Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology

This program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for career opportunities in this expanding industry. (ACHR) Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration technicians are responsible for the design, installation, service and sales of refrigeration and climate control equipment systems. The employment outlook for this field has remained stable for many years.

The ACHR curriculum combines classroom theory and physical principles with laboratory experience using live equipment, in installation service, testing and troubleshooting skills. In addition, students are kept abreast of industry trends such as automatic system controls, high efficiency equipment, environmentally safe refrigerants and the use of microcomputer.

Furance Repair
Furance Repair
Wiring Panel
Wiring Panel

Sequential Core Classes

Recommended Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Technology AAS Fall Start (updated 2/5/13)





1st Semester Fall      
ACHR 140* Basic Mechanical Refrigeration 4/4 None
ACHR 141* Air Condition & Refrig Controls 1 6/8 None
ACHR 147 Refrigerant Handling(rec elective) 2/2 None
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3/3 Placement
Total   15/17  
2nd Semester Winter      
ACHR 142** Heating Systems 1 6/8 None
ACHR 143** Sealed System Installation 6/8 ACHR 140
Mathematics course Must fulfill Gen Ed requirement 3/3 Placement
Total   15/19  
3d Semester Spring      
ACHR 144*** Air Conditioning Fundamentals 41337 None
ACHR 145 Duct System Fabrication 41337 None
Total   41433  
3rd Semester Summer -cont.      
Social Science Must fulfill Gen Ed requirement 3/3  
Humanities Must fulfill Gen Ed requirement 3/3  
Total   6/6  
4th Semester Fall      
ACHR 242* Heating Systems 2 6/8 ACHR 141,142
ACHR 243 Sealed System Service 6/8 ACHR 140,141,143
Any Gen Ed course
(Applied Psychology 181 recommended)
Must fulfill Gen Ed requirement 3/3  
Total   15/19  
5th Semester Winter      
ACHR 241** Air Condition & Refrig Controls 2 6/8 ACHR141, 142 &143 also recommended
ACHR 260** Heating, Vent & AC Systems Des I 3/4 ACHR 145, 144
Any Gen Ed Gen Eds must total 18 credits 3/3  
Any Elective course (s) to bring total to 70 credit ? / ?  
Total   12/15  
Must total 70 credit      
*Fall only courses, **Winter only course, ***Spring/Summer only course
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