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Content Guidelines

The following Guidelines are directed at our goal of current, concise content.

  • Please check spelling and grammar on your revised content.
  • Content provided may be edited or rewritten as deemed necessary by the Web Development Team.
  • Become very familiar with the existing sitemap to avoid creating new content that may already exist in some format, such as directories, maps, program and course information, etc.

Choice of Content

The choice of new content to be added to the website should provide at least one these user benefits:

Provide primary users with user-relevant information that:

  • Helps attract new students to MCC
  • Provides comprehensive information that primary users reference frequently
  • Helps primary users in their everyday decision-making processes

Provide primary users with extremely valuable functions that:

  • Make students' lives easier— save time, no hassle functions
  • Increase productivity of faculty and staff
  • Provide users with 24/7 access to typical 9-5 information and procedures
  • What is most frequently needed info for students? make it top priority.

Tone and Style

  • Use a personal, informal tone. Short sentences. Bulleted copy. The site/page should provide a quick read…scannable copy.
  • Speak to the user as the user -- to the students as students, to faculty as faculty. A variety of voices can be used in website content -- what matters is that you are speaking to the intended user.
  • Use words and phrases that are easily understood by the user -- The student may have a difficult time understanding why he or she should even go there.
  • When developing copy, try to limit the copy to a single frame and try to avoid long scrolling pages. This may require extensive editing, formatting or even restructuring to include more individual pages. Longer pages may be required, but should be deeper content of 3rd level or deeper.
  • The first page of any content section should provide the user with a brief overview of the content contained in that section. An introduction and listed/linked items to content to be found in section (with description if needed).
  • Mission Statements are a valuable tool for keeping your goals in mind — but doesn't always communicate the information that the user needs or the services that you provide, if you'd like to post it on the site, avoid making it the introduction to a section.
  • Remember, a website user does not use the site in a linear fashion. The user does not begin with the first page and end with the last page. They jump in and out of the site when and where they need to. Be sure that key points in new content are repeated and linked from several pages.
  • Make sure that repeated references to specific information be named the same in each reference…for instance “Class Schedules”, “Schedule Locator” both link to Search For Classes.
March 18, 2019
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