WebAdvisor Information


WebAdvisor is accessible from any internet connected computer or by using any of the kiosks located throughout the MCC campus and extension centers (indicated by this designation Email Kiosk on the campus maps) .

Use the WebAdvisor button or any of the WebAdvisor links provided throughout the website.

Prospective Students and Guests may use WebAdvisor to search for class sections without a log-in or password. Current Students may access the many features of WebAdvisor by logging-in using their student ID and password.

If you need assistance using WebAdvisor:


Office of Records & Registration
Prahl College Center

Contact Us:
(810) 762-0200
Fax: (810) 762-5105


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Common Problems and Solutions -
  Current Student Log-in
  If you forget your password and need to have it changed / reset
  Make a Payment to MCC
  Check Financial Aid
  Electronic Consent of 1098-T Tax Forms
  Search for Class Sections and Register
  Drop/Add a Class Section
  Check Your Grades
  Current Class Schedule
  Verification of Enrollment


Difficulty Logging-in to or accessing WebAdvisor

Secure port (https) access:

WebAdvisor is configured on our server to use port 8443. This is evident in the address of the page - https://wa.mcc.edu:8443/WebAdvisor/wa. If you are unable to access WebAdvisor you may have network or firewall restrictions in place, either through hardware (ie. router) or security software applications (ie. Norton, McAffee), which prohibit access to this port from your computer. It is common for some private company networks to block this port from their network users. Please contact the administrator of the network your computer is connected to for further assistance.