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Information Technology

Mott Community College offers a variety of programs within Information Technology.  Our accredited degree and certificate programs are based on industry demands, local business input, and the experience of our faculty. 

Those seeking to become a computer networking professional can work within  our Computer Network Engineering. degree program. For those seeking careers in software development or desire to be a computer analyst, our Computer Information Systems degree program offers the skills necessary using technology that meets industry demands. If you are unsure on which area is best for you, our Computer Occupations Technology degree program offers students the option of taking a core group of classes then provides tracks that prepare you for exciting careers in Computer Security, Web Development, Communications Technology, and more!

The Information Technology area at Mott Community College offers a variety of certificate programs to select from. These range from Computer Support Services and Help Desk to Computer Repair Technician, to Computer Applications Specialist. These skill oriented certificate programs allow students to gain employment ready skills along with re-training for those that have been working in IT for years and needing to update their skills.


Degrees, Certificates, and Alternative Training Programs of Study


COMC-115 A+ Core Hardware Components
COMC-125 A+ Operating System Technologies
COMG-099 Computer Fundamentals
COMG-150 Introduction to Computer Technology
COMG-153 Computers-A Practical Approach
COMG-154 Intermediate Practical Computer Skills
COMG-161 Intro to Computer Security
COMG-162 GUI Operating Systems
COMG-164 Introduction to Productivity Software
COMG-165 Using the Internet
COMG-168A Personal Computers - an Overview
COMG-168B PCs System Board Power & Memory
COMG-168C Pcs Hard Drives and Floppy Drives
COMG-168D PCs I/O Multimedia and Troubleshooting
COMG-168E PCs Bldg a PC Printers & Viruses
COMG-168F PCs Windows/Modems/Internet
COMI-160 Introduction to Computer Info Systems
COMI-169 Supporting End Users
COMI-261 Database Concepts
COMI-262 Systems Analysis and Design
COMI-263 Structured Query Language (SQL)
COMI-264 Systems Analysis and Design
COMI-268 Externship I
COMI-269 Externship II
COMN-112 Principles of Computer Networking
COMN-114 Fundamentals of Network Cabling
COMN-128 Introduction to Wireless Networking
COMN-130 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Network Clients
COMN-132 Suppt Microsoft Wnds Ntwrk Core Techn
COMN-152 Routing Protocol/Networking Fundamentals
COMN-181 Digital & Physical Security of Data
COMN-228 Management of Information Security
COMN-271 Computer Forensics
COMN-282 Computer Networking Capstone
COMO-130 Microsoft Access
COMO-180 Microsoft Excel
COMO-190 Microsoft Word
COMS-130 Intro to Linux Administration
COMS-170 Intro to Programming
COMS-171 Introduction to C++
COMS-172 Introduction to Visual Basic
COMS-175 Introduction to Java
COMS-270 Advanced Java
COMS-272 Advanced Visual Basic
COMS-280 Adv Programming in C++
COMT-110 Introduction to Digital Technology
COMT-110A Digital Technology Overview
COMT-110B Print Based Publications
COMT-110C Photo Solutions/Digital Realm
COMT-110D Graphic Sols/Digital Realm
COMT-110E Create Video/Audio Digital Solutions
COMT-110F Basic Design for On-Line Applications
COMT-120 Digital Media Production I
COMT-120A Photo/Graphic Manipulation - Photoshop
COMT-120B Webpage Development: Adobe Dreamweaver
COMT-120C Publication Development: Adobe Indesign
COMT-121A Adobe Photoshop-CS
COMT-121B Adobe Photoshop Elements
COMT-122A Dreamweaver-CS
COMT-123A Adobe Pagemaker
COMT-123B Adobe In-Design-CS
COMT-220 Digital Media Production II
COMT-220A Digital Video Editing: Software Based
COMT-220B Digital Video Editing: Hardware Based
COMT-220C Digital Audio Editing
COMT-220D Digital Resume: Web/CD Production
COMT-260 Educational Technology
COMT-270 Field Experience
COMW-100 Intro to Web Page Creation
COMW-163 Design Concepts for the Web
COMW-176 Web Page Creation: Topics & Issues
COMW-210 Web Scripting Technologies
COMW-241 Interactive Web Page Design
COMW-282 Dynamic Web Applications
COMW-283 Database Driven Websites

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