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Technology Division

Welcome to the Technology Division.

The Technology Division at Mott Community College offers Certificates and Associate Degrees in Design, Manufacturing and Service Industry specialties as well as Computer and Information Technology courses and degree programs.

These courses and programs are for students seeking marketable, entry level skills and for those already employed who are seeking additional education options in the rapidly changing technologies.

These programs and courses:

  • Prepare students to enter the job market
  • Provide apprentice training
  • May transfer to other colleges and universities.

Degrees, Certificates and Alternative Training

Occupational Degrees

Associate in Applied Science

Certificates of Achievement

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology Certificate
Automotive Undercar Repair Certificate
Building and Construction Technology Certificate
CAD and Design - Architectural Certificate
CAD and Design - Mechanical Certificate
CADD/CAM Certificate
Computer Applications Specialist Certificate
Computer Networking Technology Certificate
Computer Programming Certificate
Computer Repair Technician Certificate
Computer Science Certificate
Computer Security Certificate
Computer Support Services and Help Desk Certificate
Customer Energy Specialist Certificate
Digital Technology Media Design Certificate
Electrical Technology for Apprentice Electricians Certificate
Electronics and Electrical Technology Certificate
Machine Tool Technology Certificate
Mechatronics Certificate
Operations & Production Technology Certificate
Robotic Programming and Control Certificate
Sustainable Construction Certificate
Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Technology Certificate
Transportation: Commercial Drivers License Certificate
Web Developer Certificate
Web Development for Graphic Designer-Post Degree Certificate
Welding Certificate

Alternative Training

Apprentice Preparation


ACHR-140 Basic Mechanical Refrigeration
ACHR-141 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Controls I
ACHR-142 Heating Systems I
ACHR-143 Sealed System Installation
ACHR-144 Air Conditioning Fundamentals
ACHR-145 Duct System Fabrication
ACHR-147 Refrigerant Handling
ACHR-241 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Controls II
ACHR-242 Heating Systems II
ACHR-243 Sealed System Service
ACHR-260 Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Design I
ACHR-261 Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Design II
AUTO-119 Engine Theory and Repair
AUTO-131 Manual Transmission/Drive Axles
AUTO-141 Suspension and Alignment
AUTO-151 Brakes and Braking Systems
AUTO-161 Electrical Fundamentals
AUTO-182 Ignition and Fuel Systems
AUTO-191 Automotive Fundamentals
AUTO-221 Automatic Transmission Theory and Repair
AUTO-262 Electrical Systems
AUTO-264 Hybrid Vehicle Fundamentals and Repair
AUTO-271 Heating Venting and Air Conditioning
AUTO-283 Advanced Engine Performance
AUTO-292 Service Floor I
AUTO-293 Service Floor II
BCON-164 Elementary Surveying II
BCON-180 Construction Fundamentals
BCON-181 Construction Materials
BCON-182 Bldg Construction Codes
BCON-183 Bldg Maintenance & Weatherization
BCON-201 Green Construction
BCON-202 Construction Business Management
BCON-210 Residential Energy Auditing
BCON-211 Demolition and Deconstruction
BCON-268 Construction Estimating
BCON-282 Bldg and Construction Internship
CADD-100 Mechanical Blueprint Reading w/CADD
CADD-110 Architectural Blueprint Reading w/CADD
CADD-120 2D CADD Applications
CADD-130 Parametric Modeling Fundamentals
CADD-140 Mechanical Detailing Applications
CADD-150 Intro to Analysis CAM & Sim. Tools
CADD-160 Fundamentals of Design
CADD-172 Architectural Detailing Applications
CADD-201 Unigraphics Basic Modeling & Drafting I
CADD-202 Catia Basic Modeling and Drafting I
CADD-203 Advanced Dimensioning & Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
CADD-204 CADD Product Design Applications
CADD-205 CADD Tool & Design Applications
CADD-206 Product Data Management Processes
CADD-250 CADD Externship
CADD-261 Bldg Design Applications
COMC-115 A+ Core Hardware Components
COMC-125 A+ Operating System Technologies
COMG-099 Computer Fundamentals
COMG-150 Introduction to Computer Technology
COMG-153 Computers-A Practical Approach
COMG-154 Intermediate Practical Computer Skills
COMG-161 Intro to Computer Security
COMG-162 GUI Operating Systems
COMG-164 Introduction to Productivity Software
COMG-165 Using the Internet
COMG-168A Personal Computers - an Overview
COMG-168B PCs System Board Power & Memory
COMG-168C Pcs Hard Drives and Floppy Drives
COMG-168D PCs I/O Multimedia and Troubleshooting
COMG-168E PCs Bldg a PC Printers & Viruses
COMG-168F PCs Windows/Modems/Internet
COMI-160 Introduction to Computer Info Systems
COMI-169 Supporting End Users
COMI-261 Database Concepts
COMI-263 Structured Query Language (SQL)
COMI-264 Systems Analysis and Design
COMI-268 Externship I
COMI-269 Externship II
COMN-112 Principles of Computer Networking
COMN-114 Fundamentals of Network Cabling
COMN-128 Introduction to Wireless Networking
COMN-130 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Network Clients
COMN-132 Suppt Microsoft Wnds Ntwrk Core Techn
COMN-152 Routing Protocol/Networking Fundamentals
COMN-181 Digital & Physical Security of Data
COMN-228 Management of Information Security
COMN-271 Computer Forensics
COMN-282 Computer Networking Capstone
COMO-190 Microsoft Word
COMS-130 Intro to Linux Administration
COMS-170 Intro to Programming
COMS-171 Introduction to C++
COMS-172 Introduction to Visual Basic
COMS-175 Introduction to Java
COMS-270 Advanced Java
COMS-272 Advanced Visual Basic
COMS-280 Adv Programming in C++
COMT-110 Introduction to Digital Technology
COMT-110A Digital Technology Overview
COMT-110B Print Based Publications
COMT-110C Photo Solutions/Digital Realm
COMT-110D Graphic Sols/Digital Realm
COMT-110E Create Video/Audio Digital Solutions
COMT-110F Basic Design for On-Line Applications
COMT-120 Digital Media Production I
COMT-120A Photo/Graphic Manipulation - Photoshop
COMT-120B Webpage Development: Adobe Dreamweaver
COMT-120C Publication Development: Adobe Indesign
COMT-121A Adobe Photoshop-CS
COMT-121B Adobe Photoshop Elements
COMT-122A Dreamweaver-CS
COMT-123A Adobe Pagemaker
COMT-123B Adobe In-Design-CS
COMT-220 Digital Media Production II
COMT-220A Digital Video Editing: Software Based
COMT-220B Digital Video Editing: Hardware Based
COMT-220C Digital Audio Editing
COMT-220D Digital Resume: Web/CD Production
COMT-260 Educational Technology
COMT-270 Field Experience
COMV-141 Digital Video Production
COMW-100 Intro to Web Page Creation
COMW-163 Design Concepts for the Web
COMW-176 Web Page Creation: Topics & Issues
COMW-241 Interactive Web Page Design
COMW-282 Dynamic Web Applications
ELEC-101 Introduction to Elec. Systems
ELEC-109 The Exotic World of Embedded Systems
ELEC-110 Electrical Industry Orientation
ELEC-131 Residential Electrical Wiring
ELEC-133 Electrical Circuits
ELEC-135 Electronic Components and Applications
ELEC-139 Logical Control Systems
ELEC-139A Hard Contact and TTL Device Logic
ELEC-139B PLC-Level 1
ELEC-139C Microcontroller Fundamentals
ELEC-140 Electrical Principles of Fire Alarm and Safety Systems
ELEC-150 National Electrical Code
ELEC-151 Sizing of Commercial/Industrial Electrical Systems
ELEC-155 Electric Motors Transformers and Power
ELEC-171 Modern Industrial Robotics II
ELEC-231 Fundamentals of Labview
ELEC-233 Embedded Controllers
ELEC-236 Industrial Automation and Control
ELEC-237 Electronics Communications
MECH-120 Mechanical Components and Drives
MECH-130 Pneumatic & Hydraulic Fundamentals
MECH-144 Machining
MECH-150 Material Systems & Evaluation
MECH-151 Physical Metallurgy
MECH-210 Advanced Machining for Tooling and Maintenance
MECH-246 CNC Lathe
MECH-247 CNC Mill
MECH-249 MasterCAM
MECH-260 Advanced CNC Setup, Programming & Operation
RFID-180 Radio Frequency ID Fundamentals
RFID-181 Tagnet Middleware
TDL.-101 Introduction to Logistics
TDL.-111 Fundamentals of Warehousing and Distribution
TDL.-121 Domestic and International Freight Oper.
TDL.-131 Supply Chain Logistics
TDL.-141 Commercial Drivers License (cdl) Basics
TDL.-142 Commercial Drivers License - Truck
TDL.-144 Commercial Drivers License - Internship
TDL.-145 Motor Carrier Advanced Responder Educ.
TECH-090 Skills for Technology I
TECH-091 Skills for Technology II
TECH-100 Communication Skills for Technology
TECH-102 Industrial & Construction Safety
TECH-108 Electronics & Electrical Tech Internship
TECH-110 Introduction to Renewable Energy Tech. Technology
TECH-120 Introduction to Fab Lab
TECH-121A Intro to STEM Applications - Guitar
WELD-143 Welding Processes
WELD-164 Base Metal Preparation
WELD-166 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I
WELD-168 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I
WELD-170 Gas Metal Arc Welding I
WELD-174 Flux Cored Arc Welding I
WELD-264 Base Metal Preparation for Pipe
WELD-266 Shielded Metal Arc Welding for Pipe
WELD-268 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding for Pipe
WELD-270 Gas Metal Arc Welding for Pipe
WELD-274 Flux Cored Arc Welding for Pipe

Additional Information

Open-Entry / Open Exit

Apprentice Related Information

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Job Outlook

Transfer Information

Scholarships are available through the Technology Division. To apply for a scholarship go to Student Financial Services. To view a list of scholarships available visit the Foundation for MCC.

Degree Pathways

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration

The ACHR curriculum combines classroom theory and physical principles with laboratory experience using live equipment, in installation service, testing and troubleshooting skills.

Applied Technology

Associate in Applied Science This program is designed for students who have progressed in their careers and achieved an advanced classification/status in a recognized technical field.

Automotive Technology

The program prepares a person for a variety of occupations in the automotive industry. It emphasizes skills to help the person function successfully in the world of work

Building and Construction

This program prepares graduates for entry-level positions in various segments of the construction industry.

Computer Aided Drafting & Design

This program prepares students for entry level design and engineering technology positions where the CAD system is used to drive the concurrent design and manufacturing environment.

electrical lab
Electronics and Electrical Technology

The Electronics & Electrical Technology degrees and certificate programs have been carefully designed to prepare and train technicians, electrical apprentices, and future engineers.

robotic lab
Electronics and Electrical Technology Robotics

The Emphasis in Robotics Option is a customization of the traditional Electronics & Electrical Technology degree prepares students for career in control systems, industrial automation, embedded controls, and robotics.

Industrial Technology

This program is designed for students who have completed a recognized apprenticeship program. Depending upon the trade, students will elect a program option of electrician, machinist, or construction and maintenance.

Information Technology

Information Technology offers degree and certificate programs based on industry demands, local business input, and the experience of our faculty.

Mechanical Operations Technology

This program is designed for individuals who want a career with hands-on technology related to the field of engineering. Mechanical Operation Technology (MOT) is concerned primarily with the practical application of support to industrial activities.

Welding Technology

Students will learn to weld on steel plate and pipe, aluminum, and stainless steel. Students passing qualification tests can earn AWS certification in addition to the AAS degree.

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