Peer Academic Coaching Study Groups


Peer Academic Coaching provides organized study sessions. These study sessions are conducted by a student Peer Academic Coach (P.A.C.) who has previously completed the course and has been recommended by your instructor.

PAC study groups:

  • Meet for weekly review sessions led by a tutor.
  • Use a study group format.
  • Provide opportunities to study with other students in your class

Research shows: students who study in such groups, on the average, obtain one half to one whole grade higher than their peers not using this service.

Faculty normally initiate the study groups by contacting the Learning Center. If you are interested in a PAC study group or becoming a PAC Tutor, please contact your instructor or Tutorial Services.

Peer Academic Coaching varies on the need of students and courses.


Tutoring Services
The Learning Center
Prahl College Center

Contact Us:
Phone: (810) 762-0399

Please note services vary each semester by the availability of Peer tutors and subjects. For days and times, please view our walk-in and study groups schedule.

Peer Academic Coaching Study Group Schedule
Subject Day(s) Time Start Date End Date Location
Ahlt 135 "Dosage and Solutions"M 9am-10am09/08/201412/08/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Ahlt 135 "Dosage and Solutions"T4pm-5pm09/08/201412/09/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Chemistry 111M 1pm-2pm09/08/201412/08/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Chemistry 111T5pm-6pm09/08/201412/09/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Chemistry 111W2pm-3pm09/08/201412/10/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Chemistry 111R4pm-5pm09/08/201412/11/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Psychology 281M/W3pm-4pm09/08/201412/10/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Psychology 281T3pm-4pm09/08/201412/09/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Psychology 281R4pm-5pm09/08/201412/11/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Biology 151M8am-9am09/15/201412/08/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Biology 151W3pm-4pm09/17/201412/10/2014Learning Center PCC-2280
Biology 151R4pm-5pm09/18/201412/11/2014Learning Center PCC-2280