Student Identification/Debit Cards


When students register for the first time they are issued an ID card, which is mailed to their home automatically .

Your student ID/Debit card can be used to exit the paid parking lot (use the yellow card reader). Your card is required at the Mott Library to check out books and is also an alternate source of ID to access the MCC Computer Labs and other student services.

      Paid Parking Machine


Office of Records & Registration
Prahl College Center

Contact Us:
(810) 762-0200
Fax: (810) 762-5105



Students can add money to their ID/Debit card by using machines located in most campus buildings.

Benefits of your card:

  • Use at paid parking lot
  • 10% Discount when adding value to your card at $10 or $20 increments
  • Discount on paid copies when using your ID/Debit card
  • No Charge for initial card issue (replacement card $5.00)
  • Eliminates the need to carry cash
  • Use to check out books at the Mott Library
  • Access open computer labs
  • Use to make vending machine purchases

If vending machines do not return card please report to the Cashier's Office as soon as possible. Lost and returned cards can be claimed at the Cashier's Office, Prahl College Center lower level.