Automotive Technology

Associate in Applied Science Degree

The Associate Degree in Automotive Technology provides a comprehensive program of advanced studies in automobile maintenance and repair. The program prepares a person for a variety of occupations in the automotive industry. It emphasizes skills to help the person function successfully in the world of work including exposure to new technology as it evolves so that the skills necessary to become comfortable with change are developed. A key component emphasized is the ability to be self-directed and learn skills that enable technicians to learn on their own throughout their careers. The values evidenced throughout the curriculum include the dignity of work and pride in a job well done, caring instruction, enthusiasm towards work, developing ethical work habits and being a professional in the work place.

Brake Repair
Brake Repair
Working on Brakes
Transmission Work
Under the Hood
Spring Compression
Studenst Working

Sequential Core Classes

Sequential Core Classes*





1st Semester - Fall      
AUTO-191 Automotive Fund. 4 / 6  
AUTO-119 Engine Theory 4 / 6  
MATH Any remedial required math based on placement test or MATH 120 4 or 5 credits  
ENGL/RGNG Any remedial required math based on placement test or MATH 120 3 / 3  
Additional Gen Ed requirement as needed 3 or 4 / 3 or 4  

2nd Semester - Winter

AUTO-141 Steering & Alignment 4 / 5 AUTO-191
AUTO 161 Electrical Fund. 4 / 6 Place into math 072 or pass 021
AUTO 131** Manual Trans 4 / 5  
3rd Semester - Spring      
AUTO-151 Brakes 4 / 5 AUTO-191
AUTO-271 *** A/C 4 / 5 AUTO-161
4th Semester - Fall      
AUTO-262* Electrical Systems 4 / 6 AUTO-161
AUTO-182 IIgnition & Fuels 4 / 6 AUTO-161
AUTO-292 Service Floor 1 4 / 6 AUTO-119, 191, 141, 151, 161
Additional Gen Ed requirement as needed 3 or 4 / 3 or 4  
5th Semester - Winter      
AUTO-221 Automatic Transmissions 4 / 6 AUTO-191, 161
AUTO-283** Adv. Engine Performance 4 / 6 AUTO-182
AUTO-293** Service Floor 2 3 / 6 AUTO-292, 262, 271, 283
Additional Gen Ed requirement as needed 3 / 3  
6th Semester - Spring      
Additional Gen Ed requirement as needed 3-6 / 3-6  

*Addition to the above technical courses General Education classes are also required.

*Offered Fall Semester Only      **Offered Winter Semester Only      ***Offered Spring Semester Only

Printable Sequential Core Class Guide (pdf)

NOTE: Any student seeking an associates in Automotive Technology should meet with the program coordinator or Technology Adviser upon entering the program to help developed a 2 year planned program.


  • Obtain knowledge and skills needed to pass all 8 areas of the State of Michigan Certification tests and the 8 ASE certification tests.
  • Gaining the skills and knowledge to function successfully as a professional.
  • Motivation and skills to be an effective self-directed learner.
  • Mastering the skills of learning how to learn in order to grow professionally.

A graduate with this degree may be employed as a:

  • Service Writer
  • Line Technician
  • Technical Report Writer
  • Ground Technician
  • Proving Ground Technician
  • Fleet Management



  • Auto Repair Specialist in any or all the following areas:
    • Brakes
    • Steering and Suspension Systems
    • Automatic Transmissions
    • Manual Transmissions
    • Electrical Circuits
    • Engine Performance
    • Engine Repair
    • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


  • General Motors apprentices which use Auto training are:
    • Experimental Engine Assemblers
    • Dynamometer Operators
    • Prototype Assemblers
    • Experimental Test Mechanics
    • Low Voltage Electricians

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