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WebAdvisor Information

WebAdvisor is accessible from any internet connected computer on or off campus.

Use the WebAdvisor button or any of the WebAdvisor links provided throughout the website.

Prospective Students and Guests may use WebAdvisor to search for class sections without a log-in or password. Current Students may access the many features of WebAdvisor by logging-in using their student ID and password.

If you need assistance using WebAdvisor:

Common Problems and Solutions

Current Student Log-in

Your Web ID is lowercase 'mott' and your Seven-digit Student ID Number (e.g., mott0000001).

Your Default Password is your month, date and year of birth (e.g., July 4, 1972 = 070472).

After you login the first time, WebAdvisor will require you to change your password.

If you forget your password and need to have it changed / reset

  • You can have your password reset using theLive Help tab in MCC Answer from 10:00am – 5:00pm Mon. – Fri., Sat. & Sun. closed.
  • Also you can use the Self-Service Password Reset and have your password reset via email: click on Account Information > select What’s My Password > select I don’t remember, reset my password. *WebAdvisor passwords are only sent to your Mott email account.

Make a Payment to MCC

Log-in, select the Current Student’s menu and select “Make a Payment” under the Financial Information heading.

Check Financial Aid

Log-in, select the Current Student’s menu and select “Financial Aid status by term” under the Financial Aid heading.

Electronic Consent of 1098-T Tax Forms

Log-in, select the Current Student’s menu and select “1098 Electronic Consent” under the Financial Aid heading. Additional Frequently Asked Questions regarding 1098-T Forms can be found on the Cashier's Office 1098-T FAQ webpage .

Search for Class Sections and Register

Anyone may search for class sections without logging-in. After the first semester of attendance at MCC a student may register for class sections online.

Drop/Add a Class Section

WebAdvisor is available for individual class section drop and add prior to the start of the semester. For more information see: Drop/Add

Check Your Grades

Log-in, select the Current Student’s menu, under the Academic Profile heading you may check both your final and your mid-semester grades, and your grade point average by term.


Log-in, select the Current Student’s menu, under the Academic Profile heading you may view an unofficial transcript by selecting “Transcript” or you may request an official transcript by selecting “Transcript Request”. You can also follow your transcript request by selecting “Transcript Request Status”.

Current Class Schedule

You may view and print a current class schedule by logging –in, selecting Current Student’s menu and selecting “My class schedule” under the Academic Profile heading.

Verification of Enrollment

Log-in, select Current Student’s menu and then select “Enrollment Verification” under the Academic Profile heading.

Difficulty Logging-in to or accessing WebAdvisor

Secure port (https) access:

WebAdvisor is configured on our server to use port 8443. This is evident in the address of the page - https://wa.mcc.edu:8443/WebAdvisor/wa. If you are unable to access WebAdvisor you may have network or firewall restrictions in place, either through hardware (ie. router) or security software applications (ie. Norton, McAffee), which prohibit access to this port from your computer. It is common for some private company networks to block this port from their network users. Please contact the administrator of the network your computer is connected to for further assistance.

June 1, 2016
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