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The Aspen Institute Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence Top 150 2017

Flexible Schedule Options

In today's busy world, it helps to have more than one way to succeed in college.

  • Day, Evening & weekend classes

    To better fit your busy life, MCC offers classes during the day, in the evening and on weekends. Check the semester class schedule for class times or meet with an Advisor.
  • e-Learning

    Some MCC students have graduated without ever setting foot in a classroom. They have used MCC's e-Learning program, taking classes online, by videotape or by mail. Other students have mixed e-Learning classes with traditional classroom options to make their programs fit their schedules.
  • In a hurry to get your degree?

    Traditional, Accelerated or Flexible Start with our Open Entry/Open Exit courses: MCC offers classes on a flexible schedule. Take advantage of these options to get more classes completed more quickly or to pick up classes after the semester is already underway.
August 5, 2015