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Carpooling Tips
  • Car Pool Search Aid - How to search for an active car pool pdf
  • Decide if you are going to drive alternate days, drive every day or ride every day.
  • If it is not a shared driving arrangement, agree on a payment schedule.
  • Set up a line of communication. If someone can't make it on a given day, let the driver know in advance the day before. Don't forget to give notice of vacation, personal or overtime plans.
  • Establish a time schedule and pick-up points. BE PROMPT.
  • Establish a rule for latecomers. Decide how long the carpool will wait for a passenger (usually no more than 5 minutes).
  • Avoid side trips on the way home.
  • Keep the car clean, well maintained and filled with enough gas for each trip.
  • Decide on radio use, smoking policies and other similar concerns before you start carpooling. Are snacks or beverages allowed?
  • Have a back-up plan for emergency situations, i.e. if your carpool driver must leave early because of a family emergency or stay late for unexpected overtime. Contact your Local Rideshare Office about the Guaranteed Ride Home program for registered carpoolers. They will provide you with transportation options in these situations.
  • Develop an environment that encourages open discussion of pool-related conflicts or problems.
  • Establish a chain of communications so adjustments can be made with a minimum of inconvenience; for example, early departure due to bad weather.
  • An agreement to pool isn't a binding contract. But if you find it isn't for you, give your pooling partners a couple of weeks' notice so they can make alternate arrangements or find a replacement.
  • Pointers ††
    • Clarify the purpose of your pool. Will your trip be strictly a work commute or will stops for errands be allowed?
    • Decide on a regular route and pick-up time for each passenger, including how long the pool will wait for latecomers.
    • Establish a chain of communication so schedule adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Keep your partner(s) up-to-date with current contact information.
    • Figure out the cost of your commute and how driver reimbursements will be made including fuel and parking fees.
  • Etiquette ††
    • Be on time.
    • Agree on issues such as cell phone use, temperature, smoking, eating or drinking in the vehicle, and radio use.
    • Give adequate notice to fellow poolers when planning vacations and days off.
    • If you decide pooling isn't for you, give your partner(s) two weeks notice so they will have time to recruit another rider.
    • Keep your vehicle clean, in safe condition, and filled with enough gas for each trip.
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