Transfer Credit to Mott Community College

Official Evaluation of Credits Transferred to MCC

Mott Community College generally accepts freshman and sophomore college level credits from a regionally accredited college or university in which the student has received a C or better grade, with the exception of religion courses.

Students must mail an official college transcript of completed course work to the Office of Records and Registration. Hand delivered transcripts will not be accepted.

The college accepts transfer credits but not grade points. Transfer students accepted by Mott Community College with advanced standing must complete a minimum of 15 credits of satisfactory work at MCC to be eligible for graduation with an associate degree or a minimum of 15 credits of satisfactory work to be eligible for graduation with a certificate of achievement.

The applicability of vocational/technical courses to MCC program course requirements will be determined by the program coordinator or advisor. No more than 50 percent of credits required in specialized course work, unique to a program, can be transferred from another institution to be applied toward graduation from MCC. At least 50 percent of credits in specialized areas must be earned at MCC to entitle the student to graduate from MCC. To be eligible for graduation, transfer students must earn a minimum of 15 credits from MCC.


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