's product or performance should report the problem to the Purchasing Department via the Vendor Complaint Form. The buyer selected will receive the information reported and will contact you, if you choose, to review the problem. The buyer will then contact the vendor to discuss the problem and obtain corrective actions. Employees will receive notification of the corrective actions to be taken.

Access the Vendor Complaint Form here.


Independent Contractors
Generally, a BPO is the payment method for independent contractors, while employees must be paid through payroll. The determination for whether an individual is an independent contractor or an employee is handled through the Accounting Department, with collaboration from Human Resources. The policy can be found on the Accounting website under Policies & Procedures.

In order to obtain a BPO for an independent contractor, please forward the following documents to the Purchasing Department Office with the approved BPO requisition:
- A copy of the employment contract for the independent contractor(s)
- A copy of the contractor's certificate of insurance