Fire Protection Technology


Associate in Applied Science Degree

This program is designed to provide education for two types of students:

  1. First, those who are presently members of a municipal fire department and wish to improve their supervisory and/or technical skills.
  2. Second, student who are not members of a fire department but aspire to enter the fire service. Many graduates of this program presently hold the highest positions in fire departments throughout this country.

A graduate with this degree may be employed as a:

  • Fire Fighter
  • Conservation Officer
  • Fire Fighter Supervisor
  • Industrial Fire Inspector
  • Fire - extinguisher-Sprinkler Inspector
  • Fire Marshal
  • Fire Investigator Lieutenant
  • Fire Inspector

Technology Division

RTC 2700

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Faculty & Staff

Program Coordinator:
Robert Benard
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Fire Protection Technology
Associate of Applied Science

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Firefighter TechnologyMany graduates of this program have found promotion to higher positions in the Fire Service a distinct probability rather than a possibility.