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MCC Location/Building Abbreviations

Building Room/Location Codes

Abbreviation Building/Location
BFH Ballenger Field House
CM Curtice-Mott Complex
CAI Culinary Arts Institute
HYB Blended on-campus and online components
DRHM Durham Wellness and Physical Education Center
G Gorman Science Center
LAPR Lapeer Extension Center
LIV Livingston Center
ML Mott Library
MMB Mott Memorial Building
NTC Northern Tier Center
PCC Prahl College Center
PPOC Physical Plant Operations Center
PRES Dr. Charles N. Pappas Presidential Conference Center
PS Public Safety
RTC Regional Technology Center
SLBC Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton
TBA To Be Announced (location undetermined)
VADC Visual Arts & Design Center
WEC / WAG Workforce Education Center / Garfield G. Wagner Building
WCA e-Learning – Web based instruction with some campus attendance
WWW e-Learning – Web based instruction

Community Technology Center Codes:

Abbreviation Building/Location
DN Disability Network
HTCC LatinX Technology & Community Center
GLCTC Great Lakes Baptist Community Technology Center

Clinical Site Building Codes:

Abbreviation Building/Location
GCON Genesys Convalescent Center
GRMC Genesys Regional Medical Center
GBRNC Grand Blanc Rehabilitation & Nursing Center
HRMC Hurley Regional Medical Center
LRMCF Lapeer County Medical Care Facility
LRMC Lapeer Regional Medical Center
MRMC McLaren Regional Medical Center
OWOS Owosso Memorial Hospital
PASS Pulmonary Associates
UM University of Michigan

Alternate Extension Center Codes:

Abbreviation Building/Location
CARM Carman-Ainsworth High School
DAVN Davison High School
DRND Durand High School
FLUS Flushing High School
GASC Genesee Area Skill Center
GBHS Grand Blanc High School
MILL Millington, Meachum Junior High School
MTMR Mt. Morris-Johnson High School
NBHS North Branch High School
August 22, 2019
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